What is the difference between a smoothie maker and a blender?

Nope its not a joke I actually don't know, I used to have a blender that I used for mushing baby food, and oh used to make milkshakes, but wanna buy a new one as a bit rank now, and have come across smoothie makers in the Argos cat and I'm now very confused.......may start knocking on my neighbours doors and ask to see their appliances! Lol
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    i find smoothie makers only mush food down, they dont totally blend like a liquidiser would and also arent that good at chopping up hard items, so either the blades arent as sharp, or the motor isnt as powerful

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    ...about a tenner usually!!

    I don't really understand why you'd buy a smoothie maker when you could buy a stick blender or even a liquidiser - this would be much more multi purpose than a smoothie maker.
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    i find my goblet blender to have a stronger motor and do a better job of smoothies than a friends smoothie maker and it was cheaper.for baby food have u considered a stick blender as u can mush smaller quantities that could get lost in a big goblet blender ?
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    I think the difference is that smoothie makers have a tap at the base of the unit so you don't actually have to pour the liquid content from the lip at the top of the jug. Warning: the tap can get clogged up if the content is not pulped to the required viscosity.

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  • Thanks for the replys think I will go with a hand blender, as they are cheaper and will prob be a bit better 4 what I will use it 4!
    April Grocery challenge(total/spent) £200/£75.53
  • I have a blender and a stick blender; both of which I've used to make smoothies. The stick blender does a MUCH better job as I always find lumps of something lurking at the bottom of the glass when I've used the blender.

    The stick one is a lot less effort to clean too.
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    I was given an old style Kenwood chef, by a man who works away from home:D I find it will do most things. I also have a cheapish blender, which works equally as well. Just blended some soup in mine today and its not even October:rotfl:
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    We got a smoothie maker as a wedding present (didn't want one unfortunately). I've used it precisely twice. It's too much effort to clean up after using it so that I can't be bothered. Have finally been given permission by my husband to agree that I can try to sell it after it's been gathering dust on the worktop for 2 years (gift was given by nephew and his wife, they'll never visit as she's allergic to our cat).

    I'll probably treat myself to a stick blender at some point.
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    Smoothie makers have a tap thing. Unfortunately it tends to get blocked up and revolting.
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