October 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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    Morning all (just lol- should be at Church but me and DS overslept :o, so doing my chores list and posting on here!).
    Ok firstly thanks Pink, MrsM and Rosieben for starting us off and getting us organised for October's challenge!
    My Oct started on Friday, so far have done a few small shops and a couple of middling shops (and you can see how much I have spent by looking at my sig :))- it's a 5 week month for us, although hoping to manage ok as we are quite well stocked up (I have a cupboard/freezer list and am trying to use up stuff as well as buy some fresh!).
    I wanted to tell people that Woolworths are still doing their £1 deals just now- they have little boxes of raisins (18 in pack I think) and Doritos and Cadbury's Dairy Milk 5 standard bars/6 small bars packs among other nice goodies ;).
    Ok, good luck everybody for October, welcome anyone who is new and also welcome back anyone who is returning.
    Take care everyone and remember it is only a bargain if you need it and actually can use it!
    Edited to add- for those posting meal plans or anyone interested in meal plans in general there is a weekly meal plan thread- here is the link to this weeks one (Pink I was gonna suggest a link at the start but then it would need to be changed every week so maybe not! :rolleyes:)
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  • :hello:Hey everyone,

    Please put me down for £160 for October :D (have a feeling we may fail this month as I have my student loan coming in next week and so will have money for the first time in 3 months!!). I will try my best though, promise!!
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    My October month starts on 1st...not much in the line of shopping happening since OH has been in hospital...DD4 and I are trying to empty the cupboards as much as possible, so hope that the €300 will leave some money at the end of the month to get the Christmas chocolates, biscuits or maybe even turkey to stick in freezer.

    Good luck to all

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  • ArilAril Forumite
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    Now done the final shopping for September
    £141.74 spent:j
    Please can you put me down for £160 again for October
    Many thanks!
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    Hi I did well last month and still have a fair amount in the freezer so can you put me down for £160 this month please?
    I'm going to try really hard and pick up a few Christmas bits out of this too, like tinned fruit, meat etc if poss.

    I'd be really grateful if you could show me how to make minced beef go a long way, need to bulk cook some for freezing?
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    I failed last month but I'm trying a different approach.With hubby and I both dieting we are eating loads more fresh fruit and veg I need to buy these weekly so I'm going to set myself a £50 per week limit on Asda orders so I can get the fruit and veg and any other bits I need without me blowing the budget.Then the rest of the budget will be held in reserve in case I need it.Thats the theory whether it will work in practice who knows:rotfl:

    I've got cupboards full of flours and baking stuff and both freezers are crammed so unless some absolutely cant be missed bargains come along I should come under budget this month and that should leave me some money to start chrissie present buying:T

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    Okay I've been missing off here for a couple of months but I'm back so please put me down for £300 MrsM.

    This is for me, DH, DD (6), DS (5), 2 dogs & 2 fish!
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  • can i join please so plan to spend £150 this month

    first time for everything
    :mad: 5 account to clear- £14580.47/£1074.90- 7.3% paid off
    debt free nov 2012 before that I hope
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    Hi can you put me down for £100 for oct please. Fell off the wagon this month and need to make up for it this month
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    I really need to pull things in to line this month so I would like to be listed for a monthly total of £200thank you! I am determined to stick to it this month. To be realistic this price is to include any sneaky takeaways that we consume!
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