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August 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • OrkneyStarOrkneyStar Forumite
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    angelnikki wrote: »
    I dont shop online by choice but I'm agoraphobic & have PVFS/ME so its quite hard for me to go out and do it myself. I dont mind buying store cupboard stuff online but would prefer to be able to choose my own fruit & veg and meat :( The peppers I got tonight were nice big fresh ones though :j
    Poor you :confused:, I wasn't making a dig though, it must be hard.
    Glad they got you nice peppers though :T.
    :heartpuls :heartpuls :heartpuls
  • OrkneyStarOrkneyStar Forumite
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    Chell wrote: »
    Too get cheaper electricity at night you need to have Economy seven. I used to wash at night until someone I know had her kitchen burn down while she was asleep. It was a new w/machine that caused it.
    :eek: :eek: :eek:
    It's a good job we have an old washer then lol. We sleep above the kitchen.
    Might not feel so bad doing daytime washes now lol!
    :heartpuls :heartpuls :heartpuls
  • My only spend yesterday was some bread that was reduced to half price (Hovis) in the Co-Op. This was still from the cash we took out earlier in the month for odds and sods durin gthe week.
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  • newlywednewlywed Forumite
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    newlywed wrote: »
    Today have bought:

    15 red peppers (these are on offer in MrT for 50p EACH = £7.50's worth)
    10+ small bananas
    bag of carrots
    bag of apples
    bag of red onions
    10 tomatoes
    some green beans
    2 aubergines

    All for under £10 :D:D:D

    Gonna be busy roasting, chopping and freezing peppers tonight though :D

    In fact there were 22 red peppers :eek: (coz he also gave me a load of slightly damaged ones) and have chopped, sliced, frozen, and roasted. (Mostly before OH sees the slightly damaged bits as he'd chuck the whole thing for a tiny bruise/mark :rolleyes:)

    Now have some whole red peppers in the fridge (ready for stuffed peppers in the slow cooker), sliced red peppers in the fridge for chicken wraps tonight, sliced red peppers in the freezer for another day, chunks of peppers in the fridge for roasting and chunks of peppers in the freezer as well as some roasted peppers and aubergine in the fridge. And there's still some more peppers to sort out :o:o:o

    Still all that veg should keep us going till payday (OH loves red peppers too, thankfully) :D

    Will just need more milk, apples and nanas at the end of the week and I should be sorted - hopefully right through the bank holiday ;)

    Gone over my limit though but still have some cash left this month so not so worried as payday should be early coz 25th is bank holiday (and not nearly as badly over limit as last month). Plus the freezer is full and I still have in the freezer:

    6 salmon fillets
    some value cod fillets
    2 smoked haddock fillets
    2 marlin steaks (fish)
    a large value bacon joint
    some roast chicken pickings for chicken cobbler or pie.
    2 lots of 400g mince
    4 burgers (well they were on offer and I thought I could have a day off making them :o)
    Some mini sausage rolls

    There should be a pack of sausages in that drawer too somewhere, I think from looking at my meal plan :confused:

    So I'm thinking I've done pretty well with the amount of food left (freezer is packed full) and the fact I've got a bit of money left - even if I have overspent on my budget ;)

    Next month should be easier with that much food left to carry over :D

    Planning to use more cash next month and keep track (and use the veg shop more :T).

    NSD for me today :D
    working on clearing the clutter
  • bailsbails Forumite
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    Hi guys! The 29p breadmix sounds great, don't suppose there's a cheap wholemeal one as well?
    No more spends here yet with 11 days to go, although may need to stock up to keep the decorators (aka my lovely parents) fed. Have no bread and no energy to make any (must try Weezl's no knead recipe when get the chance). Have a great day all!
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  • ZoeGirl_3ZoeGirl_3 Forumite
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    I am getting down to the wire, was a bit naughty and forgot to make a plate to take somewhere and had to buy something, and then to make it worse, promised two girls at school I would make em a cake for tomorrow have to buy cream etc :o

    Oh well, should still manage. Have no more money anyway, so will have to make it go somehow.

    Sounds like you are a great cook MrsM. I love the subsitute method lol, what fun would cooking be without it :confused: besides, means you can use things up easier
    "Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without!!"
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  • Hello from a wet and soggy Manchester.
    Two NSDs so far this week but today may end up with a mini-spend depending on whether I need to cook tea for OH or not - its gym night and I usually end uo making soemthing for him to come back to - he's a meatie and I'm a veggie so I have to make something that we'll both eat or make two versions of the same thing.

    I'm thinking meatballs and pasta with sauce (I already have quorn meatballs and could get some meat ones on the way home - I have some Nectar points I can use (saving the MrT ones for the big shop) so really its not a spend.

    I'm away from the office tomorrow at a customer site so its a long drive (3 hrs each way) and plenty of bored munching time in the car so I'm going to try to think of things to take with me. Work will pay expenses but its never good for you stuff that's diet friendly in service stations - have managed to now lose 10lbs! I only want to lose a stone so not much more to go now....

    Anyway, I made a batch of leek and potato soup yesterday so I'll have an easy and quick diet friendly tea for when I eventually get back.

    Have a good day,
    R x
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  • sashanutsashanut Forumite
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    Oh disaster today - we have visitor in the cellar a RAT :eek: where I store all my overspill stuff. Probably what attracted it in the first place!! It has gnawed through the ventilation grate & attacked lots of stuff that has to be thrown away.....:mad: pasta, rice, cereal etc etc it has chewed through the packets....ugh so beware everyone & make sure you store stuff in plastic crates w/lids as I should have done. DH LOVES plastic crates so he is in his element...

    Also one of our kitties has been missing now for 3 days, I fear the worst as she is very timid, small & quick & I can't see her going to anyone voluntarily. Methinks it is time to make some posters to put up in case anyone has seen her but I am not hopeful, not sure where I can contact & no, she isn't chipped :(
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  • newlywednewlywed Forumite
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    sashanut wrote: »
    Also one of our kitties has been missing now for 3 days, I fear the worst as she is very timid, small & quick & I can't see her going to anyone voluntarily. Methinks it is time to make some posters to put up in case anyone has seen her but I am not hopeful, not sure where I can contact & no, she isn't chipped :(

    Ask any neighbors if they can check their sheds etc. Our cat once went missing for 7 days and when she came back she was fine but her claws were all shredded like she'd been clawing to get out so think she must have been in a shed somewhere! She was soooo nosey though - she used to run into other people's houses as they were coming out and once got shut in and sat in the window!! We had to wait till they came home and apologise! :o
    working on clearing the clutter
  • Hi all, sorry not been on for a couple of days, but have been working outside away from computer.

    Have had 6 NSD's up to now - should have gone shopping Saturday but have managed to put it off until today as we were pretty much out of all fridge stuff. Used my MrT vouchers - £6.50 plus a £5 off voucher for spending £35 they sent me - sent 3 in all for use over the next 3 weeks :j chuffed with that. So got most of shopping out of there today as with £11.50 off, it was worth it, but still only spent £29 when finished, so had to go get 2 x packs loo rolls, which was a pain as they were £4.46 for 12 (9 + 3 free) when I usually get the Aldi ones that are really nice, but at least stocked up now and sort of got them free anyway, so OK. so finally got:
    48 Tesco own weetabix (£2.15 against proper weetabix £3.29:eek: ), giant 300g tub Dairlylea (ON SPECIAL AT THE MOMENT - ONLY £1 AND KIDS LOVE IT!) 15 eggs, ham slices, bananas, peppers (6 in bag £1.38) 3 red onions, 3 white onions, lettuce, tomatoes, cherry toms, peas, marg, mature cheese, 2 bottles squash, sugar, 12 pints milk and large box (3kg) and Daisy soap powder (this was £2.99, Ariel was £9.98 for same size - thought I would try it as I add washing soda anyway - anyone else tried it?)

    Total £29 plus 24 loo rolls came to £37.92 - vouchers off total £26.42 :j . Also, had to buy some Co-codamol for pain (£1.28) and have to admit to a McD breakfast for DS and me today, as he came with me to help with lifting (still can't do too much with chest hurting) so treated him as he has been helping me out (if that's all he wants for a change, it's worth the £5.18 it cost) Total spend £32.88, and that will be it for this week, so only next week to go and may even come in under budget...:T :T

    On another note, really pleased with lovely hubby, I didn't get home until 9pm last night and 7.30pm the night before, so he got stuff out of the freezer and cooked up meals for us all - no take aways for once.:D seems he's learning...bless him :kisses3:

    Have also just picked up a lovely pine table from Freecycle - am going to make a project of it and sand and paint it (one day ;) ) but for now it needs a good clean then can use it in the Kitchen instead of small round one we currently have, so may be able to entice DS to eat with us for a change (school hols eh!) plus can actually ask Mum round for dinner where we're not sitting on the sofa to eat :mad: .
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