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Orchid Dialler Discount

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  • obvious wrote:
    hmm, I just found Clever Rates in the drop down list in CWClient with the correct access number but after dialling it asks for the number to be keyed in in the format 00 44 7979 654321 followed by the star key so you end up dialling the number twice. I'll ask Orchid if they can automate this in some way.
    Once you have selected Clever Rates (08447212525####) as a carrier, select a routing code of 00447 so that only mobiles using the international format are routed via Clever Rates. This leaves you the option to route other international calls via another carrier. You only have to dial 00447979654321 once followed by * and the dialler will do the rest ... 08447212525 <4second pause> 00447979654321*. I've added new entries to my phone e.g. 00447979654321* to make it easier.
  • jnd wrote:
    Anyone else have the Ranger phones and noticed that it's hard to hear the caller very clearly? They can hear me just fine. Think I may have to call Orchid.
    My mum told me she had the same problem but dad didnt ,so she knew it was her and not the phone .Yesterday I tried my new ranger phone
    I had the same problem ,I just had to move the phone slightly higher on my ear and it worked fine .
  • Has anyone notice calls not being diverted to cps using the V4 dialler or the ranger phone .My mum's ranger phone was diverting calls away from cps to 18866 .My friends V4 dialler was not diverting calls to cps using the "121 override" .Anyone else having problems .Could it be a server problem ?
  • After gleaning lots of info from this thread, I have purchased an Orchid V4. In the process of investigating the best call deals, I discovered my ISP ( has some phone packages.

    Amongst its offerings is a FREE 500 minutes if you have broadband, which I have - for me that makes broadband approximately free. I have now signed up for Nildram to be my main supplier, and will use 1899 as the second choice for most other things.

    The point I am making is that it is no longer enough to say "which is the best priced broadband deal", the next question must be "do they have a phone package also".

    Many thanks for all the info :p .
  • Has anyone notice calls not being diverted to cps using the V4 dialler or the ranger phone .My mum's ranger phone was diverting calls away from cps to 18866 .My friends V4 dialler was not diverting calls to cps using the "121 override" .Anyone else having problems .Could it be a server problem ?
    Yes, I've just noticed the same thing happening this evening on my Ranger 400

    very odd! :confused:

  • Heinz wrote:
    That's a good question - one I've just e-mailed to Orchid myself.

    Their pdf appears to indicate that the handset supplied with the Ranger 400 can be used for basic (LCR) programming of the base station but it doesn't say whether it's GAP or not.

    Just to confirm that the Ranger 400 is now described on their site as being GAP compatible.

    I've ordered one, if I have any problems adding handsets I'll let you know

  • I read this sticky in some detail, was impressed with what I read, and have just bought a dialler. I have set it up as best I can - using various posted recommended settings, the MSE article on home phones, and assistance from the outstanding support line at Orchid.

    However I have searched hi and lo on the site for recommended settings for the dialler but couldn't find any.

    Sorry if they are here and I just haven't found them, but if not can I propose a thread specifically dealing with usage queries with latest/best settings other users or MSE reccomend?

    thanks for the tip though - I love the dialler

  • HeinzHeinz Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker Car Insurance Carver!
    Having suggested to my daughter that she take advantage of the MSE 20% discount and get an Orchid V4 LCR to 'tame' her family's telephone use, I was looking for a list of 'recommended settings' for her to [EMAIL="sales&#64;"]e-mail to Orchid[/EMAIL] as her 'Initial Programming Requirements'.

    Not finding one, I had to come up with my own - taking into account that she has a BT landline, Pri
    mus Saver Option 2 CPS (free E&W UK 01 & 02 calls), 1899*, 18185 & 18866* accounts and five children between 9 and 19. Yes, you're absolutely right, that last bit's not really relevant to the programming - but it was the reason the Orchid was needed! :kisses2:

    Click HERE to see how to implement the below program with the minimum of effort.

    1/02 numbers
    Weekday daytime (6am to 6pm Monday to Friday) - 18185 prefix
    Weekday evenings (6pm to 6am Monday to Friday) - no routing (via CPS)
    Weekends (6pm Friday to 6am Monday) - no routing (via CPS)

    0500 (Freephone) and 055 (VoIP) numbers Ф
    At all times - 1280 prefix

    NEW ENTRY 056 (VoIP numbers) Ф
    4 JUNE 07-At all times - 18185 prefix

    070 (Personal Numbering) numbers

    077, 078 & 079 (UK mobile) numbers
    At all times - 18185 prefix

    080 (Freephone) numbers

    At all times - 1280 prefix

    0844 numbers
    At all times - 1280 prefix

    0845 numbers
    Weekday daytime (6am to 6pm Monday to Friday) - 1280 prefix
    Weekday evenings (6pm to 6am Monday to Friday) - 18185 prefix
    Weekends (6pm Friday to 6am Monday) - 1280 prefix

    0870 numbers
    Weekday daytime (6am to 6pm Monday to Friday) - 18185 prefix
    Weekday evenings (6pm to 6am Monday to Friday) - 1280 prefix
    Weekends (6pm Friday to 6am Monday) - 1280 prefix

    0871 numbers
    At all times - 1280 prefix

    09 (Premium Rate) numbers

    00 (international) numbers
    At all times - 18185 prefix

    00800 (UIFNs - Universal International Freephone numbers)
    At all times - 1280 prefix

    00979 (UIPRNs - Universal International Premium Rate numbers)

    118xxx (Directory Enquiry) numbers
    At all times - Digit Translate 118xxx to 1280118226

    123 (Timeline / Speaking Clock)

    192 (the old Directory Enquiry number)
    At all times - Digit Translate to 1280118226
    Primus 'evenings' extend until 8am but, for simplicity of programming, the standard (BT and others) 6am time for the start of peak rate is used.

    For local 01 / 02 calls (i.e. calls to numbers in the same STD code area as you), the V4 auto-inserts the 3 or 5 digits of your 'home' STD code - so you don't have to dial them (Orchid's system detects your STD code when you first install your V4 and force it to call home and then includes it in the download).

    Ф Apart from (freephone) 0500, the use of the 05 number range is relatively new but BT's published rates show there are two specific charging rates for 05 calls (charge rates g6 and g21). However, because 18185 doesn't carry 055 calls (14 sub-ranges of which are BT g21 rate and 3 of which are BT g6 rate) but treats 056 numbers (all of which are BT g21 rate) the same as standard UK 01/02 numbers (i.e. 5p connection and 0p/minute), it is the obvious choice of carrier for such calls. Other providers either don't publish their (BT g6 and g21) rates or their rates are extremely difficult to find so, as with the routing of 0844 and 0871 calls, routing 055 calls via BT will eliminate any possibility of 'surprise' call charges.

    :male: Still cheapest for calls to UK mobiles despite 9-6-07 increase in weekend rate to 3p/minute.

    Primus went through a period of charging for 0800 and 0808 (freephone) calls in error and, although customers obtained refunds without difficulty, this programming eliminates the possibility.

    § 118226 currently appears to be the least expensive DQ provider - charging a flat rate of 23.5p for up to two enquiries.

    § A free DQ service, funded by making users listen to advertisements when they call, is now available from 118FREE (0800 118 3733). When calling that number, an announcement appears to require pre-registration in order to use the service but, currently, that is not necessary. As a result, some may want to use this free service rather than paying 23½p to call 118226. Nevertheless, because of the delay caused by the adverts, because of the uncertainty about how long registration-free use will be possible and, most importantly, for the reasons below, 118226 remains the DQ recommendation in the program.

    N.B. I was initially at a loss to understand why a service allegedly funded by subjecting users to advertisements when they call requires any 'registration' whatsoever but the registration page may be a clue. Apart from requiring potential users to provide their telephone number, the unnecessary personal details required would, IMHO, be extremely useful to cold callers, spammers and scammers. Consequently, I suggest readers think long and hard if they consider registering if (when) doing so becomes compulsory.

    There may well be cheaper options for some calls (e.g. without doubt, 18185 is not the cheapest to all international destinations and better rates for calling UK mobiles become available from time to time) but the above is designed for ease of use and, as far as possible, to eliminate the need to review or change settings more frequently than, say, once a month or once every couple of months.

    *The 1899 and 18866 accounts are currently unused but have not been closed.
    Time has moved on (much quicker than it used to - or so it seems at my age) and my previous advice on residential telephony has been or is now gradually being overtaken by changes in the retail market. Hence, I have now deleted links to my previous 'pearls of wisdom'. I sincerely hope they helped save some of you money.
  • Heinz.

    0845. Peak . is cheaper 2p a minute via 0844 access number.Not sure if you can work this in.

    0870.Evenings. BT is cheaper then 18185 is it not. 3.75p instead of 4p.

  • I use what Heinz posted, as modified by pricefighter, except for calls to mobiles. I recently changed the routing table from 18185 to Discountdial.

    I can't find anything cheaper than that set-up at the mo.


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