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October 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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  • :j:j:jI am declaring £235 for Oct :j:j:j

    Woo hoo, the first time I have come in under I think :T We spent £7 in Mr T, just got a few bits, F & V to see us through til tues pm when our shopping gets delivered (Nov Challenge)
    I got a bit side tracked the other day and got lost amongst all the recipes threads, and now I have lots of cheap ideas for the next month :p So thanks to everyone :A

    I would like to stick with £250 for Nov please as I have ordered a few bits for Christmas and would like to see if I can do it and keep them included.

    Also been watching the shopping channels today and kept seeing the halogen table top oven on there for £49, I know I really would like a Remoska but thats over double the price and you have to get all the extras too.....:rolleyes: I have read a few threads on here today and still not sure, so if anyone has had the experience of both, it would be great to hear which is best in your opinion ;)

    Good night all, keep going, we are nearly at the last hurdle :T
    Sealed pot Member target £200 - No. 151
    GC Yearly £3k so far £1097 May£220/£300
    £1k in 100 days so far - £235 :p
    Snowball debt free calculator says DEC 09 - lets hope we can do it!

  • Hi
    Declaring at $70 for October, can you please put me down for $200 in November
    Thanks so much, this thread has been a great help.
  • Hi Everyone

    Well done for all those achieving their targets.

    I am declaring £88.18 for October

    £90 for November please

    Have a great November everyone!!!!!

    URG xxx

    URG xxx
  • Does take a while to make but worth it.

    Ham end (about £1.50)
    1LB carrots
    1LB onions
    Pack of lentils
    Potatoes (as many as you like)
    Black pepper

    Remove skin off ham and boil for 2 hrs top up water as needed. (keep skimming top of water)

    Remove ham leaving the stock and strip ham of the bone into pieces.

    While the ham is cooking grate carrots and onions.

    Peel the potatoes and cut into small cubes.

    Add carotts, onions, potatoes and lentils to the stock and simmer for one hour.

    Add black pepper to taste.

    Lovely with crusty bread.

    I make this and it lasts 2 days, you do need a big pot.

    I would estimate it costs between £3 and £4 to make this but it is filling and we do get good sized portions out of it.
  • candygirlcandygirl Forumite
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    I'm declaring slightly over at £164 for oct, and want a target of £160 for November please:)
    I've done quite well considering my lovely Dad lost his battle with cancer on 18th Oct, so have done very little cooking since then:o
    "You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf"

    (Kabat-Zinn 2004):D:D:D
  • Morning everyone - just logging on to post my final total for October, MRSMC - please put me down for £199.53 for OCTOBER and can I please be out down for £250 target for NOVEMBER. Think I will need the extra as I need to start buying some extras to put aside for Xmas.:p

    Good luck to those still to declare, see you all over on the November GC.:D
    GC for OH, myself, DD18 & DD16 includes Toiletries, cleaning stuff & Food.

  • donnajtdonnajt Forumite
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    Week 4 - faired better than last week and the freezer is still well stocked!

    So main shop came in at £39.17 and spent £9 in Mr T yesterday on milk, bread etc, week 4 total = £48.17

    So running total weeks 1-4 = £209.57 with £90.43 in the pot to spend for the final week of this october challenge!
  • Morning all

    Just wanted to send you great big hugs Candygirl... so sorry for your loss.
    Take it easy on yourself, a few ready meals/takeaways really don't matter at this time;)

    Well folks I will be nipping to ALDI when hubby gets home from work -the 1st spend of November.... But I only need milk, a bit of fruit, and yoghurts.. I think we are ok for everything else:D

    Dinner tonight is pasta bake with a tomato/marscapone sauce, with veggies, chorizo and kassler ham in (I knew I would find a use for some of that marscapone :p )
    Yesterday I made a turkey, veg and cheese pie with sage pastry -in the remoska ..another "concoction" -but it was lovely that has to be done again-according to hubby :D

    Hubby is away at a hockey comp tue and wed -so I will be using up some more odds n sods of single portions then ;) Im actually making head way with the freezers ....slowly -but im getting there:j

    right I will get off -and see you when the November thread starts :D
    -6 -8 -3 -1.5 -2.5 -3 -1.5-3.5
  • Flat_EricFlat_Eric Forumite
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    I set myself a budget for October of £350 and went over this by over £150!!!:eek: time to eat up the contents of my freezer and ban myself from the supermarket.

    I hereby set my budget for November at £201 and will update this weekly. Im a bit confused by how it all works so apologise in advance if I get it wrong.

  • Sunny_DonnySunny_Donny Forumite
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    morning all
    I'm declaring for October of £197.61 - so over by £9.61. This was a lot of freezer stuff from Iceland - seen the Christmas meal desert in there, so will get that later in November.

    November target £220 as I'll be getting stuff in for Xmas.

    Tried one of the £10 meal deals from M&S yesterday - brill.
    Bought chicken (priced up at £6.50, wine £5.50, apple pie £2.50 and veg £?)
    Chicken will make 3 meals plus soup, apple pie - 2 puddings, wine - was delicious!!!!!

    Have a good day - sunny but cold!!!!
    Mortgage free as at 1/9/13 :j
    To start work on the credit cards now!!
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