November 2008 Grocery Challenge



  • kindlesgirl
    kindlesgirl Forumite Posts: 126 Forumite
    Hmm just lost my post in the ether! Please put me down for £280 again this month - haven't yet declared October - we were away and I need to find receipts from our lunches which need to be included - may not be in budget but eating out is so expensive - fortunately we were with friends so evenign meals were provided - great break from cooking for me! Will update sig as soon as possible - will try to catch up on the posts later.
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  • gilly1964
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    gilly1964 wrote: »
    I have tried this before and then drop out, but am determined to get to get to the end of the month. Can you please put me down for £180 please?

    Sorry just read the notes after posting :o

    £180 for me please

  • SmellyOldSock
    SmellyOldSock Forumite Posts: 344 Forumite
    I haven't took part for a few months, so can I please take part this month.

    Am looking at £300 until the end of the month. Am looking foward to getting on board again.

    best wishes
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  • sistercas
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    ravylesley wrote: »
    Mrs M I thought my hubby was the only 44yr old that did the trolley surfing but I'm glad to find out it isnt something wrong with him and merely a man thing:rotfl:


    haha mine does that too!:rotfl: the kids are so embarrassed by it lol
  • 4Moneysaver
    4Moneysaver Forumite Posts: 116 Forumite
    Oh Lordy! Sometimes life just gets in the way of GC. I wasn't able to stick to my original budget for October and now I have my wonderful OH now living with me so we'll see how we go this month and I'll explain the joys of GC and hopefully we'll be back on board real soon. In the meantime I'll be trying to wean him off take aways and Pot Noodles!!!!!I'll be keeping up with everyones progress though and looking out for tips along the way.Good luck everyone.Jan
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  • Kaz2904
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    Oh Hubbies and the trolley surfing! It's awful isn't it. DH does it so much that I don't let him have the trolley. The kids have now started to do it tooo & it drives me crackers!
    Why is it that when I shop with the kids it's OK but when he comes along too it's chaos? Everyone bickering and moaning at each other & DH getting stressed out?
    Went to Mr A on Friday evening and picked up a large bag of bananas reduced to 10p. They were practically crawling their way out of their skins but it would have been rude not to get them!
    Saturday was spent baking 3 banana cakes and pumpkin soup from the jack o' lantern!
    We still have soup left so will have that later.
    Off out to a firework display tonight.
    DH cooked tea last night & I'm pleased to report that he only used 1/2 the packet of chicken bones so we can have casserole tomorrow night with the other 1/2.
    Got a packet of king prawns for 20p so expect I'll do them as a curry or something on Weds.
    Quite unpleasant looking at my total as I'm now more than 1/2 way through my budget and have a fair amount to go (19 days left). The freezer is full, my baking cupboard is full, I've lots of veg & I need to remember to save enough money to pay the milkman.
    Told DH that I want to avoid shopping for a while as I need to pull my finger out & use up the bread flour and freezer stocks.
    Anyhoo, off to put the BM on now.

    BTW, MrsMC, I missed the part about you going into hospital, I do hope you're OK & it's a routine thing. Take care all, Kaz.
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    MRSMCAWBER Forumite Posts: 5,442 Forumite
    Evening all :D

    Have just had hubby take me to "ratio" supermarket -(left him in the cafe having a coffee -that turned out to come with a gyros teller-yeh right :rolleyes: ) so the pasta bake I WAS doing for tonight has moved to tomorrow -I have some fresh baked bread so I will have a sandwich -saladcream mmmm:o

    I got him to take me there as they do good prices on bulk veggies I don't need them yet but it will store ;) so hubby has taken them down into the basement:D
    1. 10 kilo nets of potaotoes -€1.99 x 2
    2. 5 kilo nets of onions -€1.49 x 2
    3. 10 kilo cabbage €2.79 -coleslaw nomnomnom
    4. 3 kilo carrots €1.10
    5. 2 kilo leeks €1.10
    Whilst I was in there I was looking at their fresh meat and I can buy what looks like 1/4 pig -just bagged up sat there in the fridge -why can't uk supermarkets do that? :confused: So Im going to look into that next month..
    right I had better go and update my total and get my sandwich mmmmm

    Oh Kaz.... Its an ongoing thing....The pressure in my spine and around my brain is too high and it seems I have a malformed brain :rotfl: it goes to far down into the back of my skull/neck :confused: -So its just lumbar punctures etc again -they are trying to decide if the fluid is "sucking" and pulling my brain or if my brain is that shape and causing the fluid problem :p Either way It gives me cracking headaches and all sorts of problems -they are threatening a shunt :eek: -sorry for the "too much information" at dinner time folks :rotfl:

    right i will get off -have a great evening all :D
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  • angelatgraceland
    angelatgraceland Forumite Posts: 3,342 Forumite
    Trolley-surfing-oh I wish my DH had that much fun in him! He is such a grumpy old so and so-anyone want to swap???
    I always go shopping alone as mine just moans and groans and tries to buy all sorts of things we don't need.
    I went to Morrisons today on my way home for a topup. St Ivel milk 2l is £1.06. Only got milk and salad stuff. Spent £5.34. Hoping to be a very very cheap week this week. While I was away dd cooked using the quorn I had bought as she loves cooking pasta so that worked well. I think they lived on pasta and potatoes and the readymade chilled meals I had left for them!
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  • frugalswan
    frugalswan Forumite Posts: 339 Forumite
    Just popping in to update my sig with the day's spending - £1.38! I had a very tiny shopping list of milk, bread and mushrooms, and went into Mr Ts and bought only those! Whoo!

    I continue to surprise myself with portion sizes - The usual black bean chicken with noodles we had would only have served us both has left me with lunch tomorrow :D Joy!

    And the really good news is that from the looks of it, we don't have to do a big food shop this week; just got to get a few bits and pieces in. :D *happydances* Now, to update my signature :)
    Continually trying the Grocery Challenge. Gotta keep trying!
  • JennyBee_2
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    Hi all - am so glad to hear about your OH's who trolley surf! Mine only does it about once every time we go shopping and never when there are kids about in case he's a bad influence!! To be honest, I think I'm really lucky with him - He's totally into this meal plan thing and is more sensible than me when it comes to not putting things in the trolley (although he is sometimes tempted by the chocolate!) I'm not sure whether it's because he's Australian and they think different to English blokes or whether it's because his mum's scottish so he has short arms and deep pockets!!!

    I actually prefer going shopping with him as he pushes the trolley and I can just get on with looking at the list and putting stuff in the trolley! I'm not great with supermarkets and have been known to nearly resort to trolley rage! I cannot stand people who wander along in a daze and then stop in the middle of the aisle, turn their trolley sideways so nobody can get past and then gaze dreamily at the pasta sauce!! I'm more of a military precision shopping type of person which is why I avoid Mr Ts...they move stuff around too much!! So, you see, I'm better when chaperoned!!

    Well we have to pop in for milk and bread tomorrow and that's it. He's already told me that we're going after work and we're buying milk and bread and then coming out again.

    Is it sad that I just got quite excited when I found out he isn't playing football for two weeks this month which means that we'll save £5...

    oh dear...I think I need to get a life :)
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