August 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • Evening all.

    Well, have just updated spends :eek: - teach me not to make sandwiches for work eh! - guess what I'll be doing next week....

    Am having a clearout this weekend - cooking, cleaning and nagging - I can see it now - dogs hiding in the garden, hubby hiding in the garage and DS hiding in his bedroom 'tidying' ... :rotfl: hehe, I love it, they've both been home all week while I've been working and the place has turned into chernoble after the bomb... :eek: , even after they've supposedly 'tidied' up!!!... (stacking stuff in the corner does not constitute tidying up in my books! :mad: )

    Anyway, moan over - :j :j Hubby has a job that he starts Monday :j :j so panic over thank goodness... Money would have run out by end of next week but I work for a wonderful, wonderful friend who is paying me now for the whole of August to see us through, so, in the words of Gloria Gaynor 'We will survive!'

    After scareing myself half to death over the spends this week, I am on crackdown now - we have loads of HM 'readymeals' in the freezer and I am baking this weekend so should not need to spend much - top up tomorrow (hate shopping on a Saturday) and hopefully nothing else.

    Have a great weekend everyone - Den x

    Oh den, so glad your panic is over, congrats to hubby on new job:beer:

    Went to shops with OH, he spent loads but I was good with budget,only spent £4.40:D

    Picked toms, loads of plums, blackberries, apples so must get on with stuff for freezer.:j

    Lent a hedge trimmer and cut back overgrowth on the drive, :eek: now I can get the car on the drive with out scratching it:j (wish it was up to me, I would clear the lot) just have to put weedkiller down

    A good day:beer: hope you're all doing well, does anyone know if Mr m has any 50p offers this weekend, not managing to get many bargains this week so far
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  • Firstly - congrats Denise on your hubbys new job!!

    Ok, my question is... did I read somewhere you can make yoghurt in a slow cooker?? I have one and we eat a lot of value yogs but if there is a way I can make some then I would like to try. I remember my mum trying to make home made yoghurt back in the 80's and it was always rather unpalatable. I keep seeing Easiyo on QVC but am really trying hard not to spend...

    If you have any ideas, I would be grateful..

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    Hi Sproggi & Sue - Just a quickie that might help - If you have Microsoft Outlook on your computer for your emails and stuff, you can set up a 'task' or an 'appointment' that repeats every workday at say, 8pm or something, to remind you to take the stuff out of the freezer - may seem a bit nerdy to get a pop up each time, but after a month or so, it becomes second nature and you shouldn't need the little reminders - also, if you don't go on your computer that late, set it up for a time before you do (ie: 5pm) so that it is there to remind you when you go on it.

    I only use Microsoft outlook so know that, but am sure that there are other tools similar you could use. :confused:

    I use the reminders for LOADS of things, including my flylady stuff as otherwise I don't do it and they are just gentle reminders ( and if you can't be asked one night, just click on the dismiss button and it's gone! ;) )

    Thanks for that idea Denise, I had thought about setting the alarm on my mobile to remind me, but that is as far as it's got:o
    and please don't mention flylady, thats another thread I need to sneak back onto with my tail between my legs:rolleyes: .

    Well today was another nsd for me as far as groceries are concerned:T

    It was an expensive day though, took my daughter shopping in the sales for new clothes as her birthday present, but that had been budgeted and saved for thank goodness.

    I'm hoping for another nsd tomorrow, party food has finally all gone, but I should still have everything I need in for the weekend.
    I am finding that I am enjoying the challenge of nsd as much as I am the actual gc.......I know, i'm sad, but it really does feel so good!!
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  • Hi - I have tried and failed a few times now experimenting with quantities, so you can hopefully learn from my final, final recipe... this is what I follow (now adjusted to use up a whole little tub of starter yoghurt so there is no wastage):

    Slow Cooker Yoghurt
    Should make around 600g or so
    • 150g pot of yoghurt (the little Yeo Valley ones work well and are £0.55p) - this seems to equate to 5 tablespoons
    • 750ml milk (£0.35p, I use longlife semi skimmed)
    • 2 and a bit tablespoons powdered milk (£0.10)
    1. Make sure slow cooker inner pot is very clean and dry
    2. Whisk all together gently in slow cooker.
    3. Cover slow cooker with a cloth, then the lid
    4. Leave on LOW setting for 1 hour.
    5. Turn off and leave to set for at least 2 hours (I leave it overnight).
    6. IF you like it thicker, in the morning, sieve it through some muslin into a bowl (1.5 hours) and pop into fridge for yummy breakfasts, desserts and to add to curries. (Muslin can be bought very frugaly from ebay in large sheets for around £6ish.)
    Then the next time you make yoghurt, you need to use more - 6 tablespoons of this batch #1 yoghurt, and say 2.5 tablespoons milk powder. This way you will hopefully get a tasty 2nd batch. Strengthen even more for batch #3 to stretch it out and keep the live culture strong. Then you need to buy the little pot again and start over.

    I love to add my Aldi honey to a bowlful and then sprinkle pine nuts in... or walnuts... or strawberries... folks at work were amazed you could make it at home and loved the taste when I took it in to prove it could be done!

    I found it!!

    I knew I had read it on here somewhere... Took me ages but I remembered it was at the top of a page so that made it easier!!

    Thank you very much eagerlearner!

    Diva. x
    To be frugal, you need to spend money wisely, simply spending less is not enough.
    If you can't handle me at my worst then you don't deserve me at my best...
    Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I will try again tomorrow.
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    Good Morning All


    Denise ,, nice to hear your OH has himself a job now,, bet your smiling,,congratulations to him

    I think we are going bramble picking today,, and a walk around the lake again,, I really need the exercise..have to get DH a fishing licence, then he can go fishing,

    I have been up for hours, might get something done ,,hopefully..will put the BM on in a minute as we are both short on bread

    See you soon

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    mornin all :wave:

    denise congrats on hubby's job :T bet that's a huge weight off your mind, you must be so relieved :D

    herewegoagain Mr M's 50p offers finish on Sunday, so if you go early enough you might be able to get some chicken, burgers,& sausages to stick in your freezer :D

    doesn't look too bad out there at the mo, so i've stripped the bed, and the washer's on....i love getting into a clean bed :D

    breadmaker's on for some buns for the lunch and the freezer. i've taken a bag of HM carrot & coriander soup out of the freezer, and a seedy bun for my lunch , and we're having some of Mr M's 50p burgers for tea tonight

    gotta wait in for the new oven to be delivered this morning, so i'm gonna get cracking and give the kitchen a good clean, then i think i'll make some choc chip muffins. here's the recipe if anyone wants to try them :D


    100g chopped plain chocolate
    2 eggs
    250ml milk, or 250 ml water and 2tbsp milk powder
    125 ml sunflower oil
    200g sugar
    400g pl flour
    4tsp baking powder
    3tsp cocoa

    heat oven to 200
    mix all dry ingredients in one bowl, and all the wet ingredients in another
    pour wet into dry, and carefully mix with wooden spoon BE GENTLE WHEN MIXING!!
    put a dessert spoonful in each muffin case, and bake for about 15 or so mins

    can be frozen, and to defrost, just zap it in mwave for 35 secs on defrost setting

  • a quick question if you dont mind please......i think you'll be able to help me with your knowledge from what i've seen in these gc threads.

    i've loads of carrots left over from market and tons of corgette from the allotment,i was thinking of making some savoury muffins as a different way to use question is do i just use a normal muffin recipie and bung the carrot and corgette in where i would normally do the fruit/choc etc or do i have to do something entirely different as they are savoury!!

    btw i've been lurking through these for a while and you are all fantastic!! i hope to join in next month if you dont mind???
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    morning everyone just finished doing my hair and now having my breakfast ... not long to my interview im a little nervous but i supose you usually are should be a nsd but milks running alittle low so dont know how your all good xxx
    :)Still searching .....:)
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    learning to save ..... sorry can't help you about the carrot muffins.....we only eat choc ones here!!

    searching_me good luck with your job interview, don't forget to let us know how you get on xx

    right, only nipped on here for a recipe, so i'd better not get distracted! i'm back off into the kitchen now!

  • Denise glad to hear your hubby has got a new job. Good luck with the interview searching_me - hopefully it'll be new jobs all round! :D

    My company have just withdrawn all our overtime. I can manage without, but the money I was earning in OT was going towards the wedding, so I think I'm now going to have to get a bit more creative with the money saving to make up the difference. Could go back to contracting, which I did a few years ago. The money is good, but I'd have to work away from home all week and I don't really fancy it these days.

    Lots of baking planned for this weekend. I have a couple of questions, which I hope someone can help me with:

    When I cook the pastry base for a quiche, the sides always shrink down the sides of the tin, so it ends up not being very deep. Is it supposed to do this, or am I cooking it wrong? (whenever I follow a recipe, there's never enough height in the case to hold all of the filling without it spilling over the sides). I wonder if maybe my cooker is a bit too harsh as it's a fan oven?

    Also, what can I do with a white cabbage? I've bought one to make some coleslaw later, but there is going to be some left. Can I blanche it and freeze it to use another time? It would go nicely with a Sunday roast but we're not planning one of those for a few weeks.
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