Will I get tax back in this situation?

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I have been working full time since April. I have earned approximately £25k gross.

I am about to go leave my position and go travelling for the next year.

Would I be able to claim anything back? Don't they do something like look at how much they think I will be earning, and divide the tax free allowance accordingly? :rolleyes:

Any hints appreciated as I am working out my budget today!


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    Basically the tax year runs April to April, so the Inland revenue will charge you tax as if you have been working, and will work at the same salary for the whole tax year. If you leave now, then there will be some rebate due.

    Dont ask me how mcuh tho, we never know how much we are going to get back- nor how long it will take!
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  • Ring the local Revenue office and explain what you are doing, they will probably send you a repayment claim form to complete if you say you need the cash asap as that will allow you to claim before the year end (5 April 2009). Otherwise they will process it automatically (usually - HMRC are not the fastest when it comes to sending cash back!) after 5 April but you will not get any refund until probably this time next year.

    Assuming you were not on a week 1 or month 1 code you should get some tax back.
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    from the very limited info you have provided
    assuming you have been paid 25k in 5 month then you will have paid about 6k in tax whereas if this is your yearly earning you should pay under 4k
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