working children paying keep - how much?

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  • hi all

    we were alwas taught ' a third to spend ...a third to save....and a third to rent'

    worked for me :)

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    When I started work I gave a third to Mum, a third in Savings and a third to do what I wanted with. If Mum didn't need it all she put it in a savings account and it was used to pay for my wedding. My brothers was given to him as help towards a deposit on a house
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    When i started working and was living with parents, they took a percentage of my wage just incase some weeks i earned less than others(saying that though most companies pay monthly now), but i also had to pay for the phone calls i'd made aswell and when the gas/electric/water/tv etc bill came in i paid something towards them aswell.

    Depends on what the money will cover, will you include just his share to the rent/mortgage or will this money include bills/food etc

    You also need to take into account how much hes earning and is it the same each week/month.
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    hi all

    we were alwas taught ' a third to spend ...a third to save....and a third to rent'

    worked for me :)

    Absolutely. If you don't trust him to save a third, then I would take 2/3 from him and bank as much of it as I could afford.
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    Friends of mine charge both their kids rent - on the % basis :)
    Well they did - their daughter is far more money savvy than their son... As soon as she said she wanted to save up and buy somewhere they stopped charging her rent on the understanding that she save the amount a mortgage would cost her every month instead. Now she's used to not having that money and has herself put away what her bills would be too leaving her a VERY large deposit and she owns her car outright too :)
    Once she actually moves in I must introduce her to MFW ;)
    I have no doubt she'll be mortgage free before me :rotfl:
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  • My parents never asked me for rent and I moved out just before my 18th with OH and we are paying £500, im 19 now and I really wanna go home! My parents have said we could move home for £50 a week - if that helps you at all?! Mind you, we are both working 35 hours a week. I would say that £20-£30 a week is reasonable due to the amount of hours he works.
  • my son is 19, an apprentice and pays no housekeeping.
    he works 10 hour days,with 2 hours travelling and will be starting one day a week at college in a few weekstime and only clears £650 a month.
    after petrol [ needs to drive 20 miles a day to work and 40 to college] ,
    mobile phone [ £25 a month] ,
    Monthly Regular saver, [ £20]
    car repayments of £150 per month,
    he has approx £40 per week to live on
    he has to pay for prescriptions when needed and dental checkups and necessary work, work clothing and items related to his course.Car insurance, MOT and car related stuff
    we've kept him these last 19 years, so the next 2 or 3 wont make much difference
    he knows that once he is qualified and on a realistic wage he'll have to cough up.
    he feels rotten that he cant contibute to housekeeping as he knows the extent of the expenses, but helps out about the house with decorating, car washing, dog walking etc.
  • I charge my 18 year old £50 a week. If he moans I ask him to see how much he would pay elsewhere! Then, silence :-)

  • My mum used to ask for 25% of my wage, it worked out at about £30 at the
    time. I never minded giving it to her as I knew it was helping her out a little bit (she was a singe mum at the time). My brother who is still living at home pays about £40 a week as he's on a better wage. My mum doesn't really need it off him as much now, but she's still taking it and saving the majority of it for when he eventually moves out ( he doesn't know this or he'd want it back to save it himself.... it wouldn't happen!). I now have a mortgage and bills etc, so I think my brother (who is older) has got it good being fed, etc for £40 a week. The sooner you take it off them the better as they won't miss it then. Good luck!
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    I moved out of my parents a week before I was 17 into a flat with 4 other people. When I was sharing the flat for two years my share of the rent was £130/month :rotfl: as was my fiancé as he lived there also lol (he was one other 4 people if that makes sense). In the flat I had to pay for eleki, TV licence (sp?), all of my food etc ontop of my rent. I earnt less than I do now and had to spend more than I do now (I earnt £62.50/week back then). I was always earning the least out of the people in the flat yet always had money left over :rolleyes: .

    My keep to my parents now is £130/month as is my fiancé as he lives here also. My parents recieve about 1/4-1/2 of my wages depending as I am a temp (my average is £76.54/wk at the moment but I am due emergency tax back etc and the place I mostly temp at keeps shutting the place down for a day every now and then like today which does NOT help matters :mad:). I have to buy treat food myself as well as the stuff or my ratties but the basics they buy with the money I give them for keep. I know other parents would ask for at least £35/wk which is more than what we pay though.

    My parents recieve around 1/7 of my fiancés earnings. His mum also takes around 1/7 of his earnings as his DD are through her as he kept getting charged when his wages didn't go in in time or he spent what he thought he had, not what he had :rolleyes: . This leaves him with around 5/7 of his wages just for him :eek: . I think this is a bit much as he just does not think about the money he spends.

    If I could afford to give my parents a bit more I would but with the job being so unstable I just can not :o .

    I think considering your DS is full time that £35/wk would be very fair. If he thinks he could do better then let him try :rotfl: . Most studio places are around £300/month so that may make him realise if he thinks you are being unreasonable ;) .

    It should let him become used to the idea of handing over money for living when he is no longer living at home. It does not always work though I'm afraid to say. My sister and her fiancé live in a house that my parents own and pay them rent (at a reduced rate) and she is CONSTANTLY giving them the rent late :eek: . She always gave keep late when she lived with my parents as well :rolleyes: . So much so that my parents used to make her give me my pocket money (£15/month) to try and teach her a lesson (she is 5 and a half years older than I am) but the lesson never worked as you can guess.

    Wow sorry for the long post :o . Just trying to help.
    I am a vegan woman. My OH is a lovely omni guy :D
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