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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Benefits & Tax Credits
I wanted to get me laddos child benefit number because I want to change the account it goes into..

So I google and come up with

Yeah that will do, I can either phone them at £1.50/min !! !!!!!!? no way. Or submit and online enquiry. Yes thats better.

I do so, fill in my submit...and lo and !!!!ing-behold up pops a chunk of text saying blah blah thanks, we will now text you at the cost of £1.50 to give you the phone number that you just saw a moment ago and decided not to call. And we'll then call you anyway.

So then they called me a few minutes after...this is what they got...

You scamming b*stards, there was NO mention at all that you would text and charge me £1.50 for that text until AFTER I had submitted my contact form.

What a complete waste of time and money you are, if I wanted to call up and spend £1.50/min I wouldnt have used the online contact form.

This is what is said on the website before sendind the contact form "Once your enquiry is received your query will be dealt
with in a timely manner.

We will contact you with futher information on your enquiry and provide a tailored solution to the problem."

Where does it say we will then charge you for a text that tells you to call us??

Anyway the manager has promised to issue a cheque refunding the £1.50 this Monday.

I wonder how many more people have been 'done' by these f*ckers. Gosh, I'm so angry mad.gif

Is this even legal??


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