The Demotivator Tool

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    The demotivator does show a couple of areas (10-12) that could do with some work. We are apparently spending £2850 on snacks, drinks, dvds, fast food, take aways, eating out, computer gaming and treats for kids.

    We owe £20K roughly .... hmmm
    Target 1) Debt free April 22 Target 2) Lose weight & get fit (started) 3) Write regularly 41426/70000 words Book 2 4) Develop passive income streams 5) Get to £3K EF (at £2.2K June 22) 6) Declutter 7) MFW starting at £201999 Nov 21 with 264 258 payments to go. Now £197487. 8) Mortgage neutral progress (via private pension starting value c£3643 Nov 21) extra payments £312 including tax relief
  • Hi there

    Fantastic (but also very very scary!!). Any plans to make it a downloadable widget to keep on your desktop?


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    £40,000 over my working life on chocolate? Go figure!
    Think what I could do with that!
    You're spelling is effecting me so much. Im trying not to be phased by it but your all making me loose my mind on mass!! My head is loosing it's hair. I'm going to take myself off the electoral role like I should of done ages ago and move to the Caribean. I already brought my plane ticket, all be it a refundable 1.
  • I always knew I needed to quit drinking, now I really know I have to!
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    Love this! over £2,000 on magazine's.... EEEEK! See you later Vouge!
    Complete Crazy Clothes Challenge £80/£100 :T

    Sealed Pot Challenge #1717! £30.16 :D
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