Great 'What's Hot and What's not at Aldi, Lidl & Netto' Hunt revisted

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What's this about?

Super-cheap supermarkets Lidl, Aldi and Netto smack the bottoms of their big name competitors when it comes to price. The problem is that their products can be hit and miss.

This is all about rating their best deals

To beat this, three years ago, we asked MoneySavers to rate the good products from the bad (see the orginal hunt). The results formed the What's Hot and What's Not at Aldi/Lidl/Netto guide.
Now we want to rate the products again and need your help

Three years is a long time, and so we need your help to do it again. Please click reply and put in your recommendations.

The best format is like this
  • Supermarket: Detail which you're talking about
  • My top things to buy are:
  • My top things to avoid are:
Even if someone else has mentioned a product, please include it, as the number of mentions helps us see what's good and what's not.



  • I'll throw in.

    Supermarket: LIDL

    My top things to buy are:
    Bockwurst, pack of 10, chiller
    German potato salad (1kg tub)
    Peas and carrots, canned
    Kabanossi sausages
    Pork salami (the big one)
    Orangeade 2l
    Chicken soup, large can
    Luxury muesli
    Multivitamin juice

    My top things to avoid are:
    Maccaroni Cheese
    Chili con carne, 800g can
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    the fruit and veg in aldi lidl is great ive never found anything nice in netto
    onwards and upwards
  • SmashingSmashing Forumite
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    Recommend -
    Sliced meats
    Tortilla wraps
    Diet cola
    Cup a soups
    Barbeque spare ribs
    Potato salad
    Iced marble cakes
    Malted wheats (shreddies)
    Chocolate sandwich bars (orange, mint and plain - imitation penguins basically)
    Xmas gingerbread biscuits
    Frozen pizzas
    Own brand version of twix bars/milky ways (whatever they call them)
    Instant noodles
    Orange juice
    Onion rings
    Breaded fish
    Salmon fillets with herbed crust
    Kitchen roll
    Jelly babies
    Neopolitan wafer ice creams, sandwich icecreams, imitation cornettos/magnums
    Premium vanilla ice cream
    Own brand multipacks of crisps
    Xmas cake
    Jaffa cakes
    Olive oil
    Tinned veg

    800g tins of chilli
    Milk in warmer weather - goes off extremely quickly, not so bad in winter but still doesn't seem to last as long as supermarket stuff before going 'off.'
    Olive oil
    Yeast extract
    Baked beans
    Frozen peas (like bullets)
    Tinned spaghetti

    Fruit and veg is generally great and brilliant value, but other times the quality can be lacking, but this is easily judged by appearance. Don't be put off if it seems bad quality now and then as more often than not it is a great buy.
  • ALDI

    Recommend: Pesto - 99p a jar and seven different varieties, its great!!! Also coconut milk, when it is in stock which isn't all the time, is MILES cheaper than any of the big supermarkets and just as nice, not watery which is always the risk with the cheaper versions.
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    lidl sell some great sweets..........the party mix (various individual packets) are great.

    orange juice (still yet to find anywhere cheaper @ £0.58)
  • QuasarQuasar Forumite
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    I wouldn't touch foodstuffs in Netto, but I find them ok for household cleaning stuff in general, ie bleach, washing up liquid etc.
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  • I'm working on comparing the vetinary food stamps from major brands against Aldi's own to see which major producers make food for Aldi.

    Lidl do a lovely iced coffee for 55p, various flavours.
  • candygirlcandygirl Forumite
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    Fruit n veg in ALDI is brill, in LIDL it's a bit hit and miss.Bread is dire form both of them, and I can't get hold of red lentils at LIDL at the mo, there's a shortage apparently:rolleyes:
    "You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf"

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  • slummymummyof3slummymummyof3 Forumite
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    Fresh Vale Wafer Thin Cooked Ham 400g (£2.19) - fabulous quality and not at all plasticky like Tesco/Asda ham (and considerably cheaper)
    Pre Packed Salami Slices - fantastic taste and price (I think it was £1.49 for 200g)
    Lidls version of coco pops £1.19 - kids think these are nicer than coco pops.
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    Aldi and Lidl, a world away, and absolutely not to be confused with Netto, which is just cheap and usually nasty.

    Anyway - in Aldi


    Their varied frozen fish dishes
    Carlos round frozen pizza - one of the best frozen pizzas IMO - and really reasonable
    Frostys luxury ice cream
    Clothes washing liquid
    The fruit and veg can be varied, but is usually as good as any
    Jars of cooking sauce - the Korma is one of the best I've tasted and incredibly cheap.
    Chicken breasts - seriously some of the best chicken of it's type, better definately than Tesco and cheaper - though obviously nothing like if you support a local butcher.
    Carrot cake - this is the best carrot cake I have ever tasted, and knocks the socks off Marks and Spencer - I'm serious!
    German beers - nothing over special, but very palatable, and at just over £3 for 6 bottles you can't go wrong
    Their weetabix look-a-like - frankly you won't be able to taste any difference.


    Cornflakes - you might as well just eat the box it comes in.
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