October 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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    Well in the last 8 months of doing this challenge I am very happy to say that I have actually for the first time ever come in under budget woo hoo. Am very happy with myself. All its taken is some forward planning (a fair few lists lol) and a little bit of time.

    I know its not a huge amount but for me its a start. I would therefore like to declare October at £334.56.

    Stocking up on nappies and baby wipes with sainsbury's for November as they have 1/3rd off so works out better. Have a big shops from Sainsburys and Tesco due saturday morning so will update signature then.

    See you all on the November thread.
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    Just back from Morrisons, & have no need to buy anything tomorrow so I'm going to declare £437.48 for October against a target of £400.

    In an attempt to curb my spending in all areas, my total not only includes all toiletries, medicines and cleaning products but also all food and drink even if not part of the grocery shop, such as takeaways, meals out, cups of coffee on the train etc.

    In terms of pure groceries I was probably there or thereabouts compared to my target. I also managed to spend a lot less on petrol than I budgeted, although that was mainly because the car spent half of the month being repaired :-)

    I'm hopeful that I can hit my November target. For starters there is one less day in the month, but also I'll be working away for a few days so will get breakfast and evening meal paid for - just need to make sure that Mrs Karb doesn't overdo the spending in my absence!
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  • I'm going to declare my total today as £301.05. £1.05 over. Which doesn't seem too bad but I think I've left quite a few bits out, by accident. We definitely had take-away a couple of times... :o
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    Hi everyone, not posted for a while, just trying to catch up. Unable to concentrate at the moment, off sick with Vertigo, feeling very out of sorts and disorientated.

    Due to the above I have failed at this months challenge, would like to declare November at 423.35.

    Will try to keep a control on November but need to start stocking up for Christmas, we are having 7 extra for the big day and like a traditional day.
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    Declaring at £106.67
    A good month for me
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    Hi Mrs M and everyone

    Back to declare a moderately painful spend of £173 - can't even exactly say why it was over except for the shopping with DH part of it :rolleyes: anyway will try harder next month.

    It's weird, every month I think, hey we have plenty in we don't really need to shop much and yet I end up overspending!
  • Hi
    this was my first challenge and i did really well 1st 2 weeks spending 50 each week then last 2 weeks have spent 75 and 70 respectively. it is still a massive saving of over 150 which i am really pleased about.
    Can you put me down for a 4 week budget of 220 total for november .

    I have to say i have throughly enjoyed myself . i have really thought about how i shop and what i buy. the amount of food i have wasted this month has been absolutley minimal. the next test is the next 2 months as it is a really busy time at work and it will be easy not to stick to plan, so i will keep you all up to date.
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    TheBees would like to declare at £20 over budget.
    Please put us down for £350 for November.
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  • MrsM, I'm declaring £66.53 for October please.

    Freezer is rather bare now as I need to defrost it - once that's done I can restock it next month!

    I'll post my November budget on the new thread...
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  • A failure this month. I have to report a spend of £433.31
    In my defence, I have to say - they MADE ME DO IT. My family, that is. OH has been on holiday for the last week and has been to the supermarket twice. Oh dear. He spent £50 on what should have been a small shop! Also, the wholefood order was this month; I need to be more realistic about that - it's usually nearer £100 than the £50 I budgeted for.

    Oh well, onwards and upwards.....

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