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August 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • ChellChell Forumite
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    Updated my sig as we went to Asda. DH wasn't too bad, he got a bottle of wine at under £3 and a some cheap filter coffee. He is learning though, he asked if it was ok to get the filter coffee or should we wait to go to Home Bargains!

    Learningtosave, I use red lentils, pearl barley and green lentils quite often as we are veggie. I just add them without soaking. Lentils are good in a tomato based pasta sauce and I like pearl barley in soup or veggie casseroles.

    I looked at slow cookers in Asda. The 6.5l one seems far too big, it was really wide and would be too shallow if I only made a small quantity of something like rice pudding. I'll have to pop somewhere else to see how big the 3.5l ones actually look.
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  • Mrs_Money_PennyMrs_Money_Penny Forumite
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    Hi everyone

    Congratulations to AngChris & Denisefowler

    What weather today?? Just popped in Asda for milk & cereal son has a friend sleeping over. Will update signature. Have a good evening all.
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  • ifonlyitwaseasierifonlyitwaseasier Forumite
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    Congrats ANGCHRIS

    Happy Ani Den

    well had my interview, have had a follow up call and am waiting to hear if i need to see HR and fingers crossed i should know one way or another by the end of friday.

    well spent a little today but thats out of the honeymoon budget so i'm not counting it.

    ioiwe x
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  • jinky67jinky67 Forumite
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    hello people I am still alive.....went shopping today spent £54.70 but got
    2 extra large chickens reduced ( they are already in the oven),
    2 packs of pork ribs for £ 1.74,
    2 packs of sausages which should have been £7 for £ 1.52
    and a few other bits and bobs
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  • fluffysoxfluffysox Forumite
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    Hi everyone!
    Just a quick one to update sig. Spent £8.16 today at ASDA.
    2016 MFW OPd £2000, 2015 MFW OPd 3000 then bought new bigger house with bigger mortgage.
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  • I made these for the first time about 10 days ago and we are having them for dinner again tonight. Thought I would share the recipe here.

    Sausage Meat Patties with Mashed potato and garlic Cabbage

    1lb sausage meat
    1 large onion chopped finely
    half a fresh chilli (you can leave this out if you prefer)
    cracked black pepper
    half tsp mixed herbs or some snipped chives
    quantity of flour for coating
    some milk for dipping
    Sage and onion stuffing mix for coating (I used one whole small pkt)
    • Put the sausagemeat into a large bowl and add finely chopped onion, chilli and herbs and mix with your hands until all thoroughly blended in.
    • You will need 4 plates for this - one with flour on, one with milk on, one with the stuffing mix on and one to put the finished patties on!
    • Wet your hands (I had a jug of water on the table for this) and shape some of the sausagemeat into a roundish pattie.
    • Dip pattie into the flour and cover both sides, patting off excess.
    • then dip the pattie into the milk, both sides quickly (I know it seems like some of the flour comes off, but enough stays to work!)
    • then place the patties into the Stuffing and cover with it, pressing it firmly down. If I saw a bald patch I just dipped it back into the milk and then into the stuffing again.
    • Place on plate and continue til all meat is done. This made about 12 for me.
    • Let sit for about 10 mins
    Heat up two pans (there are too many for the one frying pan!) with some oil. Make sure the oil is hot, and then drop the patties in.

    Turn the heat down as low as you can and place lid on frying pans, turning frequently so they don't burn.

    I cooked them for about 20 mins but it will depend on how thick you made your patties and how big. I just kept turning them.

    I served this with mashed potato and cabbage cooked with garlic. (shred the cabbage, heat some olive oil or butter and drop the chopped garlic in (do not burn the garlic!) Then add the cabbage and just stir around for about 10 mins.

    It was delicious last time and they were really filling. It fed three (hungry!!) adults for dinner plus we had some left for a lunch with pickle for two of us the next day.

    I have no doubt I will discover a better way of doing this with practice, but this is how I did it last time.

    Diva. x
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  • taffy1969 wrote: »
    Evening All!!
    Caught up a bit with the thread, not much though I'm afraid. Been trying to find Hannah Montana stuff for DD1's birthday. Bit of a nightmare!!! Never mind
    I saw some Hannah Montana nightclothes in Marks and Spencer Yesterday if this helps.
    :hello: JULY G/C £50 WEEK

    WEEK 1 = £69.50 :eek:

    WEEK 2 = £60.83:eek:
    Week 3 :mad: £72.05 :mad:
  • searching_mesearching_me Forumite
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    evening everybody ok im over but in my defence nettos had a huge 15kg of pal dry dog food for £9.99 and we needed cereal as well as i didnt realise DD had finished it off as nettos also had cereal on offer the really big pice crispes and frosties so that should keep her happy for a while :rotfl: im planning on the next 2 day being nsd as im not leaving the house :rotfl: hope your all good xxx
    :)Still searching .....:)
  • Well tea tonight was steak chips and mushrooms with pepper sauce. I tol OH not to put the steak in the trolley cus he'll just moan, and low and behold he moaned.I usually cook steak to long cus i dont like no blood in it but this time i cooked it 3 mins each side and it was still like a sole of a shoe,so if anyone needs new soles ive got a piece of steak spare....:rotfl: :rotfl: .So then i said to OH 'i said dont get it, you wont like it etc....'well you cooked it too long, next time ill give himchips mushrooms and raw steak, see how he likes that:D wot a waste of £3.17. Cant even bake a cake cus theres no room in the freezer!!
    OH has gone snooker with his mates, i told him not to bring a chinese home(thats wot he does when hes been out with the lads) cus the cupboards are bulging with all the carp he put in the trolley!!I can bet you that 35% of the food in the fridge will go in the bin cus he is frifeless????? with food and money!!
    Missing the pest like crazy, dont know what to do with myself, i must say i am enjoying the lay in!!

    Anyhows, spk soon
    always on the lookout for a bargin always better when its free!!:T

  • JustamumJustamum Forumite
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    See you all on the 24th. I'm off to 'climb every mountain' in Austria.

    Oooh! Are you doing the Sound of Music tour? My DH thinks I'm mad, but I'd love to do it (it's one of my favourite films)


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