September 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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  • There are about 5 hours of September still to go and since it is drizzling and the wind is getting up, there ain't no way I am going out this evening! So I think I can safely declare my September spends as £339.52 from a budget of £350 - so I am finally under budget!!!! Go me!! :j:T:j:T:j:T:j:T:j And go everyone else on here who as helped me do it :T:j:T:j:T:j:T:j:T

    the budget is for myself, OH and 2 fat cats - compared to some, we clearly have expensive tastes :rolleyes: but we are moving in the right direction
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  • Well the end of September has arrived and I'm just under budget :j
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    hi all-declaring at £380.25, over by £5.25. not bothered though got a few good things for my christmas grocery box, tea, coffee, large tin choccy biscuits, but they where all on offer so would have cost me more if i bought them later.
    see you over on october
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    I've come in well under budget which I didn't expect to! £159.63 which is £40.37 under. I know I'd put it up this month but I don't think £200 is all that much for 3 people.
    I'm opting out for next month, I'm moving house soon and I've got to get organised. I'm also not sure if I'll have a connection for a while - sob sob...
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    Well I am declaring a total disaster of a month. So many problems etc meant I didnt have my eye on the menu plans, or the shopping, never mind the grocery budget. Twins didnt have the monies to buy thier baby things and that has put an extra £30 a week on to the spending on top of the lack lustre way I spent.... OOPs £444.63 nearly £170 over the budget EEEK EEK
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  • Just a quick update from me - my laptop is out of action at the mo. I'm declaring £227 - £27 over budget. Sorry, I can't highlight my total in red, as I'm typing this on my oh's iPod touch!
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  • I'm declaring £298.77 for September. Although this does not include the Tesco internet shop I had delivered yesterday, because that is out of Octobers budget. Bit of a cheat, but I work mid week so it made sense to have it delivered Monday.

    Lots of people under budget or very close this month, despite all the prize rises. That's great - well done everyone, what a great effort.

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  • Hi

    Could I please join as of October?

    I spent in September £703
    which is just ridiculous as I read through this forum! We are only 2 adults, one small dog & two occasional (adult) children. I would like to try to aim at £250 in October. I hope with some careful menu planning and you guys inspiring me with your posts I should be able to get on track and stay there.

    Thanks for all the ideas and recipes too :T
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    Hi there Eireaine and welcome on board :D

    The october thread has started -just in case you haven't seen it ;)
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