November 2008 Grocery Challenge



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    Well I am determinded that I will do better this month. Masses of problems so I have not been as dedicated as I could have been. But never say die. I will do my best.
    When I got back from my holiday there was quite a lot of the meats left in the freezer so it has given me a little bit of a start to the month. Although on Saturday I did some batch cooking, and havent quite got to grips with the oven in the new house and prompty burned 3 shepherds pies in the 20 mins they were in the oven!!! So back to the drawing board and stay in the kitchen dispite having the timer on. Plan to go home and do some curries etc today. (health willing once I have driven the 40 miles back!!)
    Keep up the good work everyone. The whole world needs to have this challenge now.
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    Spent €1.93 on milk this morning so I have now spent €47.10 of the October budget, should now have enough until Saturday.

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  • far we've spent £94.98 erm..our budget is £100.. but there is a freezer full of food, so if OH sticks to the menu plan we could actually come in around budget.. Bought in several freezer ready meals for OH as he complains that they taste nicer than homemade and i succombed (as i have had bottom wisdom teeth out so walking about feeling sorry for myself and didn't feel like having to cook!) only to hear i don't like these they've changed the receipe can you cook me something instead...haha i have converted him to the ways of lentils and os cooking! Hope everyone is ok today x
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    Morning everyone think i'm gonna have to revise and reduce my target for this month. I've just been through my bills that are left to pay for the month and one of my min payments has shot up this month so need to make sure i have enough to pay for that. My revised target will have to be £100 as thats what i have paid on to my cc+ already. I spent £11.20 in mr t's last night getting a few bits n peices so i have £59.12 left for the month. Eeekk. I'll have to have a good rummage through my cupboards n fridge freezer to see how long my stuff will realistically last us and put together some sort of plan for the rest of the month.
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    Yesterday went out for lunch with sister DS and DNs spent £11.50, we were at a place that has trampolines and bouncy castles etc all the children enjoyed (and it wore them out so DS went to sleep at bedtime instead of still moping about at 11.30pm - he's 3 years) it cheap to get in, stayed for over 3 hours and the HM mushroom soup I had followed by chocolate cake were delicious. Feel it was money well spent.
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    Just been to MrT's to get a few bits which will hopefully see me through the next week - cupboard is still pretty well stocked and so is freezer.
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    Hi all,

    I think I should be sacked from the Grocery challenge... :rotfl: Not ONLY did my OH bring home a thick shake from McD's yesterday afternoon but we were both tired and a bit fed up and ended up having chinese takeaway for dinner. And what is worse - I reallllllly didn't enjoy it the way I normally do for some reason...:rotfl:

    Anyway, have come on to change my siggy - weep at the wasted money and to read the thread and get back on track. Posting first and reading afterwards to big apologies for not commenting on anything!

    Great news for America! And us, I guess!

    To be frugal, you need to spend money wisely, simply spending less is not enough.
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    Well I have finally completed my freezer and cupboard inventory.

    Come on folks - some new ideas please for my meal plean

    Beef Joint 1
    Minced Beef 1½ lbs
    Stewing Steak 1lb
    Pork Joint 1
    Pork Loin Steaks 6
    Whole Chicken 1
    Chicken Breast 8
    Chicken Chargrills 2

    Haddock 1 bag
    Cod ½ bag
    Haddock in batter 4 pieces
    Salmon fillets 4
    Mussels in Garlic Butter 1 bag
    Half shell mussels 1 box
    Lobster 1
    Raw King Prawns 1 bag
    Prawns 1 bag
    Thai Tuna 2 pieces
    Meditteranean Cod 2 pieces
    Garlic Crust Salmon 1 piece

    Non Meat
    Quorn Mince 2 bags
    Quorn Fillets 1½ bags
    Quorn Sausages 6

    Casserole Mix 1 bag
    Green Beans ½ bag
    Spinach ½ bag
    Roasted Veg Mix ½ bag

    Bakery Goods
    White Loaf 1
    White Rolls 4
    Wraps 2 packs
    Danish Pastries 6
    Cookies 8
    Pizza Bases 2

    Sausage Rolls 1 bag
    Pizza - Ham & Pineapple 1
    Pizza - Pepperoni 1
    Freezer Surprises 12
    Samosas and Onion Bhajis

    Baked Beans 8
    Kidney Beans 9
    Chick Peas 1
    Tomatoes 9
    Sweetcorn 5

    Fish Tuna 10
    Crab Meat 1
    Red Salmon 2

    Meat Corned Beef 1
    Hot Dogs 2

    Soups Tomato 2
    Oxtail 1
    Chick &Sweetcorn 2
    Med Tomato 1

    Fruit Apricots 2
    Peach Slices 2
    Pineapple Rings 1

    Rice 1kg
    Pasta Shells 1kg
    Macaroni 500 gms
    Lasagne Sheets ½ box
    Plain Couscous 500 gms
    Flavoured Couscous 2

    Cook In Sauces
    Korma 2
    Tikka Masala 1
    Rogan Josh 1
    Creole Sauce 1
    Fajita Mix Sachets 2

    Various Herbs/Spices
    Mustard Powder
    Olive Oil
    Sunflower Oil
    Spray Oil
    Cider Vinegar
    Balsamic Vinegar
    Soy Sauce
    Lemon Juice
    Lazy Garlic
    Tomato Puree 4

    Most things

    Then in the firdge are salad, fresh veg, mushrooms, cheese, butter, milk, eggs and fresh potatoes in their rack.

    All ideas greatly appreciated to help me beat my target.
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    Just been to the Asian supermarket and got tons of bargains:Lentils of all types, potatoes, spring onions, drain clearer, spices, carrots etc all for under a tenner.I will deffo be going back there.They had massive bags of potatoes, rice etc all for under £2, so if I can get anyone to share with me it's well worth it:D :D I could more or less live off veggie soups, curries and stews once DD leaves on Saturday:T :T Tghere was a bloke in front of me with a bag of very weird brown coloured phallic shaped veggies.No idea what they were though :eek: :eek:
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    (Kabat-Zinn 2004):D:D:D
  • Quick Q about Christmas cakes! I'm planning on making one soon then feeding it with alcohol before xmas but I'm not really a big fan of brandy and was wondering if anyone could recommend a substitute alcohol. Does it only really work with brandy or could I use any other kind?

    Sorry to post this here but I asked in the christmas cake thread and didn't get a reply so I was hoping I'd have more luck here!

    Also to get back on topic, I've managed to survive over a week without heading to the shops but think I've stretched it as far as I can since I ran out of milk this morning and the fridge is looking very bare! Just about to write up a list and this time I'm sticking to it!
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