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  • This tool only tracks searchs, so it's not necessarily a good indicator of traffic. For example, Ive worked on sites that get most of its traffic direct or through non-branded keyword searches. So at best this can give you an idea of relative branded searches. I'd be concerned people might end up using this for the suggested task without really understanding what they are looking at! Dangerous.

    Any professionals looking for traffic data should prob turn to eg Hitwise.co.uk etc
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    Hi Susie

    Thanks for the note - though i do think its a touch unfair on the google trends websites search. The data is compiled both through search and through google's toolbar data - which is widely used.

    Hitwise itself tends to msis some things I believe (i would need to check) such as workplace usage. Even so you're probably right about its accuracy, more important - my aim in the blog was not fr professionals in the web industry but more for peopel trying to save money - and check websites validity. The old method was alexa, but the new google website check is likely to be more accurate.

    Martin :)
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