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TOOOOO Many Tomatoes, Help Please

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  • tomterm8tomterm8 Forumite
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    tomato ketchup

    tomato soup

    use tomato's as base of piza?

    Maybe puree it, and freeze (shouldn't take up toooo much space?)

    You can also do sweet pickled tomatoes
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  • looby-loo_2looby-loo_2 Forumite
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    27 packets is a bit OTT
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  • HariboJunkieHariboJunkie Forumite
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    Hi there.

    Have a look at this old thread. Or maybe you could ask around friends and neighbours to see if they are more use to them.

    TOOOOO Many Tomatoes, Help Please
  • I know you don't want to freeze but if I have a glut of little tomatoes I roast in the oven with some herbs, then freeze and then stick into pasta sauces. They do squish very small and it is amazing, I find, what you can still stuff in the corner of a freezer when you think it is already full!!

    If you think you could use them in a few weeks, however, I'd be inclined to do the same and stick them in a sterilised jar or a tupperware in the fridge with a thin layer of olive oil on the top. The should keep.

    Or maybe a combination of both?
  • HELP just come in from Mr Ts with27 packets of those little tomatoes, all marked down to 10p each! Now I quite like a tomato, but quite honestly we've grown and eaten so many this summer, I don't think I could wade thru this many! Does anyone have any good recipes for preserving toms that doesnt involve freezing? (had similar luck last week with beautiful English sweetcorn, 10p for a 2 cob pack, that's why the freezer is full) Don't need to make any more chutney- but I do have a recipe for THE BEST RED TOMATO CHUTNEY IN THE WORLD, if anyone is interested.

    So please, I need a bit of inspiration.........

    I would love your chutney recipe if you would'nt mind posting it.
  • but I do have a recipe for THE BEST RED TOMATO CHUTNEY IN THE WORLD, if anyone is interested.

    yes please:grin:
  • lil_melil_me Forumite
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    I sometimes fry them, well without oil, with some balsamic vinegar, few basil leaves and a sprinkle of sugar then serve on pasta or toasted ciabatta style bread, little cheese on the top if I have it, yummy. Garlic optional, as is salt.
    One day I might be more organised...........:confused:
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  • kazmeisterkazmeister Forumite
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    I posted this ages ago - hope you like the sound of it

    Fresh Tuna and Tomato Stew
    Tastes much better than it sounds and is sooo easy. I hate tinned tuna but LOVE fresh (for anyone who doesnt like tinned, kids thought it was chicken first time they had it)

    Recipe is for 2 people so need to double it for more but I only ever use approximate amounts.

    2tbsp olive oil
    1 med onion peeled and chopped finely
    piece root ginger (about an inch) peeled and finely chopped
    1 garlic clove peeled and finely chopped (can crush, will give a stronger flavour)
    12oz fresh tomatoes chopped
    1/2 tsp cumin
    2 tbsp fresh chopped flat leaf parsley
    1/2 pt fish stock
    8oz fresh tuna cut into chunks
    Boiled rice and part baked bread to serve

    Heat oil in large pan, add onions, cook med heat 5 mins until soft
    Add ginger and garlic cook 1 -2 mins
    Add tomatoes cumin and parsley. Cook stirring for 5 mins until tomatoes soften slightly
    Pour in stock bring to boil then reduce heat
    Cover and simmer 15 mins until tomatoes are soft and sauce is thick and pulpy
    Add tuna chunks, cover and simmer for 5 mins until tuna is cooked through
    Season to taste
    Serve with rice and part baked rolls finished in oven.
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  • ChurchmouseChurchmouse Forumite
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    That sounds yummy, kazmeister :D I too love fresh tuna, but haven't had canned in about 30 years because I hated it. Just to say first line of the recipe method, I assume it's the onions being cooked :D You might want to edit, because there could be other thickos like me. ( Haribo, you really don't have to confirm that I am:p :p:p )
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  • Thanks guys for the ideas, peartree I like the way of keeping them in oil, shall have a shot at that, and tomterm8, the ketchup recipe sounds great.
    And for annie and Mrstittlemouse ( and everyone else) give this a go

    6 lb ripe tomatoes (beef toms are REALLY GOOD
    8 oz onions
    1 pint spiced white vinegar
    2 teaspoons paprika
    1/4 teaspoon cayenne
    About 1 tablespoon salt
    12 oz white sugar

    skin the tomatoes and discard skins. Roughly chop the flesh

    Peel onions and chop or mince finely
    Place onions and tomatoes in the cooking pan, and heat gently until simmering, then continue cooking, stirring occaisionally until thick and pulpy
    Add HALF the vinegar, the paprika, the cayenne,and the salt
    Bring to the boil and cook, uncovered, until thickened
    Dissolve the sugar in the remaining vinegar, add to the pan and cook, stirring occaisionally until thickened

    Pour into hot sterilised jars and seal
    This makes about 4 jars, and is better for keeping about 6 weeks before eating
    Also a dollop in the sauce for spag bol is good!!!!
    Good luck.......
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