Should I Keep Investing?

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I have two stocks & shares ISAS that have been running for approx 9 years. We contribute £100 per month to each of them. We are currently showing a drastic loss on both. Should I stop contributing and invest the £200 a month somewhere else until the market picks up? These are investments for our children so we are not intending to cash in for at least another 6 years. Any advice gratefully received.


  • Short answer, keep investing.

    Long answer, it depends. Will you need access to the money soon, meaning in 1-3 years? If so, you'd be better off with a savings account of some description. If you won't need it for longer than that, for example if you're saving for a distant retirement, then absolutely keep investing. Your funds are down, sure, but that means they're cheap to buy into at the moment. If you put money in now you'll be in position to benefit greatly from any rebound, even if the markets continue to dip further before that rebound occurs.
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    As above, we can't tell you what to do, but this is the situation.

    Funds etc. are bouncing all over the place, but generally getting cheaper, so drip feeding money into the account means that each month, if you fund has lost value, you are able to pick up a few more units as such.

    So when the market recovers you should be getting more payback.
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    BRIARS wrote: »
    We are currently showing a drastic loss on both.

    What funds have you invested in?
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