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October 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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  • I would like to start again this month with a more realistic budget of £400 for October - after failing miserably in September!
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  • Well we get a veg box & 6 eggs delivered weekly at a cost of £14.40 and after much discussion regarding the expense of this we've decided to continue getting it delivered. It provides us with a nice variety of seasonal veg which we'd otherwise not buy, and the fact that it costs us more than we'd usually pay or veg means we're extremely reluctant to waste anything from it.

    Anyway, the original point to that waffle was that I don't want to count the veg box in with the rest of my spend because it's a set non-varying weeky amount. So in addition to the £15 a week for the veg box I aim to spend no more than £40 for the whole of October on food, toiletries, pet food and household products for myself, darling boyfriend, Binks the cat and Pip the dog, including the veg box this makes a monthly budget of £100.

    I'm trying to run the cupboards right down at the minute so I'm thinking this is going to be a piece of cake if I can get OH on board too. I have a pay packet envelope stuck to the fridge ready to keep all receipts in and I'm hoping to come in well under budget.

    Good luck everyone!
  • In case it's of use to anyone budgeting for month, I've updated my monthly menu plan with links to recipes I got from the forum and have put my shopping list (with costs) online along with recipes and a list of handy items I always keep in storecupboards (so didn't need to buy for this month)

    I'm massively disorganised at home so doing a total plan for the month is really the only way I could contemplate coming in on my £65 budget for two people (a little short of £39 spent so far)
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  • Can I join in? This thread is very inspiring, I always do a rough budget but only vaguely keep to it normally. So I'm gonna try for £300 this month, that's for a family of five.
    The menu post was excellent btw - thanks for posting that! :D
  • Hello can you put me down again for £250 this month please

    Had my main Mr T shop delivered spend so far at £157.56p got all the basics and meats just needing fresh top ups each week.
    Still Trying :o
    Grocery challenge July 2016
  • I would like to give this a go please. Have set budget at £300 for family of 4 and added to signature. This is my first try at this, so am only guessing at what I actually spend at the moment. I shall keep all receipts and hopefully next month I will be in a better position to know what budget to set!
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  • Hi Guys

    Back from holiday where I spent way too much money (b****y euro conversion rate!) and need to economise again this month! So I'm aiming for £160 for the two of us even though it's a long month. I've got a Tesco delivery arriving this evening which comes to about £50 and hopefully will keep us going in fresh stuff for a bit. I've also already batch cooked a veggie shepherd's pie for tonight and tomorrow night and have made lentil soup and wholemeal bread for lunch today and tomorrow (and hopefully Wednesday depending if DH digs into it or not). I'm also back on the weightloss bandwagon which might help with the MS :)

    I have also just had a quick look at my yearly challenge and think I have a chance of keeping my grocery spending under £1900 for the year, including Xmas goodies. Pleased about this in light of all the price rises.

    Here's wishing us all luck!
  • I'm going to try to keep my shopping to £350 for October. That's for the 3 of us. I think we must spend about £400 easily and maybe more. with this amount I can do an online shop and go to get extras when we run out.
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  • Hi All,
    I have just posted on the Sept challenge, but thought i would put it here to, please can i be added to the list again Mrs Mc, i haven't been away, just unable to log on:o and declare £135.35 for Sept :jout of a budget of £190:j and have a budget of £180 for Oct.
    Many thanks

  • thanks for this thread i need it lol. can i be put down for £250. This is for a family of five. But do i include all toiletries etc aswell (nappies, wipes etc) just so i have it clear in my head. thankyou
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