MealPlans WB 3rd October 2008

Hi Guys!!
First week of October:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

This week we are having:

Friday-Pizza & Salad (Dominoes doing pizzas @ £1.99, so we'll buy 2)
Saturday-HM Lasagna, Salad & Garlic Bread (need to buy the beef)
Sunday-Chicken, Roasties, Cauli Cheese, Yorkies, Carrots & Green Beans
Monday-HM Fish Pie, Carrots & Peas
Tuesday-Sausage Cassarole & Baked Spud
Wednesday-Egg & Chips
Thursday-Lamb Stew & Dumplings

I cook nearly everything in the Remoska now. When I do a roast, I cook the chicken first which takes about an 1hr15mins, then wipe it out and cook the roasties in there. I have been cheating and using frozen Aunt Bessies but they cook up lovely in the Remoska.

This week I should I only need fridge bits....I really need to start using whats in the freezer and cupboards and STOP buying more food:o

Breakfasts can be: toast, cereal, porridge, eggs, juice etc
Lunches can be: soup, sarnie, baked spud, something on toast, leftovers etc

So what are you all having?

Have a good week.

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  • Penelope_PenguinPenelope_Penguin Forumite
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    I love October :D This week we're having:

    Thursday - remains of the turkey pie, HG veg
    Friday - steak, chips, grilled mushroom and tomato, salad
    Saturday - HM pea soup, HM bread, cheese
    - lasagne, garlic dough balls, salad
    Sunday - soup and bread (as Sat)
    - out for supper at friends' :j
    Monday - HG chard and spinach quiche, salad
    Tuesday - rissoles, baked potato, HG veg
    Wednesday - chou gallette

    There's iced and chocolate cake in the tin, and some butterfly buns. DD is away at Explorer camp this week and has requested crispy traybake cake, and DS has requested Rocky Road for his Scout camp next weekend.

    Penny. x
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    Morning all

    Well my remoska arrived 2 days ago, and the poor thing is on overtime :D
    Im on full scale winter menus now-isn't it soooo miserable and cold :rolleyes:
    1. [strike]chicken, leek and chorizo pasta bake[/strike] -made in remoska and using leftover roast
    2. potato and onion bake with fresh bread -
    3. cornedbeef hash and dumplings
    4. leftover cornedbeef hash with a pastry top ;)
    5. [strike]roast chicken dinner[/strike]
    6. tuna steak with noodles and veg
    7. chinese pork n stirfry in Hm tortillas
    hubby will be taking Hm soups and bread as usual this weather, this week are:-
    • cream of tomato and lentil
    • chill beef n rice
    • chicken and sweetcorn
    • cream of leek and potato
    • cauliflower cheese
    I am 1 week into the GC and not spent anything yet ;) have so much in-all i should need is a bit of fresh veg toward the end of the month, fresh yeast and milk :T
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  • morning

    have been a bit lazy in my meal planning but now the weddings out of the way and i've had a month of [strike]slacking[/strike] resting, i'm back!

    Thursday - scrambled egg on toast
    Friday - hm bolognaise and pasta (a slow cooker day i think!)
    Saturday - hm fish pie and hm bread (parents round for dinner)
    Sunday - hm meatballs and mash
    Monday - [STRIKE]hm soup and hm bread[/STRIKE] cheese on toast
    Tuesday - hm chicken casserole and bread
    Wednesday - HM pizza and chips

    all served with veg and some puddings to be included

    lunches for OH and i are sandwiches, whatevers in the cupboards (OH!!!), soup or leftovers.

    BTW MrsM's potato and Onion bake is lovely!!! i made it last night and OH ate far too much!!!!!!!
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  • stef240377stef240377 Forumite
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    Using up what we have in house this week and only purchasing milk and toiletries.

    Day 1 Chicken curry

    Day 2 Veg paella

    Day 3 beef and bean hotpot

    Day 4 cheesy chip and chops

    Day 5 chicken biryani

    Day 6 Waffles, eggs and beans

    Day 7 mash, veg and sausages
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  • Morning!

    We're away from Monday to Friday afternoon next week with work so its a use it up few days coming up and no shopping on the weekend:j
    (Have a Mr S delivery booked for the afternoon we get back no shopping then either!)

    So this is what I'm planning for the next few days....
    • Thursday - veggie sausages, aunt bessies roasties (sorry!), peas and gravy for me, curry freezer for OH with rice and frozen naan bread
    • Friday - OH only has something on toast (big lunch at work), fish pie made from boil in the bag fish in butter sauce (been in the freezer for ages) and HM mash with a bit of cheese on top and beans/peas (hopefully be enough for a freezer portion too)
    • Saturday - somthing and frozen chips for both of us
    • Sunday - maybe Sunday lunch out, if not HM curry?
    Have a good week!
  • Yikes:eek: another week gone!

    Thurs - pea and ham soup, in SC at the mo.

    Fri - HM Pizza and HM wedges

    Sat - Meatballs and spagetti

    Sun - Roast Chicken dinner with all the trimmings

    Mon - Chicken with greeen pepper in black bean sauce

    Tues - I'm going to have a bash at cheese flan

    Wed - Bacon, courgettes and pasta
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  • dorry_2dorry_2 Forumite
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    Morning all :wave:

    just done my plan!

    Friday: scampi, wedges and beans

    Saturday lunch: tomato soup with fresh baggettes
    Saturday tea: oven baked s/f chicken, hm oven chips and sweetcorn

    Sunday:–out for lunch icon_smile.gif
    sunday tea: hm curried parsnip soup

    Monday: Jamie’s meatballs with linguine

    Tuesday: chicken supreme

    Wednesday: slow cook sausage casserole with broccoli and jackets potatoes

    Thursday: hm lasanga with jackets
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  • Bit of a strange week as we're away all weekend but I have managed the meal plan with no shopping needed whatsoever so it will just be milk and fruit on the shopping list. (and wine) ;)

    Thursday: Sausage casserole, new potatoes and peas
    Friday: Away. :D
    Saturday: Away :D
    Sunday: Away :D
    Monday: Macaroni cheese and HG salad
    Tuesday: Salmon quiche new potatoes and HG runner beans
    Wednesday: HM meatballs and bolognese sauce (from the freezer)

    Breakfasts will be porridge. ;)
    Lunches will be chicken and sweetcorn soup, YS ham sarnies and cheese and crackers.

    The baking tin is full of muffins, flapjacks and almond fairy cakes.

    Penny... What do you put in your rissoles please? :D

    Have a good week everyone. x
  • TKMTKM Forumite
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    Hi All

    Well into autumn/winter cooking mode at this point, probably just as well because we plan to keep the heating off until Christmas Eve (not really confident we will last that long but we shall see!!!)

    This week we are having

    Saturday - HM Saffron Marinated Sea Bream with sweet and sour peppers and brandade potatoes (Sea Bream from freezer, on special offer in Mr Ts a couple of weeks ago)
    Sunday - HM Chilli Con Carne and Baked Potatoes (with some for the freezer)
    Monday - Noah's Penniless Mummy's Cornish Pasties (v yummy by the way) with mash
    Tuesday - HM Beef Rendang and Basmati Rice with Flatbreads (and some for the freezer)
    Wednesday - HM Spanish Chicken and Couscous
    Thursday - HM Cottage Pie
    Friday - More HM Cottage Pie

    Have a good week everybody
  • newlywednewlywed Forumite
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    Hi, here's mine...

    Thurs - chilli and wraps
    Fri - Salmon omelette
    Sat - Boiled gammon and veg
    Sun - Turkey pie
    Mon - Smoked mackerel and veg
    Tue - Chicken wrapped in bacon and roasted veg
    Wed - Smoked pork sausage cassulet
    Thur - Turkey curry
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