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  • Evening, all. Had a lovely trip to Mr M's today and did the weekly shop - sadly I strayed from my list (bad me, bad!) and bought a six pack of crisps to go in my desk drawer at work to supplement my sandwiches every day, and an energy drink (my worst habit, but at least it was the cheapy own brand one). Beyond that, I got stuff for sandwiches - they're doing some nice packets of sliced deli ham for 57p so I got one of those, a RTC garlic bread, a block of cheese and some orange juice - that should see us through to next week with what I've already got in.

    So just need to update my signature now - today's spend is £9.81.
    Continually trying the Grocery Challenge. Gotta keep trying!
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    Ok, now I know that my signature looks bad considering that it's only 4th wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't conveniently forgotten that I owed my mum just over £38 for some things she got for me right before pay day. damn it. Well, we went to Mr A, got bread, milk, ham & yoghurts (muller corners are £2.96 for a 6 pack, or 2 packs for £3. Think it's on til the end of the month) Quite pleased as got 24 bread rolls for 40p so I've split them up and have them all in the freezer. The joy of having a bigger freezer!! Now, I reckon we can last til about 17th without anything else in accordance with the meal plan and when we go then, it'll be to Mr T as we have £6 vouchers to use before end of should only be £2.61 to get us to the end of the month. Fingers crossed!
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    Got bread, choccy n maple peas for parching today, and spent £3.78 in Booths.Had takeaway at mums for tea so cheap day for me:j :j
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  • Hi All

    Ive just popped in to update my signature. Probably looks a lot to some Os'ers but its my first month and Im pretty chuffed. Normally I would have spent around £130 on 1 shop and run out of food after a few days!!! :confused: But for £108 I have loads of meal ideas. Im using left over casserole juices as soup for lunch, making my own bread,hobnobs and fruit cake. But I do seem a bit obsessed with bargains!! I used to feel uncomfortable hanging around the reduced cabinet, but not any more :D
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  • Hi Everyone!
    I know I haven't been on for a while......
    Hope you are all well and doing brilliantly with this month's challenge.
    Well OB finished work a couple of weeks ago but we seem to be ok long as i stay employed!!
    OB has certainly been cooking up a storm in the kitchen...lovely soups, crumbles and raspberry muffins...
    Oh how sad is this... won £15 on bingo whilst in Scotland over half term and what did I spend it on.. treat food from M and S.. which is not being added to our Challenge...Boy, did I spend a long time considering how to stretch my money the furthest..I told you it was sad...I'm even asking for M and S vouchers for my birthday so I can save Grocery Money...
    Take care everyone!!!
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    Haven't seemed to time my shopping with reduced products but never mind. Just nipped in for some cheapie noodles today to add to stir fries and also got a bag of yellow split peas (39p and will make loads of soup) and 3 carrots. I'm getting this cutting down on groceries down to a fine art! I am sorted for tea until weekend between soup and other bits I have in freezer. I want to have another low cost month in the hope of saving back some money for December. I have £30 stashed away from October's underspend with our 'pot' (of money!!). I've been eating the really cheap Tesco yoghurts at 6p a pot. They're not bad. I love Greek yoghurt with honey but never mind
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    Popped to mrt's earlier to collect my tesco direct parcel n got a few bits in too. Spent £11.?? will update sig once i've checked total. So far meal planning is working out well. Gonna do some batch cooking over next few days so i've got some 'ready meals' in freezer for when me and OH are on late shifts.
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  • Not really sure how I'm going to do this month. Have been trying something different & so have spent loads of my budget already!! However, I do have all my toiletries, cleaning stuff, nappies, wipes, washing powders etc etc for the whole month (& beyond probably.) Plus I've catered for my DD's birthday tea and done 2 week's food shopping - grand total spent so far....£256.68 :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Will only have to get 2 more weekly shops, and should be food only - so hopefully will work out being there, or thereabouts. Suppose if I get really short, I have got some Clubcard Vouchers to use:D
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  • i have been ill for the past few days so have let dh do any shopping that has been needed....resulting in £144 being spent since saturday!!!:eek: only £80 left in my budget now until 22nd of this month..:mad: not a happy girl, but feeling too poorly to murder him at the moment....have taken the card off him though!!!:rotfl:
  • Call me inquisitive [oh ok...nosey then :p ] but could you explain what "maple peas" & "parching" are please?

    candygirl wrote: »
    Got bread, choccy n maple peas for parching today, and spent £3.78 in Booths.Had takeaway at mums for tea so cheap day for me:j :j

    I'm always on the look-out for summat a bit different, & now I'm down-right intrigued :D

    To those who think they won't like red lentils hidden in things, I think I've found the best way to disguise them. I dry-fry mince before making up either cottage pie or bol base & have the saucepan with simmering water ready to put the meat into. Now, the very first thing I do is put the lentils into cold water in the pan & get that on to heat while I chop onion, fry the meat, grate the carrot etc, lot are VERY suspicious of what goes into their food & since doing it this way, without an exception, the response has been positive :T

    Getting close to defrost-level on the little table-top freezer now; I've taken out the turkey leg to--hopefully--put in the slow cooker tomorrow & a box of pork kebabs for today. That leaves a few bits to squeeze into the fridge/freezer or I'll use the bags just while I get the biggest chunk of the thawing dig out me wellies too then :rotfl: Oh, I've got some fabric softner too, to wipe over the cleaned surface so it shouldn't be such a drama next time I have to do the blessed thing..thanks MrsMc :p
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