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Has anyone had any dealings with Thames City for car insurance?

If so what has the experience been like?



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    Thames City have been around for a long time and until recently were privately owned. They have now been purchased by an Insurer (Markerstudy) and join other brands in the group such as ASA and Insurance Factory. They have a good reputation within the industry and have in fact been nominated as personal lines Broker of the year at this years Insurance Times awards (along with Swinton, RIAS and BDML). I wouldn't worry about using them, their brand will probably become more widely known in the next 12 months.Hope this helps (and I don't work for them!).
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  • Hi Rudekid48,
    Thanks for your info - my son has chosen them (cheap) and they keep sending him letters that are "computer" generated and then signed by a ?human being?, but they already have information about the subject of the letter. When questioned on a PREMIUM rate number they admit that they know the info because it is noted on their files, but the computer doesn't read the file and the person signing the letter also doesn't appear to read the file either otherwise they wouldn't sign the letter. that's why I wondered if we were the only ones experiencing frustration.

    Far Forest
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    hi ive used them for the past few years. worked out cheapest for me and service was good. didnt make any claims though. would recommend!
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