What to charge DS for housekeeping?



  • my son is 16 in dec and has had a p/t job since feb, he earns about £80 per month and since then he has not allowed me to pay for anything but the basic household bills and buys all his clothes and toiletries and even does his own laundry and ironing.
    we even had a row while out shopping because i ordered lunch and he insisted on paying
    and yes i do realise how lucky i am:T
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    I have had part time jobs since I was 14, from age 16 I was buying my own toiletries, clothes etc and doing my own laundry and cleaning round the house. At age 17 I started studying Nursing and received a bursary which was just short of £400/month, I paid my mum £100/month for 'my keep', that was to cover household costs (they have no mortgage) and towards food, though I really didn't eat in the house alot due to working shifts in the hospital. I also worked P/T jobs on top of my nursing duties so I had extra cash for going out, which was a necessary part of nursing studies!!!;) I covered my own travel expenses to and from nursing placements though I have to say my darling father ran me to work more than once when I was on the early shift!! I think my parents were even more aware of making me pay my way because I didn't actually leave home,unlike my sisters who had both gone away to uni. Once I started working F/T I then bought my own car, paid insurance etc etc and paid more into the house, my mum let me not pay just as much so long as I promised to save as well, I did and was able to move out with my now husband when I was 23 and buy our own house.
    The other side of the story was my DH who lived at home til he moved in with me (age 29!) did not know how to do laundry, cook, clean or really any household duties, he has no clue about financial things, I look after all our mortgage/insurances etc etc.
    When my DD is old enough to work she will do, when she earns enough to pay into the house, she will do and when she begins to earn she will be made to take control of her finances and understand how best to manage them.
    Has anybody else noticed how it tends to be 'mummys little boys' who get away with this more? My sisters and I were doing our own washing and ironing when we started secondary school!!!

    (rant over):o
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