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September 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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    Good afternoon all

    Just popped in to ask if anyone knows how to make tiger bread,,like asda makes,,it is very nice and would like to try to make it.

    I may just make it in this time with my grocery challenge,,just off to update siggie again,,lasst time ,,fingers crossed

    ROCKY4.........I would like to know how to make veggie haggis as well please;;


    KAAT xx
    ps made mango chutney ,,but not going to make any more as too expensive,, will just make tomato chutney from now on ,,as I have loads,,3 1/2 lbs every other day like these


    see you later

    KAAT xx
    ps,,, btw MrS has orange top milk ,,,£1 for 4pints(or 2litres),,just thought someone would like to know
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  • can you please put me down for £160 for next month, thanks.
    Back on MSE again! to take control of my finances and not let it control me. :T May grocery challenge £41.96/140
  • ravylesleyravylesley Forumite
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    Spent £40 today on bits and bats from poundland and magazines for the kids:o Its Saturday and the kids always get a magazine and a bag of sweets so couldnt deny them.But with only £34 left and 10 days to go I have the distinct feeling I'm going to go over:mad: But I have spent £120 on meat for the freezer this month so I dont feel too bad about it.

    Made a Lamb and veg pie for tea which everyone loved and as it was from leftover lamb in the freezer I am quite pleased.Topped it with mashed potatoes and cheese instead of pastry.mmmmm

    On the plus side today I was given a full carrier bag of Bramleys so I'll be cooking and freezing them ready for pies and crumbles over the winter.I was looking at Bramleys on the market on Wednesday and they are 70p/lb:eek: I must have got 10lb for nowt:D

  • Hi everyone, I'm not doing as well as i had hoped for my first month. Three weeks in and i have spent £266 of my £280 budget. I'm going to try and claw it back by drastically reducing this weeks shop and ordering online. TBH when i go instore i get too easily distracted and end up buying items i don't need and which you can't even make a meal out of :eek:

    But its only made me more determined to do better next month. I've decided to concentrate more on making meal plans for each week and then doing an online tesco order for the bulk of that food and cleaning products. i always get my meat and fish from either sainsburys or m&s so need to concentrate more on buying what i like when its on offer and freezing it. I know this is all old news to you lot :rotfl: but i'm slowly getting there.

    Oh and stocked up on charmin toilet roll in lidl (£6.99 for 24 rolls) so thats slightly makes me feels better about my high total so far, and i won't have to buy any more for a good while.

    Thanks again to everyone who posts, as it really helps me keep motivated.:T
    :starmod:C'est la vie:starmod:
  • ifonlyitwaseasierifonlyitwaseasier Forumite
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    howdy peeps,

    well i've blown the budget, spent £18.31 in MrT and £6.42 in Lidl. however i think that should be everything for the rest of the month now, i'd forgotten when i set it this month that we'd run down our store pre wedding so now i need to work on slowly bringing them back up.

    i did make some lovely scones the other day, i adapted the recipe from the dairy home cookbook, and here it is before DenF asks ;)

    all purpose scone recipe
    prep 25 mins (i took 10 if that)
    cooking 10 mins (10 - 15 is realistic)
    cook at 200C or 180C fan

    8oz /225g sr flour
    half a tsp of salt (i left this out)
    2oz / 50g butter (used stork)
    a quarter pint / 150ml milk (i use one egg then make up with milk to the amount required)
    extra milk for brushing the tops

    sift flour, mix the flour and butter together to resemble breadcrumbs
    add the liquid and mix with a fork/knife, should be soft but not sticky.
    turn out onto a floured surface and knead til smooth then roll out til 1cm thick. (i just turned out and patted it with floured hands til about 1-2 cms thick)
    cut into rounds with cutters (i sliced with a knife and had squares and rectangles)
    brush tops with milk
    put on greased baking tray and bake for 10-15 mins

    *cheese scones, add about a handful of grated cheese and i added a pinch of smoked paprika, can use cayenne, dried english mustard etc. add a tiny bit of cheese on the top of each scone.
    *fruit scones, i added about 3oz TV mixed dried fruit and after brushing the tops with milk i sprinkled with a little sugar.
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  • Cone of Chips = 50p

    I haven't had them in an age so thought I might buy some :D
    Buy for value not cost.
    Feb Grocery = £55.87 / 80
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    Meant to say earlier when I posted that Sainsbury's are still doing their 1% fat milk at £1 for 2litres instead of the usual £1-44. I bought two more to put in the freezer so at least I won't have to buy milk next week! Don't know how long this is going to last though (the price reduction I mean).

  • Can I drop out of the challenge please. Don't even have £50 a week anymore and its too depressing trying to work out how much I do have so am just not spending anything and keeping my fingers crossed.
    Weight loss to date - 8st 13lbs :j
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    aw SHELBEL,, sorry to see you are dropping out ,,hope you are keeping well ,,and hope to see you soon

    Thanks IOIWE for the scone recipe...I had cheese scones the other week for the first time and they were lovely with MARMITE on ,,DH doesnt like then he likes fruit in his ,,with clotted cream and strawberry jam and butter..

    This month finishes on Monday and I am over the limit now maybe next month I will do it ,,I must do it sometime surely

    See you soon

    KAAT xx

    ps ...thanks ROCKIE4 for the recipe for the veggie haggis
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  • Paid a visit to Mr T today and only spent £6.46! I'm hoping that'll be the last shop of the month and brings my total to £28.96. So that leaves me a little extra in case I need more milk or if I manage to get out to Mr A and get the 2 for £1 bread mix! :)
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