need a security camera outside .

in N. Ireland
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I need a security camera for outside my house .
Heres the story .My front garden is 75ft long and L shape .
I cant see the L part from the house and this is where my gates are .
I have two 5ft high wooden gates which the local kids insist on climbing over to get there football .I have another gate 30 ft away which is always open but the kids wont use it .Three weeks ago I left two bins out for the binmen ,one bin I found down the street the other has never been seen again . last week I came hone to find my bin out on the street ( it wasnt bin day )I had left it in my back garden .
On Thursday I came home to find one off the locks on my gates had been broken off .I replaced it yesterday only to find today another lock broken off and the new lock damaged today . As soon as I arrived a bunch off teenagers disapeared quickly . So I need a camera that will work both day and night and I need to be able to record what is happening . I also need someone to install it .Any ideas welcome .


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    ✭✭✭✭ are good for CCTV cameras and that kind of stuff - they sell the proper ones which shops and stuff use, not the budget ones you find in Argos.

    I'm not Irish though, so I don't know how good they are at delivery etc. to NI but they have a store in Belfast (plus several over the border - sorry I don't know where Lurgan is :o)
  • Maplin's delivery is excellent to Northern Ireland and they don't rip us off like a lot of other companies, can certainly recommend them.

    If you do use them, sign up for their email newsletter and you'll receive some money off vouchers :)

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    Maplin have a branch on Boucher Road if that's any help? There is also a list which I sourced through for security equipment HERE

    You can have a look and see if that gives you any information?
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    Try they are local- so you can pickup and save on postage. Their cheapest b&w bullet camera @ ~£50 with a DIY kit is very simple to install and works very well under low lighting condtions - where most cheap cameras fail and its totally waterproof.

    Might I also suggest getting a dog. A big hungary dog, a big hungary angary german shepard maybe? You might find you have more success.
  • Was in Belfast City Centre a couple of days ago with my dad, who was buying a night & day (b/w & colour) camera.

    We went, on recommendation, to Borsatec. A couple of really nice and helpful guys work there, who even closed the shutters and switched the lights in the shop off to show my dad how good the b&w picture was on the camera he was buying.

    It's not listed in yellow pages. It's located in a wee row of shops in Nelson Street (which is the area between the back of Saint Ann's Cathedral and the M3).
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    we got one from argos a couple of years ago it was inexpensive and does the job (police advised us to just get an inexpensive camera) we had to install lighting as well though as without light it was not clear enough evidence for anything otherwise, see page 1145 argos for range there.
    also i have seen one were it was a tiny camera hidden in a lantern shaped outside light (a little more expensive)at focus do it all but when i tried it on my front wall it did give us the range needed for what we needed to capture.
    good luck and lets hope the vandals pack it in!
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    You could try putting up a sign saying the cctv cameras are in operation.
    Although the vandels may try to rip it down if not out of reach.
  • i got one the size of a 50p piece from screwfix for £50ish. its only black and white, but works ok in streetlighting, and has an EXCELLENT microphone on it.. comes with all fittings, just needs plugging into AV on TV and all linkin upto video, theres also a little phone line link type thing on it.. but dont ask me what its for, ive been please with it anyways...

    not sure how to do a link, but try

    hth loops
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    I know for companies, by law, if you put up a CCTV camera you must put up a sign to say who owns the camera and a contact number.
    It has something to do with the Data Protection Act.

    CCTV footage is inadmissable in court otherwise, or so I've been told. Not altogether sure of the accuracy of this though.

    Anyone know what the law is for private cameras?
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