Collated Tesco Savings Voucher £10ish discount

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Let me be honest, I've nicked all this information from the Tesco Vouchers thread. !However I thought it was so good, and that is now such a long discussion, for the sake of clarity it needed its own thread.

The key fact: Tesco will honour internet printed vouchers in its store, providing the vouchers are for items it stocks. !And the best thing about internet vouchers is they can be printed again and again and .... again

The sneaky fact While you are meant to actually buy the products to get the discount, often they will simply just accept all vouchers whether you bought the product or not and discount it from your shopping (tesco has confirmed this, but not all stores follow it).

The Convenience Voucher !First of all Alison6992 got her mate to put all the available Tesco vouchers onto one sheet of paper and then put it on the web here - ***Link Temporarily Removed***

What if Tesco says no to the vouchers The first thing to say is Tesco head office has a stated policy that it will accept internet vouchers - though this isn't always known by shop floor staff. !MoneySaver Cathy received the following reply from head office

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"Thank you for your e-mail.

I have checked into the policy regarding internet vouchers and have been advised of the following information.

The policy of the internet coupons is the same as any brand coupon. !With regard to coupons from brand name manufacturers, we are happy to accept
one, even if you have not purchased the product. !

However, the coupon must be in date and Tesco must sell the item. If you present more than tne identical coupon, then you must purchase the same
number of products

Kind Regards

Lesley McRae
Customer Service Manager

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  • Tesco are really good with accepting vouchers generally. Some of the staff are a little misinformed with regards company policy though. Have saved tons with coupons from Tesco.

    Well done Alison ::)
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    I don't have access to a colour printer, I guess they won't accept black and white?
  • halloweenqueen_2halloweenqueen_2 Forumite
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    On some of the vocuhers, it has a note to the retailer stating 'this vocuher may be presented in black and white' or words to that effect! I think as long as its in date and they stock the item colour hasn't got much to do with it!
  • Sorry to nit pick but please remove" from:

    love the site! ( :-/not so sure about the hairstyle, Martin. I haven't seen you since your 1st appearance on this Morning :-[)
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    ON the vouchers it says not to present them unless you are buying the product on the voucher - how does that work with using them against anything at all? I'm confused!
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    when you 'file-print' the coupons they print is really bad quality and unreadable (despite using a laser). do tesco still accept them or is there any way of re-printing them clearer?
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    Thanks to all who contributed to this. :)

    Rak P. When you do File | Print... , on the dialogue box that comes up there is a 'Properties' button next to the printer name. What you get when you press it is different for each printer but there's usually an option to say you want a high quality print (the more dpi (dots per inch) the better quality). It also helps if you put better quality paper in as well.
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    Thanks for the tip!

    I used the vouchers this morning in Tesco and all were accepted apart from the Bio-Life PetalCleanse - because Tesco do not stock this item.

    I printed out the vouchers without improving the resolution (no point wasting to much ink!) and only on ordinary paper. The only problem this caused was that the checkout operator had to type in the bar-code as they would not scan.

    I saved £5.90 off my shopping and did not buy any of the products on the vouchers, with the exception of the Tesco Heathly Living one.
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    I have used the vouchers five times in the last three days.

    B&W is fine. I always choose young male cashiers who when they find that some bar codes dont work they add up the remaining vouchers and put them in under one code. Maybe it is in "us" males nature to be lazy rather than type in all bar code numbers manually!

    The checkout computer is quite clever and will not yet you use vouchers of items it does not stock such as the petal cleanse and will not allow multiple of the same voucher unless you buy the item. I also suspect you have to buy the healthy options food item to use the discount voucher as it is a tesco "own" voucher.
  • Thanks very much for this,

    Just got £3.00 off my shopping (almost paid for my daughters nappies)

    I didn't want, or dare, use too many at once.

    They did have to check them out first, but, then it was OK.
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