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November 2008 Grocery Challenge - Page 16

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November 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • mummygems wrote: »
    Do you have the recipe for the Caramel Shortcake at all please? This would be great for my DH's lunchbox.

    Thank you.

    Rosieben has kindly posted link to this recipe, I'm sure your DH will love it.:D

    Last nights Belly Pork recipe went down well with everyone and it was so easy to make as you put everything into one big roasting tray, here is the recipe for anyone who wants to give it a try:-

    1lb Belly Pork cut into Cubes
    1lb Potatoes, peeled and thickly sliced
    1lb Pears, cored and quatered
    Cinnamon stick
    2 tsps caraway seeds
    1tbsp sugar
    1pt Chicken Stock
    Salt & Pepper

    Preheat the Oven to 190 degrees. Lightly grease a roasting tray and place all the ingredients in the tray, sprinkle over the seeds, sugar and season with salt & pepper. Pour in the stock and cover the tray with foil and cook in the Oven for 2 hours.

    I served this with carrots and cabbage and some lovely gravy and the whole family loved it and the Belly Pork only cost £1.95 so shall definitely use again.;)

    Dinner tonight is going to be Fish, HM Chips and mushy peas, just watched This Morning and they made a Pumpkin Pie which looked yummy so shall make that tomorrow for Pudding. Already got everything I need in for this except some Double cream so shall pop to the shops for that and only Double Cream and not buy anything else, I promise.:p

    Have a good day everyone.:D
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  • redmel1621redmel1621 Forumite
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    I am going to try a slightly different tact this month, as I usually spend a certain amount a tesco (online) then end up buying additional bits at my local Somerfield, which costs me a fortune. So this time I am going to up my Tesco shop amount and avoid the Local Somerfield like the plague!!!!!

    Could you please put me down for £340.00 this month as I also allow extra to stock up on christmas goodies...

    Mel x
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  • jackk_2jackk_2 Forumite
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    Must do better this month :o .....Can i be put down for £200 again this month please.

    Jackie x
  • I'm sticking to the same target this month but I'm trying to include everything.

    Please can you put me down for £300 again?
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  • Jacks_xxxJacks_xxx Forumite
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    Find it really hard to keep track of how much we spend on money as dh and me share all our money and do equal amounts of shopping, means no one person is keeping track on what we have spent so you end up thinking you have spent half as much!
    Anyone else find this? any other suggestions as to how to address it. dont really want to have to sit down every night and dicuss what we spent money on each day, not terribly romantic in our precious ds free time!

    Hiya my lovely, :wave:

    We only shop in places with itemised receipts and pay using our debit cards from The Shopping Bank Account (Only the shopping money goes in and only shopping spends go out. If one of us buys something that isn't " Essential shopping" then we transfer the money back in.)

    Receipts get dumped into The Receipt Jar on a daily basis and one of us (Umm - only me so far!) adds it all up at the end of the month.

    My target is £350 this month Mrs M, and I'm going to kick the blummen heck out of it and try really hard so that I can have a guilt-free pre-christmas treat splurge in December. :p

    Love Jacks xxx :D
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  • Well my November started today, did a £19.45 shop in Tesco, and £8 ish in Lidl. Also got a £6 off £40 shop till spit in Tesco (nearly did not get it as the printer jammed due to DS pulling it and only when I asked for the second part with the points total on it did the cashier give me the coupon as well!). May or may not use it as we have not been spending so much in Tesco, will see if there are any offers or might stock up on juice. As I withdrew £40 food money I still have £10 (just over) left to get any other things I need during the week (mainly milk probably!). Not counting totals to the last penny again this month, but will keep a rough note on my budget planner (I use a homemade xls sheet).
    Good to see so many taking part this month, take care everyone.
    x OS :wave:
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  • candygirlcandygirl Forumite
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    Been to Morrisons today and spent £36 for me and DD's weeks shopping.shes moving out next week so things will be cheaper from then on, and quieter :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
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    (Kabat-Zinn 2004):D:D:D
  • Hi all, can't believe November is 8 pages in already - still, always busy at the beginning and the end of a month eh!

    Well, went shopping and spent £9.39 on food, but £20.88 on Pizza take-away as I was home really late and haven't had a take-away for ages... (funny how we have to have a reason to waste money now... good innit!) Also spent £15.48 on my mum's birthday pressie, so have spent £9.39 on GC and £36.36 out of my extras budget (£100), best start behaving I think...
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  • Hi All

    November thread already well up and running!!

    Please can you put me down for £180 for November. Came in at £188.05 spend frm £250 budget for October. am doping budget frm £50 per week down to £45 per week.

    Will see how we get on with that!!

    Coolmum. xx
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  • Hi All

    November thread already well up and running!!

    Please can you put me down for £180 for November. Came in at £188.05 spend from £250 budget for October. Am droping budget from £50 per week down to £45 per week.

    Will see how we get on with that!!

    Coolmum. xx
    Debt at 2nd LBM (!) Jun 08 £8,435 - hm, let's not go there!!
    DFW Nerd - 721 / DFW Long Hauler 4 / DFD - ASAP!!
    Sealed pot challenge - member 336 - £200 target
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