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Married Quarters (MQ) Residents

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  • Phase 1 is basic training.

    PM me if you want and I will let you know a bit more about my background and we may have something in common.
  • lauren1983 wrote: »
    Thanks for the fast reply sparky.

    Just to make sure im right with what im thinking.

    Is phase 1 his basic training?

    I also ask because we were told we couldnt get MQ until after his trade training :confused:

    Check your PM
  • lauren1983 wrote: »
    Thanks for the fast reply sparky.

    Just to make sure im right with what im thinking.

    Is phase 1 his basic training?

    I also ask because we were told we couldnt get MQ until after his trade training :confused:

    We are RAF and could not get a MQ until after hubby finished cosford (trade tr) if that is of any help to you. xx
  • Hi there, I have a question.

    A couple of months ago we had a Modern housing contracted gas engineer from clearblue out to do our yearly safety check on our boiler/gas fire.
    I was convinced for 2 days after this that I could smell gas.. hubby told me I was imagining it. We went out for a walk on the sunday (check was done on friday) and came back to a very strong gas smell.
    I rang transco, who came out and said there was a large gas leak and it was immediately dangerous, they turned it off outside.
    MHS then sent another engineer out from enterprise to sort the problem and it transpired that the previous engineer had 'forgotten' to close a valve and this was the cause of the leak.
    This apparently was a very dangerous thing to do, and had we gone away for the weekend, come back and turned a light on that would have been the end of us.
    I raised a complaint with MHS, had a call back saying the engineer was being investigated by his own company and ta very much for letting them know.
    I asked about compensation and was told by the person on the phone that they didnt know anything about that and that I would need to write into the liverpool address detailing why I think I should be entitled to it.

    So my question is.. do MHS pay compensation for !!!! ups like this, and if so what should I put in my letter?

  • Compensation for what though?
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  • BettiePage wrote: »
    Compensation for what though?

    Not sure exactly, I was told by the 2nd gas engineer to ask though, so I presume they do sometimes. :confused:
  • Compensation for nearly blowing you up perhaps? I would also demand a copy of the write up report they 'should' make about this guy who 'forgot' to turn the valve off. We are all capable of making human errors but an error that could of resulted in the deaths of some people should not be brushed under the carpet!! As long as it is fully documented somewhere so if he forgets again in future then they can show him the boot.
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  • Hi There im new to this all so bare with me if i repeat questions.
    I think i just have the one question at the moment.
    Basically-i was told a couple of months ago that if something was damaged i could ring them up and get them to take it before we got marched out, i.e my cats used my bloody sofas as a scratching post that obviously we will get charged for, but am i right in understanding that if we get rid of them now before the march out we wont get charged for them?
    Thanks xx
  • This would be a question for barrack stores or DE not MHS. xx
  • davilowndavilown Forumite
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    I have a proble with my insulation in the attic. There is about 3 inches of it and the house is permantly cold. It has very high ceilings (12'). I had the central heating flushed through last years but the heat dissapates out so quickly.

    What is the legal amount of insulation in a MQ? Who do I ask - DHE or MHS?
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