August 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    Took my parents shopping to Mr. A's yesterday and ended up spending £22 on bits and pieces including 15 bags of reduced bread mix :D. My DD1 implied that I was a bit greedy buying all the bags :o but I brought them anyway :rolleyes:.

    I borrowed my mum's bread maker, which she hasn't used in years but won't sell or give me :confused: and my first loaf is doing it's thing!

    My (e)strange husband came for an unwanted visit yesterday bringing with him a cooked chicken from Tesco. When he'd eaten as much as he could I nabbed the carcass to put in the slow cooker.

    DD2 and myself have planned to go whoopie hunting later to see what we can find and I plan to spend most of the weekend baking.
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    Hi all

    At the end of this week I have spent £28.24 on my shopping. Not bad!! but I am using mostly food that I have stocked from before.
    Diced chicken suggestions: Mix with onion, garlic, fresh parsley, chilli (optional), black pepper and salt. Blend in a food mixer, slightly oil a baking tray, and grill on both sides until thoroughly cooked. Serve next to salad or veg. of choice. Bon Appetite.
    Will update again next week :)
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    susan946 wrote: »
    I'm still miffed as I really need to replace it asap and that of course will hit the budget!!!!

    There seem to be a lot of electric cookers around at the moment. Has anyone any advice as to what to go for and what to avoid?

    Have you tried Freecycle? They have some great stuff on there and I'm sure someone has a slow cooker sitting around that they want to get rid of if you ask? (Sorry if someone has already mentioned - just catching up on posts!)
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    Thanks to Princess Leia for your commiserations and to Periwinkle for your advice. I'll have a look at the argos website as we have an Argos just down the road. Also I think TCB give cashback for "collect in store" transactions. That might be quite a good option.
  • susan946susan946 Forumite
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    Have you tried Freecycle? They have some great stuff on there and I'm sure someone has a slow cooker sitting around that they want to get rid of if you ask? (Sorry if someone has already mentioned - just catching up on posts!)

    Oh, now there's a great idea. I hadn't thought of that. Thanks Denise
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    Hi All

    Bought 15 Large Rub Downs for £2.46 today:T These seem to be new and as a pack of 6 normal Bob Martin Rub Downs cost about £3.60 it represents a huge saving. Not sure if it is a pricing error by Morrisons because I can't find anywhere on the net that sells this size.

    tizzyj :rotfl:
  • Done lots of home cooking today, bagged up all hubby's home grown veg ,Washed blackberries. Made custard cookies with choc chips they were lovely ,made a loaf of bread and for dinner tonight i made jamican jerk chicken and rice. Can anyone point me in the direction where i can buy storage containers for the freezer for putting in curry , rice?

    CQ .
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    Hi SFT,

    may be a bit late - but have just spotted this recipe by thriftlady on one of the other threads

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    Okay into my second week now... just as well, as I don't think the first week went very well :rotfl:

    I've been to Mr M this evening for my usual Friday shop, and only spent £18.28 so I'm happy about that. They had plenty of the 50p items so I bought a pack of rolls, lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes and two packs of burgers. My most expensive item was a bag of Catsan cat litter which is nearly a fiver but will last for about three weeks. I also bought whoopsied sausages (£1.25) and two strawberry mousses (5p each). Also whoopsied today was 2 litres of Yeo Valley milk in Somerfield which I got because we needed milk anyway. Tomorrow's its date but I expect it'll still be okay for DS.

    Mr M doesn't have the Gale's Lemon Curd on offer but a jar of their own value one was 35p and I fancy making the ice cream :cool:. I also got yoghurt and UHT milk to make a flask of my own overnight.

    NSD yesterday, and now no spending until Monday for me... unless DH runs out of lemon barley water, Mr M didn't have any tonight. Happy whoopsie hunting all! :D
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    Thought I'd better make an appearance! This month is not going too badly - I know I've only got £12+ left for the month, but I need to buy f & v next week, then I'm on my hols for a week and then when I get back it's just under a weeks f & v (famous last words - moi?:rotfl: ).

    I did get myself some braising steak and rump steak from Mr M this week as they're on offer and always useful to have in the freezer. (I probably have more than enough to last me for meals during Sept - but no doubt I'll feel the need to stock up on something :o

    I must only buy f & v, I must only buy f & v, I must only buy f & v :rotfl:
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