October 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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    I just want to say thankyou to whoever posted the peanut butter cookies..they so loverly and adictive!

    Off to make kids mini chicken kievs and chips and beans for tea :)
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    Afternoon All

    Id ont know whether I should add this money to my siggie..what it is ,,,is that I have just taken the new pans set back to the shop as they were rusting and cracking and should I put i the money back in the pot,

    ,as I think it came out of ther

    so I will add the money into my kitty and take it from there ..

    Thanks for listening

    KAAT xx
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  • Just done my first mini shop of the month - just cheese and milk, both of which we seem to use an awful lot of!
    Tried to update my siggy and got a message saying I can only have 6 lines, but I've only used 3 1/2 :confused:
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    Hi all

    Sorry to be back so soon -but im soooo excited :D

    You all know the faff I had trying to get my remoska- the 1st 2 never appeared so I spoke to someone last friday and they said they would track a 3rd one to me.. well the 2nd parcel appeared a couple of days ago -I didn't ring them as I assumed the 3rd would allready be in transit and they had told me if 2 turned up to just refuse to sign the slip and the parcel would be returned to lakeland
    well my mum just rang to tell me lakeland had called to say they has posted the 3rd parcel yesterday :eek: mum said I had received one - they have only told me to keep the other one when it arrives as a "thankyou" for being patient :eek:
    so I have a 2nd standard remoska, half pan, foil and melamine utensils on its way -FOR FREE :T
    Im in shock..I knew lakeland were good with customer service..but Well i, tickled pink :rotfl:
    right i will go away and be quiet now
    ohh and On topic -I have just made some dried cranberry scones in the remoska nomnomnom:D
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    Evening all, just logged on to update spends.
    Went to MR T last night to stock up on a few things while i had some free time.... total spend £57.44:eek: .

    Although saying that it does involve some things for xmas and also a bottle of brandy for the xmas cakes. Which am making over this weekend.:D
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    Having looked at my budget, it's very generous for just me so I will include all food & household stuff. No need to include petrol as I'm on a fit crusade too. Have said that I would walk to work since I moved house. That was 3 years ago!! 2 days in and already I feel healthier, although I do need to walk past the shops on the way home. Must not be tempted.

    Leopardlady, have a lovely time wherever you are off to tonight. Mrs M, your angelic behaviour has been rewarded in the shape of a freebie!

    Glad I joined up already, seems like a family here. Please adopt me!! :rotfl:
    My name is CherryPie and I'm addicted to grocery shopping!!

    Grocery Challenge

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    I'd like to join this challenge please - my DFD is looming and I need to make sure I stay on the straight and narrow spending wise :o

    Can you put me down for £200 for the month please - that's for a very pregnant me, DH and 2 cats. Off to update my siggy and count up my receipts since 1st Oct now :rolleyes:

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    Almost, but not quite, an NSD for me. Got a Whoopsied! carton of cranberry juice (40p/litre) that I've already opened so will have to count.... It's not something I've ever really been into, but I know my son loves it. However I've discovered it's OK if I use it as cordial -- which has the added bonus of getting me to drink water which I also don't like :confused: Son has been warned he doesn't drink it by the huge glassful like he has done it the past though !!!!

    Also got a Whoopsied! carton of hazelnut almond rice milk for using next week (46p that I'm not counting until it gets used) with a date of next April!!

    Tomorrow should be an NSD as I'm off out early doors to a 24 hour scrapbooking crop (get together) and won't be leaving there until 10am-ish (probably a bit later) on Sunday. I have to take a packed lunch (already have everything in for that), but tea, snacks and breakfast are included in the price of the crop whether you eat or not -- so as I'm only counting groceries I'm not adding anything in for this ;)

    But as the event is the other side of Mr A to home, and I can't justify taking the car just for a run to Mr A, I'll definitley be popping in there on the way home on Sunday.... A couple of stock bits I'm running short on are slightly cheaper there than Mr T, so worth the miniscule detour involved which also gets me onto a nicer route home!!
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    OrkneyStar wrote: »
    Morning all (just lol- should be at Church but me and DS overslept :o, so doing my chores list and posting on here!).
    Ok firstly thanks Pink, MrsM and Rosieben for starting us off and getting us organised for October's challenge!Edited to add- for those posting meal plans or anyone interested in meal plans in general there is a weekly meal plan thread- here is the link to this weeks one (Pink I was gonna suggest a link at the start but then it would need to be changed every week so maybe not! :rolleyes:)

    Bit late in this month, but just wanted to echo OrkneyStars thank you and also thank her for the weekly meal plan link - here is this weeks (3rd Oct)...

    Not been on here at all lately, as just haven't had time to catch up, but still going strong with the challenge and determined to come in under budget again... :j

    Haven't spent too much so far so am really pleased - transferred £9.01 that was left from last weeks GC to my savings account plus the £25 from my extras budget that was not used at all and have spent about £35 today in Mr T's, but still need to go to farmfoods and lidls to finish off for the week, so will probably not have anything left this week - still, on target so far, will update as soon as I get todays receipt...
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    hi everyone,

    just been to nettos (£28.70) and mr a's (£10.60) - which should see us through a couple of weeks and it included a 90 wash box of washing powder from nettos for £12.99 :D - have already updated my sig - don't think we're doing to bad as our month ends on the 22nd.:A

    made some fishcakes for the freezer last night - 12 altogether - never made them before quite looking forward to trying them and i must confess to there only being 6 Twinks left - don't know if i'll be making them again, they're too nice, we've almost scoffed the lot:rotfl:

    take care everyone

    p.s. just noticed i'm not a newbie anymore and i've got a star woohoo!

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