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  • :cheesy: Hi to all, I have been diagnosed resently, after being told I suffered from M.E. for years untill I started getting unexplained pain a simple blood test and after years I am finally told it is FM. I have been started on new medication which is an eplileptic drug but blocks the nerve signals to the brain to help with the pain, so far so good. I also take painkillers 3 times a day. I have learnt the hard way about pacing and you have to do it to be able to live a semi normal life.Some of you refer to DLA how do you get this also mobility cars can anyone give me more info on this it would be helpfull. hope you all are well at the moment.
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    jansart wrote: »
    hi there i have had fibro for 4 years following a car accident. which came first the fibro or under active thyroid?
    will add more at a later date, should you want to contact me <snip>

    Hi Jan, just a thought - it isn't always a good idea to post your own personal e-mail address on a public forum, as there are some strange people hovering around in the ether, sometimes (regluar posters excluded, of course!) I don't know if you are aware, but people can pm you (private message) through this site. You might want to edit your post.

    With best wishes

    Daisy x
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    karol0468 wrote: »
    :cheesy: Some of you refer to DLA how do you get this also mobility cars can anyone give me more info on this it would be helpfull. hope you all are well at the moment.

    I think you need to phone the benefits office in your area and they will be abe to tell you about how to go about applying. Be warned though it is about 20 pages to complete. I got help to write it from my daughter and the disability employment advisor, and I and DD used the website I listed previously.
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  • hi

    im new here and have fibro for 4 yrs ,im very disabled due to that and other things osteo athritis ,sjorgens syndrom which dry thing up like mouth nose etc , .

    but i make the best of life that i can .

    rivka xx
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    Another fibromyalgia sufferer here. Also suffer from hemiplegic migraine as well as a few other ailments.
    Was diagnosed with fibro when i was 32 i am now 40.
    I take each day as it comes and try to pace myself to make the most of my life.

    So glad this board has been set up. Thankyou.

    Welcome to lipz57.:hello:
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    I have Ataxia and two bouts of breat cancer, Then they decided that I had FM as well. My husband found a book FM for dummies, ( the yellow and black ones - like windows for dummies etc) At the very end of the book, they recommended to get your thyroid tested, because underactive thyroids give similar symptoms. The book was right - my thyroid wasn't working and once the doctor got my meds right I felt a whole lot better. I still hurt all over, but I can stay awake for a whole day!
  • My names Jan too - I have suffered from FM for nearly 10 years now - having to give up work and get DLA...... have to take each day as it comes - some days cant get up and others manage to get up and potter about then suffer the next day - i pace myself as best as i can but some days just want to be 'normal' and do too much.... I always have to suffer the consequences.... well dont want to go on but you can always contact me on here if you want a long term sufferer to chat to....
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    I have been diagnosed with FM this year and I cannot believe the amount of people who have it alongside Thyroid problems. I know given my symptoms I have had it for many years and really its all about coming to terms with them both and learning to cope.
  • Hello folks, I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, M.E./Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression and IBS. I have been off work since Oct 07. It has taken years to get these conditions diagnosed and has been such a relief that I am not just going loopy! It is also a nightmare fighting for social security benefits, DLA turned me down several times but I have recently been successful and have been awarded middle rate care but no mobility component, even though like the rest of you sometimes I can't get out of bed never mind push a trolley round the supermarket or do a full days paid employment. I am also getting short term Incapacity Benefit. I am on anti-depressants, mebeverine and over the counter ibuprofen and paracetemol & codeine. I also take Diazepam on a really bad day. I also have sleeping tablets but they don't work very well and make you feel rotten the next day.
    I am only 35 years old and people have a hard time "seeing my illness". They don't realise that when you do manage to go out it has been a real struggle to do so and don't realise you may have slept all day just to scrimp up the energy to try and be social, and also you will probably be in bed for the next two days trying to recover.
    I am grateful this forum has been set up, it always helps to know that you are not alone with your struggle. It really does not help when people say "you look okay to me" and the other classic "there are people worse off than you"!!!! Well that was a lot of typing for me so I'm off for a rest! Good luck to all my fellow sufferers.
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    I was diagnosed 2 years ago with fibromyalgia but have had the symptons for 18years (Since i was sixteen). I havent got a problem with my thyroid however ive got Crohns instead and know have had a colectomy and an ileostomy (a bag). I also suffer a lot with depression and see a neuropsychologist. I dont get DLA, i tried to claim but was unsucessful. I just get short term incapacity benefit. My problem is that i dont see myself as being ill even when i was on 50 tablets a day, i still felt the same. I had the op and i didnt think of myself as having a major op. It like i blank it out. I just wish i could blank the pain out. Some days its hard to even move the tops of my fingers and most days i would love to stay in bed, but because of the kids i cant and dont. They are 12,5,and 3 and need me. The oldest and the youngest have aspergers with the youngest one being nearly mute. But I know being like this is not good for me because im emotional all the time (including now).

    I used to work, i worked in a solicitors as a assistant legal cashier, however i started some new medication and it threw my system into meltdown and they decided i either had to work full time (couldnt even manage the part time hours) or they would get rid of me. So they did, all legally thou.

    So my way of coping is I just carry on
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