Finished Baskets - Part 2



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    The wedding/baby hamper I put together for my friend's wedding this weekend.



    Champers £0.89 (Home Bargains)
    Chocolate Champagne Bottle: £0.99 (Woolworths)
    Baby Memories Box: £2.50 (Asda)
    Bath Bomb Hearts: £0.99 (Wilkinsons)
    Ferro Roche: £0.64 (Woolworths)
    Baby Photo Frame: £0.99 (Card Factory)
    Spa Bottles: £1.99 (B&M)
    Basket: £2.99 part of a set of 2 (Netto)

    Thanks for all the ideas I've gotten from this thread everyone!
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    One lovely walk later and surprise surprise there is another page!!

    Just wrapped Step Daughters OHs "lads night in" hamper

    Storage box from B&M - £1.99
    2 x cans of beer - free (given to OH by work - but we don't drink it)
    Doritos and Sensations BOGOFF £1.39(ish)
    2 x Salsa dip BOGOFF £1.25(ish)
    Microwave popcorn 99p
    Poker set brand new in wrapper £3.99 (inc postage) e-bay

    Grand total = just under £10



  • Clicked on my favourite thread (this one for those of you who are little slow this eve!) and I though boohoo no new posts! But ... aha ... a brand new shiny thread with 5 fab new pages for me to get stuck into!

    All your hampers are looking super duper fantastico! Well done!!!
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    Thivester - He likes cars , but he has TONS of them..

    For his birthday last month i brought him

    Tweenies crayons
    Tweenies pencils
    (he has to be with his mummy to draw or adult)

    So this time i want some thing fun , safe and that he likes! He loves chocolate but those kids get so much of it for chrismtas..

    Jess x
    NanMias - cyber granddaughter!
  • Good Luck on your hunt Junior-J, there have been some great ideas here so far. I think all the different textures from the sponge and the towel etc will be great for him. Maybe look for any bath items with an unusual texture? Those bath scrunchies or a bath mitt for example.

    RustyFlange (heheheheh - am I the only one who thinks your name is a wee bit filthy?) - can you link me the pics only thread?
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  • junior_j wrote: »

    I think this thread will be like 10 pages long by tonight lol!

    My brothers one will have a movie kind of theme to it i think! Maybe bag of popcorn , bag of marshmellows , dvd and bottle of coke or some thing? then line the basket with a nice t shirt and novelty pair of socks!

    Now here is a question

    My Godsons 6 year old have SERVER autism , doesnt speak and is still in nappies and attends a special school..

    What do i get him , he has a ton of clothes , and people always buy him clothes for xmas/birthdays.. he gets toys but throws them and doesnt really play with them..

    So i thought maybe a bath hamper (he loves baths)

    Novelty charecter bubble bath (£2.00 max)
    Novelty charecter flannel (£1.00 max)
    If i can get a small cheap towel for under £3.00 he can have that..
    Pair of jammas for under £4.00
    Cheap pair of slippers £2.00

    So thats £12.00 max but i didnt really spend that much , is there any way i can get some cheaper things but make the basket just as nice!

    I dont want to spend more then £8.00 (well i do want to spend more but i CANT)

    Jess x

    Does your godson like bubbles? quite a few of the supermarkets and discount stores have bubble makers on sale at the moment,would go well in a bath hamper.
    bath crayons are also quite nice and he would not hurt himself using them.
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    Thanks Rustyflange for the photo adding top tips!

    I hope I will get a chance to try it out next week (will have to use another computer and have the time to sit and try to work it all out!) will be in touch if I run into problems!!!

    WOW everyone fab ideas and hampers yet again!
  • Oh ignore me! I've found the pics only thread! Couldn't see for looking apparantly!!! I've subscribed so I won't lose it again!
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  • Spudnik wrote: »
    You could have a look in your local Sainsburys to see if they stock Tim Tams. I've heard that they sell them, but not all stores keep them in. They're a very popular chocolate biscuit in Australia! :p

    Billy Connolly's World Tour of Australia dvd (great inspiration of ideas)
    Bill Bryson's guide to Australia (plane reading maybe - it's a long one)

    Ummm will have a think and get back with a few more.
    Real men never follow instructions; after all they are just the manufacturer's opinion on how to put something together. :p
  • How about a book like Billy Connollys world tour of Australia or the Bill Bryson one (can't remember the name) ideal travel reading but not too heavy-going to read.
    Only discovered your previous thread yesterday, had already gathered a few bits for making up Christmas hampers, but trawled the charity shop this morning for more. Found a gorgeous white and lavender hat box for £1, perfect for my 5 for £5 Lavender stuff from Avon

    Lol, sorry had not made it this far....great minds think alike though
    Real men never follow instructions; after all they are just the manufacturer's opinion on how to put something together. :p
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