well what can i say we was woken up the other morning at 7 am by the bailiffs. it turns out that the car we bought of someone was not his to sell. he had taken out a loan with some company and signed the car over to the company as some sort of surety. weve been told theres nothing we can do about it but report it to the police for fraud and take them to the small claims court . my wifes been on mobility since 2001 but the problem started when her mobility was stopped for about 6 months and we lost the mobility car then she was reinstated for life and we bought a car privately till we went back on a motobility car. we are really gutted as you all know living on what we get is no joke. we cant go on the car scheme yet as we cant live without the mobility money at the moment. has anyone got any advice for us as in did this happen to you or is there anyone to go to for advice thanks tim ps great site


  • Think all I can ask at the mo - who did you buy the car from?
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    How awful for you! I'm afraid I don't have any advice to offer, but I wanted to at least offer moral support.
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  • we saw a car on ebay it was an 2002 hyundai accent for 770 pounds which was a bargain lol ( now i know why ) it was 85 miles from our house which is in clacton-on-sea and the car was in borhamwood in herts when i got there the woman was living in temporary housing and the kids and adults bed and kitchen with table was all in 1 very large room and was told they needed the money to get out of there it was obvious there were 4 people living in the same room so just assumed they were selling cheap to get some money . i have a sister who lives about 20 miles away and she went there and there was new people living there and they are moving on soon as well so we havnt got a clue where they are also the bailiff told me they cant find them thanks tim
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    I'm sorry to hear about your problems, I hope someone can offer a solution

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  • I wonder if you could claim from some kind of 'victim of crime fund' as you are on a low income? If you haven't done so already get it reported to the police, they should be able to provide infor on what schemes are available.
    CAB might be worth a call to see if thay have any suggestions.

    On a practical note, if your credit score is ok and you know what you are doing, I bought £3000 of my car with a 0% credit card (persuded dealers to waive the fee). for me this worked out a lot cheaper than motability (minimum payment was much less than their cheapest deal and much cheaper than their HP rate). So you could consider a decent second hand car. You could probably haggle a really good deal at the moment as car dealerships must be pretty desperate.

    Poor you, It must be a real blow, I hope it works out for you.
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    If I were you I'd repost on the debt free wannabe forum on this board, they know loads about bailiffs and what they can and can't do.
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  • Thanks Everyone Im Going To The Police This Week And Before I Go I Will Arrange To Go To The Citizens Advice Too I Will Keep You Posted Tim
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