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Excess Baggage

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hi ??? A
Any tips on how to save money for the excess baggage.I am a overseas student and plan to go back home but Airlines rates for excess baggage is prohibitively expensive.Contacted few excess baggage company who have given some quotations.Any feedback on the suggestion regarding the important points to be taken into consideration while booking excess baggage will help me with by budget.Any suggestions please :-/


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    Have you considered sending non essential heavy items i.e books/jeans etc via cargo? This can sometimes work out cheaper than excess baggage. If you box up the stuff you want to take (or even use a suitcase) they will send it out either ahead of you or you may have to wait a few days as it very rarely goes on the flight with you, unless you are extremely organised. Every airport has their own cargo companies so if you are flying from one of the major ones you should have a choice. At least you will know how much you have to pay before you get to the airport.
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    thanks a lot for the details.i will check up with the Lufthansa fortheir cargo services.i could find Excess- Baggage company which provides this service at heathrow.I will check up with airlines cargo also ::)
  • Have you enquired about sending your excess baggage as "Unacompanied Baggage"? It is much cheaper than excess baggage which, I believe, costs 1% of the first class fare per kilo. It soon mounts up.

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