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September 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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  • salstersalster Forumite
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    Spent around £18 in Mr Ts yesterday and £50 + in Costco, but the Costco doesn't count as a lot of is is stuff toward the Christmas freezers and pressies.
    Aiming to be Debt free by October 2013 :D
  • Morning all

    Another NSD for me today -my month started on the 25th so still only€2 spent and 12 nsds out of 13 days :j ....

    Not sure it will be the same tomorrow... Nothing I actually NEED for this month yet -but I have just had my leaflets and have spotted 10kilo boxes of washpowder for €5.99 about £4.80 ..and 1 of those lasts me about a year :rotfl: so I may have to get a couple of boxes (i want to get some spare boxes to bring back when we finally move back to the UK;) )
    I have also seen hubbies nescafe @€4.99 about £4..which is cheap here :eek: ... Hubby has just gone onto a cheaper brand -but when on offer the Nescafe is the same price :confused: so i may "spoil" him :p

    I have a loaf of bread underway and have fetched just over another 1kilo of tomatoes in -so I will roast n freeze them when the oven is on for the bread later :D We allready have enough roasted veg to do a pasta dish every week from now to March :T :rotfl:

    Tomorrow we are blackberry picking...hope to get a decent haul... I have 8 bags of free apples n blackberries in the freezer so will hopefully just do the last of the free apples and then hope to have enough blackberries to freeze on their own....
    I think I am going to have to get an extra freezer for next season.. just the amount of roasted veggies is quite amazing.... and im planning growing different crops next year too --so hopefully will get a glut of beans etc...
    well enough waffle..i had better get back to my x stitching :j and knitting..
    have a great day everyone.. will go and update the list whilst I remember..
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  • Had another Mr T delivery yesterday :o as we ran out of most cereals and I wanted to get all the stuff in for my Christmas cake and puds :j also stocked up on value stuff and few tins of baby milk while they were reduced, I did overspend somewhat but I did also manage to use a £7 voucher code so that makes me feel a little better ;)

    Might have a go at the courgette loaf but I am trying to lose weight and DH hates courgette so not sure if he will eat it :confused:

    Got roast chicken today, so tomorrows dinner will either be salad with leftover chicken or I have loads of rice in the freezer so might do a fried chicken rice dish thingy ;)
    I have to get some of my HM food from the freezer eaten as 2 of the dinners are in my Xmas pudding bowls :rotfl:
    Hope no one here is seriously having trouble with all this rain we seem to have got off quite lightly as most of our rain has been in the evening/night time.
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    £1k in 100 days so far - £235 :p
    Snowball debt free calculator says DEC 09 - lets hope we can do it!

  • Princess Leia

    If its the courgette teabread recipe I posted ... i bet OH will never know courgette is in there-unless you tell him ;) I have had kids eating it who "don't do veggies" :rotfl:
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    Morning All
    Its bright and sunny here today.. will have to put the BM on in a minute ,, as I have run out of my bread again,, I just dont know where it goes ,,,, and empty the DW,, had the WM on last night but everythings nearly dry so will not hang out ,, and they dont get hard as I use vinegar ,,,,

    I did go to netto yesterday as I needed eggs and milk for baking so will update siggie later

    see you soon

    KAAT xx
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  • Very pleased this week as I managed 3 NSD in a row which is a miracle for me! :j

    Need to pop out to get a News of the World for the voucher.

    Was meant to be going to see my sister today but my little one is ill. She's been off colour since Wednesday but yesterday she came up in this rash and all she wants to do is sleep. She won't eat and is really grumpy. We ended up in A & E as the rash was spreading as we looked and she was really dopey. But typically as soon as we got to hospital she perked right up and was running around! They think it's a viral infection and we just need to ride it out. :confused:
    'Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.' :cool:
    Proud Mummy to two gorgeous miracles.:j
  • jackie_wjackie_w Forumite
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    Well yesterday I had to go to Asda for milk, yogurts, eggs, butter (got quite a bit of eggs and butter, as planning on doing alot of baking, well trying to bake lol), bagels, cooked ham, cranberries and a pkt of biscuits, and a square baking tin, was £22.83 :eek: :eek: :eek: .

    Will update sig in a mo. I bought f/f milk the other day for the kids, but, I didnt post because it was just milk I bought, I just updated my sig at the time. Thought it was better to do this rather than post as the board guides are trying to keep the number of unhelpful posts down.

    Will prob have to go and buy mince today, we have DS's friend coming for dinner today, and Im making spagetti bolognaise, and I only have 1lb on mince in, and Im not sure if it will stretch for 5 of us even if I bulk it out with veg, lentils and oats. My son loves my spag bol and so does my DH.
    Oh well never mind, at least there will be some left over to freeze if I do have to buy more mince.

    Have a good day everyone.

    Jackie xx
  • BarneysmomBarneysmom Forumite
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    Hi, just updated my total, spent £19 in Mr. M's yesterday, 2 large bottles of milk, hubby's pop for work, and I got him a treat of a piece of cooked pork belly which I had a good slice of too.
    A very small piece of beef, for today, as there'll be enough if I slice it thin for sarnies on Monday and hopefully if it doesn't shrink too much, dinner Monday night too.

    The price of eggs is getting really stupid now isn't it, I think twice about buying them these days.
  • Morning all

    Been and done the shopping - spent £35.51 - soa m happy with that.

    Am I allowed to amend my total now the month has started??
    Would like to increase it to £220 for the month - as now son is back at school I just know that we will have the odd extra bod to feed now and again. Funny how his friends appear and always want to stay for dinner!!!

    Have a good day all

    Coolmum. xx
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  • Hi coolmum

    no problem.. i will go and alter your target ;)
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