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I didn't know whether this needed to go in motoring or here, but hope it is okay here.

My mum who receives DLA High Mobility due to her disability recently found a new car she liked on Motability. She had looked at the website and had printed off the details which said nil deposit

Anyway, thinking this she went in and ordered the car. The deposit wasn't mentioned by the sales lady at all. Anyway, she has just got a letter from Motability confirming her order and it says the deposit is over £800.00 which she hasn't got.

Anyway, it seems she looked at the wrong prices, the one for war pensions or something (don't know why they get them cheaper but they probably do deserve to) but anyway the deposit is now over £800 which she cannot afford.

Can she cancel the car and order a cheaper one at this stage?. She is really worried as the sales lady was quite fierce with her. Would she be able to cancel it over the phone instead of going into the garage as she doesn't really want to see the sales lady. She would now like to order a new Fiesta automatic instead of the Astra.




  • It can be cancelled depending on how close to delivery date it is...I cancelled a vehicle a while ago due to a decline in health & motability were fine

    give em a call & tell them whats happened...mum shouldnt need to go into the showroom AT ALL motability will deal with everything at their end

    Astra? took mum into her local dealer the other day & the 1.8 estate auto is still NIL deposit, the fiesta is looking like my next new one...another year to go yet though :o(

    Ford prices here
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  • Hi,

    Thank you, will ring Motability from mums when I get over there.

    It may not have been an Astra, but whatever it was is over £800 as opposed to zero for the fiesta.


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