Rules, How To Search and Duplicate Threads - Updated 31/8

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This board is for long term, weekly and monthly competitions only. Anything with an expiry date should be placed on the normal competitions board.

Please follow the same expiry code as was placed on the competitions board but use. E: WEEKLY or E: MONTHLY to make it easier for people to see when the draws take place.

Also can you please put the name of the website in brackets next to the competition for e.g. E: MONTHLY win books (bookcompany) so it is easier to spot duplicate posts.

**If you see a monthly or weekly competition that has now closed please pm the board guides so we can move it to game over . This board does not get checked every day like the short lived comps board so please let us know**

Afte a month we will lock the thread but you can still thank OP even though the thread is locked. This is just to archive the posts, it is nothing against the OP's at all purely for archive purposes.

The old rules from the competition boards still apply

1. Competitions must be open to all If you are invited specially to do a competition with a code, and the competition isn't open to all. Please do not post the codes here, that is breaking terms and conditions of a competition runner and could be seen as incitement to breach contract. (something neither I nor the poster want).

2. Free Competitions Only. This is a not a place to advertise competitions you have to pay to enter. I will accept limited cost text message type competitons (though frankly they're usually naff apart from in special circumstances) where they cost up to £1.50 to text to enter, but generally I would say make sure they are free.

3. No Pyramid Selling. Pyramids where - if you join a list - you may get a X, Y, Z are absolutely no part of this board, or any board on the site. I don't want them here please report them if you spot them.

4. Where did you spot the competition? If you spot a competition it'd be helpful for everyone to know where you got it from. It helps them know how legitimate it is for them to enter.

5. Report your winnings. If you win, we want to know. It's fun - so please use the I WON I WON board to report your winnings.

6. Include the closing date in the title. Please include the closing date of the competition in the title of the thread you are starting. This way once it is closed it can be moved to the 'Game over' board

7. No Vote For Me Competitions. Please do not post vote for me competitions, they are not allowed on this forum.

8. No Bumping Of Posts. Please do not just bump posts for the sake of it. This disrupts the boards.

And as always please be nice to other MoneySavers.....



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    Vbulletin search can be a bit temperamental so please be nice to MoneySavers that do duplicate – it’s not always their fault :)

    From sra's MSE Forum A to Z - read the rest HERE.
    Quick Search

    When you click Search on any page, this box will appear:


    Enter the word(s) you would like to search for.

    If you enter more than one word, only results that contain all of those words will be returned

    When viewing a forum's index, you have the option of searching just that forum:


    When viewing a thread, you will have the option of searching just that thread:


    S e a r c h T i p s

    Using AND, OR and NOT can ensure that you get search results that are relevant

    loan AND bank - search for threads that contain both the words Loan and Bank
    loan OR bank - search for threads that contain either the word Loan or the word Bank
    loan NOT bank - search for threads that contain the word Loan but do not contain Bank

    You can also use the wildcard " * " to search for parts of word

    pup* would find puppy, pups, puppet and pupil
    *card would find card, Barclaycard and Mastercard

    Even putting stars before and after full words can sometimes return more results where words have been obscured by text formatting

    Advanced Search

    Using the Advanced Search page will give you even more options.

    There is a link to Advanced Search in the Quick Search box:



    1. Search by Key Word(s)
    • Enter the word(s) you would like to search for here.
    • Words must be at least 4 characters in length
    • You can search for 3-letter words by using the * mentioned earlier.
      • e.g. NTL* or egg*
    2. Search Options
    • On the left side, there are various options you can change to limit your search if required
    3. Show Results as...
    • You can choose to display the results as individual posts rather than whole threads:

    • Clicking on the Post Title will take you straight to that post rather than the beginning of the thread.
    4. Search by User Name
    • Using these options you can choose to search for word(s) only within posts or threads made by a specific user.
    • If you would like instead to find all posts made by a user then you can use the Members List Search to find their profile page
    5. Search in Forum(s)
    • You can choose to search only in one forum by selecting from the list given
    • If you wish, you can choose more than one forum from this list by holding down the Ctrl key while you select:
    • Remember to re-select the top option Search All Open Forums (if necessary) before starting a new search
    6. Also search in child forums
    • ‘Child forums’ is just another name for ‘Sub forums’. Keep this ticked if you want to search moneysavingexpert's sub-forums
      • (if in doubt you should keep this ticked)
    7. Save Preference
    • You can save your preferences here and they will be remembered the next time you login
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    A lot of threads being posted are duplicates of other threads. Please can people use the search facility. A userguide to the search facility is above in this thread.

    As the search facility can be hit and miss if you do spot a duplicate please can you pm the link of the original and duplicate(s) threads and the board guides can merge them together.

    This is not just to keep the boards tidy, but some comps if you enter more than once you disqualify yourself.

    Please can you only pm them to one board guide this saves time for board guides when going through the merge requests.

    Also please do not expect a reply to the merge request, board guides receive so many that it is just not possible to reply to each merge request pm.

    We hope this is understandable to all you compers, and we look forward to receiving your duplicate thread pm's. :D
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