August 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    hello just got back from my interview... went ok not great but ok 2 more hours then im doin now on more pay so hoping i get it she said she'd let me know next week so fingers crossed... although it started raining afterward so my hairs looks like i stuck my fingers in plug socket (was perfectly straight) and my feets are wringled from being soaked but at least it was afterward :D got a few things but nothing out the GC yay!!! going to my friends later so got to be strong :rotfl: xx
    :)Still searching .....:)
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    good afternoon all

    just woke up again and thought I would look in and see how you all are doiong ,,I am not going out today as it is hissing down ,,havent seen such rain for a long time,,

    may bake today,,and clean around,, but I am worried about the ''old yin'' at the moment as he is not very 'compes mentes' he is very forgetful,, he went into th e kitchen 10 minutes ago so will have to go and see where he is ,,as he does forget where he is sometimes,,the other cat has been laying beside him so maybe he is looking after him a bit

    will get off now as I need a cuppa

    see you soon

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  • Hi, seem to fall off the end of last month with a busy time and holiday. My july figure was 420 not £300 :eek:

    so this month plan to start a more realistic amount with 2 holidays - one so far this month. I'd like to declare £400 for august please can't believe how many pages into this month we are already. Don't think wil lcatch up but will check out recipes -hmmm twinks

    Hope everyone enjoying the school break
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    Afternoon all

    A NSD for me today -and plenty more planned ;)

    I did a tuna pasta salad for lunch -it was sooo nice -and the bonus is that there is enough left for my lunch tomorrow whilst hubby is golfing :T

    I have a loaf of bread rising in its tin -done it once -but it made a bid for freedom -over the edge of the tin and across the worktop :rotfl: so its been knocked back and shoved in again -this time im keeping an eye on it :p -hubby is doing poached eggs on toast for dinner tonight nomnomnom

    I have fetched another 1lb of various tomatoes in, and have just roasted them in the oven with a drop of kalamata olive oil, rock salt and cracked black pepper and 3 cloves sliced garlic mmmmm they just better cool quickly so i can bag em up n freeze them -or i might eat them :o

    After doing a re-check of the freezers yesterday i have started to sort out next months meal plan :p ... a bit early i know -but if i know what i have in to make meals next month then i can know what Whoopsies to keep and eye out for, for the rest of this month ;)

    right i had better get off and check that bread dough ..have a great weekend everyone :D
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  • Hello,

    Today's meal planning day before heading off to get this weeks groceries. didn't plan so well last week so picked stuff up from M&S on the way home from work....Good food but soooo expensive! Will probably have pasta tonight for dinner, have lots in the cupboard!
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    just thought id pop in...WOW so many recipe ideas - like someone else said dont reckon i will be able read every post but looked at a few, thanks! those tomatoes sound delicious!!

    had a massive shop yesterday just under £100 :eek: :mad: but i did buy all offers like 3 for 2s and 5 for £3 week should purely be fresh veg and fruit really nothing else fridge/freezer/toiletries all full!! not much should be needed for a few weeks hopefully! :o

    have £ 109.75 for two weeks and would love to cut this down as far as poss so next month i can reduce by a little :D any new ideas appreciated ...know there are already LOADS on here thanks!

    kel x
  • Angelnikki-please put me down for £350 for August. Thanks
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  • Slow to get everything added up but eventually managed to sort out all of my receipts last night. Came in £10 under budget for JUly. 5 week month for me this month and I think Ive got to the point where I can't really make any more cutbacks foodwise which I would be happy with. Now looking to cut back on petrol and I plan to change my shopping habits somewhat next month. Going to give Asda credit card a go-Ive just applied for it. Hoping to order every fortninght-free delievery on £100 shop with their credit card. 2p per litre fuel saving also so the weeks in between I can top up my fuel-well-thats the theory of it. I shall try it for a couple of months(I think)and see if it works for me.
    Got my OWL energy monitor-our latest toy! DH is in love with it I think and it has solved some previous arguments as to what DS was using energywise. I knew this would be an asset for my son as he was falsely accused of using a lot more than he does. We can now easily see what guzzles the kwts.
    Annual Grocery budget 2018 is £1500 pa £125 calendar month £28.84 pw for 3 adults
  • first spend of the week, spent over £38 on practically nothing. Still lots of supplies in the freezers. I seems a lot of my money goes on snacks for my son, need to find some HM stuff that he likes or start meking stuff before I go out. I know if I go to wrok and leave him he wont eat real food unless its madeup ready. It's getting me down, I'm cheap to feed, it's him!!
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    Just posted on the July thread by accident and had to delete it :eek: .

    Just popped in to update signature.

    Went to MR A yesterday after work and spent just over £20.

    Made a batch of bounty bites and have promised my sister some of these as OH took most of last batch to work to share out with them:rolleyes:
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