August 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • Le_FootLe_Foot Forumite
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    I haven't posted for August as I've not been on the website for a couple of weeks, cn I be put down for £300 again please. I will then post what I've spent so far.
    Thank you
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  • angelnikkiangelnikki Forumite
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    Le_Foot wrote: »
    Mrs Mcawber, I think it was you that gave me a recipe for chicken and sweetcorn soup a few months ago, and I can't remember the finer details. I've looked on the 'Recipe List' and can't see it there, could you PLEASE give it me again. Sorry to be a pest, I will write it down this time (memory not what it used to be)

    Found it ... CHICKEN AND SWEETCORN SOUP I'll add it to the index ;)

    Nikki x
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    Afternoon all

    Well I have just been outside to fetch the washing in as theres a storm a brewing ... had to clip up some more branches on the tomatoes as they are bending under the weight of the fruit :j fetched another 1lb of tomatoes in -including quite a few "yellow pear" ones :T .. so im going to shove some into roast with a bit of oil, salt, pepper and then whang them in the freezer....if i can find a gap in one of them :rotfl:
    Also got the 1st bright red chilli off too -so im going to do chilli pork loin concoction over the weekend -a chinese type thingy me thinks;)

    Just spotted that my 7 aubergines are all forming well -luckily they are in various stages so should spead out through the next few weeks :j

    I have been sat this afternoon sorting out what im going to grow next year :p weighing up what will provide most fruit and best flavour,,,
    If anyone is planning on doing tomatoes next year i can't recommend the "san marzano" highly enough...they grow all bumpy and calloused (sp?) but the flavour is so intense -they reckon its ideal for cooking -not that mine have made it that far yet :o well they are sooo tasty:D

    I have stuck my 2nd attempt at yoghurt on this afternoon -the last lot was gorgeous -just a bit i have done as someone on here mentioned -and put a spoon of milk powder in..pinkies crossed folks ...

    Well my new week officially starts tomorrow.. have the money out just in case, but i can't think of anything i need -apart from the obligatory whoopsies of course im on track for coming in ON or UNDER budget this month:T
    right i will get off and get some more x stitching done....

    Super quick angel nikki :rotfl: hadn't even seen the post :p
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  • perrywinkleperrywinkle Forumite
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    greent wrote: »
    My kids love these. This was a recipe from their school canteen (always worth asking the school canteen staff for recipes for the kids favourite items!)

    3oz icing sugar
    6oz marg
    5oz plain flour
    2oz custard powder
    • Cream icing sugar & marg
    • add flour & custard powder & mix to dough
    • Form into a sausage shape & chill in plastic bag/ cling film for 2 hours
    • remove from plastic and slice into 24 'rounds'
    • place on baking tray & bake for about 10 mins at 180
    yum yum - we're going to make these tomorrow.


    Hi greent,

    made these this afternoon and they were lovely. I didn't have enough marg so used butter instead and I think I made my sausage too thin as when I sliced it up I got 66 cookies - they looked really great and tasted even better. I think they would be a great addition to a christmas hamper stacked and wrapped in cellophane with a ribbon bow tied at the top.
    Thanks again for the recipe.

  • Le_FootLe_Foot Forumite
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    Thanks Nikki, I don't know how you keep track on all these threads, I can never see the wood for the trees..if you know what I mean. If you've listed it on the index, I won't bother to write it down, cos I shall only lose the bit of paper !!
    Feb. G.C. From Jan 26th £350.00
    First month..pure guess!! Wk. 1 £136.38 balance £213.62. Wk.2 £108.10p balance £105.52
  • EagerLearnerEagerLearner Forumite
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    MrsMcawber - good luck with the yoghurt - powdered milk will do the trick... I had mine yesterday with honey and pine nuts. Next time will try with fresh strawberries and some wheatgerm.

    I have not been too bad - we spent £21 so far, if we keep that up for the next 3 weeks we'll be well in budget...

    I wrote out the months plan on an A4 calendar (downloaded from the net), then I have a drywipe board which I transfer 2 weeks of meals onto.
    This helps remember to defrost things in time, and I underline any meals that still need stuff buying for, which helps with the weekly shop.

    Having the months worth written down means I can plan to buy in bulk (say one whole chicken instead of several packs over the month).
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  • Spent £34.07 in lidl today so thats me til next week i hope.Ive updated my sig accordingly

    good luck everyone:beer:
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    good afternoon all

    the weather is a lot better,, have been to the park and had to go into Lidl to get some bread so my NSD is no more as I thought well I mat as well get milk while I'm at it

    will update later

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  • teedy23teedy23 Forumite
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    hi all, I spent £14.41 in Mr T,s last night, doing a M/S tonight in a shop so buying my milk there. My lettuce is still on the go but no toms as yet, well they are there just not ready, since I got my wee walk in green house (big plastic tent really) the plants have begun to go nuts, a few green chillies on the brink of currydom too. The rain it raineth every day, and I fear for some of my crops but I,ll get my money,s worth I,m sure.
    :T:jDabbler in all things moneysaving.Master of none:o

    Well except mastered my mortgage 5 yrs early :T:j
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  • andanandan Forumite
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    Hi guys, well my attempts at joining this challenge last month didn't go too well, but would like to join this month. I am going to do a spreadsheet in a moment and am hoping to spend no more than £120 for the month, thats for three adults. My partner does the cooking some nights and buys some food, so i wont be including that as thats to do with him. I think £120 is doable though.
    :j Live on £4500, £2531/£4500:T 101 in 1001 (52/101):j:beer::j

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