November 2008 Grocery Challenge



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    Did my first shop of Nov didn't really need much but had a MOC spend £30 and save £10 for this week at MrT so I bulk buy so I have enough pasta, butter, cereal, and few other bits and pieces to last the month. I did go with a list but I did spend a little more than I wanted to but thanks to my mum wanting a top up card for phone I also got 5p off fuel which helped so in total I saved £14.44:T

    I'm hoping that I can stay out of the shops for most of the month as my freezer is full and want to try and get it down so I can defrost it but it never seems to go down. I think it is to do with making thing stretch and getting extra meals out of what I cook. Before doing GC I would just bit it or put it in the fridge and then for get about it.
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    Want to in control of my money.
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    Been shopping today, so have updated siggy. DD spent last week at her Dad’s but she’s back now & back to school, so had to make sure had plenty for pack-ups. Kept completely to the list & didn’t get any ‘extras’.

    Shouldn’t need anything else this week. DD will be fed by the childminder other than Thursday. And I am still working through the tubs of individual portions in my freezer. When I finally get there I have plenty to make more meals out of. But I am determined to get through what is already made up & then meal plan.
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    I've added 2 more great recipes to our index on the first page. As you all know whole threads go into the Complete Cooking Collection but I'm sure we're losing loads of good recipes that are posted in the midst of threads iyswim; if you spot any please let me know and I'll include them in our index. ;)

    MrsMC, good luck for your hospital stay. I had a brain scan a few weeks ago and they seemed surprised to find one at all :D
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    I know who I'm going to blame when I don't get up in time to collect my GDs at 7:20am !!!

    Went for a "quick look" at the Complete Cooking Collection (hadn't seen that before :o ), and from there went into Mr BadExample's collection of recipes.

    I'm currently sat here about half way through the stew saga (started with the chille, still need to move back to the cauliflower cheese), with tears rolling down my face from trying to smother my laughter as I'm the only one still up in this house !!!!!

    (Sorry for going OT, but just had to say thanks for the link -- I can see where I'm going to be spening any free time I have over the next few days ;) )
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    cw18 wrote: »
    ... Went for a "quick look" at the Complete Cooking Collection (hadn't seen that before :o ), and from there went into Mr BadExample's collection of recipes. ...

    Mr BadExample is my hero! I laughed until I cried when I first found his cooking thread; glad you're enjoying it, and sorry if it makes you oversleep! :o
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    can i join in again?:T

    think i will budget £200 for November.

    need to start shopping to day as the cupboards are bare:eek:
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    I'm in for £400 for November please

    sorry havent been about much rushing everywhere and not getting enough time on the puter
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    £180.00 please.

    Might be a bit of a struggle this month as the cupboards were so bare after October. Filled up again now though.

    Also I am having a 'Xmas' family dinner this weekend as one member will be going abroad next week for three months.

    Hark..... is that fedupnow making excuses already?

    Shame on her.

    Good luck all.
  • Hello all,

    I've spent £108.67 so far for November (£46.83 at Mrs H and £61.84 at Mr A delivery tomorrow) all I need for the rest of the month is fresh fruit so all should be okay! (Famous last words eh?)

    off to update sig!

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    Needed butter to-day, so also bought a reduced pork steak, making total spend €4.18 to add to my total, making it €45.17, hoping not to spend again before Friday although we may need milk.

    Good luck to all

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