August 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    NSD for me :j:j

    New week starts tomorrow and I still have £5.15 left in my transport budget to roll over - that means next week I can afford an extra days bus travel, or an extra 2 train trips to town. :j:j

    Grocery wise I've got £15 for this week (due to last weeks overspend) but it should be easy - if I can just time manage a bit better and cook meals from the freezer :rolleyes:
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    greent wrote: »
    Yes - they'll freeze fine. I freeze in portion sizes in freezer bags.

    I'm also planning this year on drying some in the oven (I have an oven that's just really low like a slow cooker in effect, so I can do things like drying tomatoes and I also dry orange/ lemon/ lime slices) and then I can rehydrate in oil with chilli & basil - may even (if it works!) do a couple of small jars in with Xmas pressies for people:D (that's the tomatoes - not the citrus fruits:rotfl: :rotfl: )

    Thanks for the info greent. :T I've roasted the toms with some olive oil, a tsp salt, tsp sugar, tsp basalmic vinegar and a couple of cloves of sliced garlic. Got this recipe from "Cranks Fast Food". They taste really good, quite strong, so I've put some in the freezer in small dollops in a plastic box. When that lot's fozen I'll cover them with foil or baking paper and add some more that I'm keeping in the fridge. Think I'll only need one dollop per serving of whatever.......I normally used sundried tomatoes but can never find them in Mr A so these should be a good substitute.
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    I broke down today at lunch and bought a cheese pasty, caramel doughnut and a packet of crisps, despite having brought lunch. I suspect it had something to do with the fact it was badly cooked lentils which I'm not too keen on:rotfl: :rolleyes: Nonetheless, I wasn't too pleased with myself:mad:

    Did some shopping this evening prior to making a big pot of veggie soup for myself and my two housemates, using up all our leftovers. Found some curry paste in the fridge so added that as well - yum! They said it was far too healthy but ate it anyway:D Also got some mince cos I haven't had any meat all week due to a couple of kitchen mishaps. So my grocery shop this week is not quite as virtuous as I'd hoped, though still well under budget.

    Bf back from hols tomorrow and I've now nearly exhausted the freezer supply of surprises so will probably be closer to a 'normal' shop next week.
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  • Hi Everyone!!
    NSD for me. Milk left smelt ok even though its past its best before date.
    OB and I looked at all the veg and salad we have to use up before our holiday on Wednesday. We've decided to make Vegetable Soup on Sunday but are undecided what to do with the cucumber (of which we have alot). ANY IDEAS FOR WHAT TO DO WITH CUCUMBERS WOULD BE GRATEFULLY RECEIVED.
    Also got lots of bread (which won't fit into freezer) so I think I'll make them into breadcrumbs for Glamorgan Sausages.
    Hope you've all had a great MS day!!
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    Hi folks - just popped into say goodnight and good luck everyone with the challenge. Off tomorrow early to Wales on our hols so won't be able to keep up with the posts for a week. Hope the sun shines on everyone (but I'm not holding my breath!)


  • Moniker wrote: »
    Hi folks - just popped into say goodnight and good luck everyone with the challenge. Off tomorrow early to Wales on our hols so won't be able to keep up with the posts for a week. Hope the sun shines on everyone (but I'm not holding my breath!)



    enjoy your hols, Moniker:D
    I just popped in to say NSD today,using things in freezer.:j
    Really mad :mad: as the carer who has been covering while I was away hasn't watered veggies and have some losses.Also plums have ripened and there is lots of wastage there as well, will pick, cook pies.crumbles,jam.sponges, freeze, an other suggestions guys:D
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    Hey, have been going okay...

    Sorted through cupboard yesterday because I had made some room and put everything in logical order, etc. Feels good to know what is in there again :)

    Eg, I had 3 packets of open chocolate chips hehe. :rotfl:

    Haven't bought bread in AGES breadmaker all the way. Still haven't tried the tortilla wraps, but maybe this weekend.

    I have a bit of a query though. :confused: And I know this is my falling down point, but there is a good special on cheese this week, and I want to buy two blocks and generally I would but don't want to go over budget...what does everyone else do? Stick to budget? I am waiting because if I do it on Sunday (last day) then I will be sneaky and take it out of next weeks, because I can survive and meet the challenge that way lol ...
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    hi zoegirl if it was a good offer, i would 'borrow' the money from the following week's budget ... i did this when the crunch corners were on offer in Mr M's last week :D
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    lol! I caught part of the Mr M advert on TV earlier and was tempted by the chicken, is it a decent amount of chicken? Didn't catch the full ad.

    Good morning all

    It is not a bad amount really. Bulk it up for currys etc.

    Got the cheese offer myself. I eat a lot of cheese and my shopping is monthly so by getting one free I save in the next week or so IYSWIM

    Of to Mr T soon for a few bits. Hoping to keep it low

  • I know I could have another NSD today but the 50p chicken is calling me but my freezer is so full I have a dilemma, in my mind I would like to get 4 packs and make 2 different dishes and freeze as 7 meals and eat one tonight but oh no my frrezer is so full thats not possible, so my plan is to get 2 packs today and then keep in the fridge and eat as much as we can from the freezer tonight (using up all the odds and ends like fish fingers/waffles etc) so I can then fit something in my freezer ;)
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