Those long life bulbs ?

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As a new customer of Savewarm, they sent me 4 light bulbs, 20 watt equall to 100 watt. My first reaction was that they are duller than a normal 100 watt, is this so. If so, would I defeat the object if I bought a greater strength long life bulb ?


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    The bulbs get brighter once they have been on a bit. It is also a different kind of light. if you put both types of bulb in the same fitting you would see the difference so I don't mix bulb types inthe same room, but you soon get used to it. 100w sounds bright for normal domestic use whe have 40 & 60w equivs for most light fittings.

    They really do last longer. Had to replace normal bulbs in sitting room every 6-8 weeks but had energy savers in for 5 years and the firt one has just blown.
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  • One thing I noticed when I got some fitted for the toilets at work was that if the bulbs are fitted vertical (i.e. hanging or standing like a bedside lamp) they are fine. They do last longer. I think the cheapest I've seen them is in Tescos.

    BUT if you have a fitting that is not vertical (some concealed lighting is like this under the cover - not that conceled lighting has been that big since the 80's) the weight of the eco-bulbs causes a bad connection and this makes the bulbs die VERY quickly.

    My experience tells me that it would be uneconomical to fit eco-bulbs in those type of fittings.
    No reliance should be placed on the above.
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