I've Upset my Mum :(

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    I thought the secret was comprimise? My best mates nan and grandad have been married for 51 years!! I dont know if i could last that long i think i would like to.

    Steph xx

    There's a progamme on C4 about a bloke just about to get married who's on a mission to find out how to have a successful marriage. - might be interesting!
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    How lucky you are to have a Mum that wants to be involved. When I got married last year I did everything myself, my Mum reluctantly came dress shopping with me but didn't come with me for any fittings or to collect dress. She didn't come to the florists or anything with me. I didn't have any close friends nearby so ended up doing everything on my own. My sister in law was my bridesmaid and after we'd bought her dress she decided she didn't like it so my mum arranged to go to a bridal shop with her to look for an alternative and just told me she was doing it! I was so upset.
    As it was we had a beautiful day but I still really wish I had someone to share all the planning with. Good luck with your day and I hope it all goes beautifully for you.

    Becs, please don't misunderstand me. I love my mum more than anything and I want her to be involved in the planning. I've lived 200 miles away from her for 10 years now and have got used to planning things myself (but not a wedding though lol). It wasn't a concious (sp?) decision to exlcude her from the dress, I just didn't think (typical me as my dad would say :) ). It also doesn't help that at first she didn't seem that bothered about the wedding planning, it's only now that she's warmed up to the idea lol.

    I'm pleased you had a wonderful day and thank you for your best wishes

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    Oh Sammy_girl,

    I didn't mean that you were deliberately excluding your mum, only that I was very envious that your Mum wanted to share it all with you. My comments only meant to kind of act as a bit of a pointer to remember when she drives you mad! lol! I hope you both have lots of un planning it together.

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