August 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    gillaman wrote: »
    Have just roasted a whole load of tomatoes. Someone else on here as done this, or is planning to - Mrs M? Could you tell me please if they will freeze. My recipe says to store in airtight containers where they'll keep for a few weeks, but I'd quite like to bring them out in October to remind me of summer (you know those months between May and August when it rains non-stop!). TIA

    Yes - they'll freeze fine. I freeze in portion sizes in freezer bags.

    I'm also planning this year on drying some in the oven (I have an oven that's just really low like a slow cooker in effect, so I can do things like drying tomatoes and I also dry orange/ lemon/ lime slices) and then I can rehydrate in oil with chilli & basil - may even (if it works!) do a couple of small jars in with Xmas pressies for people:D (that's the tomatoes - not the citrus fruits:rotfl: :rotfl: )
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    I have made Mrs M's Courgette Tea Bread and I can't wait till in cools so I can freeze it or I will eat the lot:eek: Already had 2 slices I made 2 and I will be making them again.
    Thank you Mrs M
    Want to in control of my money.
  • Hello, its my first NSD :j we are waiting in now as we have a fire safety check this pm so lots of hunky fireman will be keeping my attention :drool:

    So in another freezer dilemma, yeserday I took out a hm crumble for pud but forgot I had left the frozen cherries out to use them :doh:So this morning I have got the last few crusts from my freezer and made a cherry bread pudding - just hope its nice as dh will kill me if I have wasted his cherries :eek:

    Got a mystery shop pub meal tonight so that will be nice :D, the on friday I think I might have our sirloin steak treat, saturady is carnival day here and if its nice a Mr M 50p BBQ :T with parents and sunday I am trying out a recipe for cooking a whole chicken in the slow cooker (if it fits :rotfl:)
    Now I need to meal plan next week....
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    Snowball debt free calculator says DEC 09 - lets hope we can do it!

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    greent wrote: »
    Oh yes - more home baking = less plastic packaging! All the choc bars & cakes before which were individually wrapped and then all 10 bars were also wrapped.....:o Whereas things like flour bags just go in the recycling now:D I'm also buying larger bags of baking items = cheaper AND less packaging - winning all ways:T

    For ways to cut down on waste at home check out this site: - lots of ideas on there (and some comments added to some of the posts by me too:rotfl: :rotfl: )


    I am all for recycling and learning all the time, I notice you recycle flour bags, what do you recycle these with? e.g papers or garden/cardboard waste. It does annoy me the amount of packaging that suppliers/supermarkets still use, it would surely be much easier to tackle at source.
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    SAV3R wrote: »
    I am all for recycling and learning all the time, I notice you recycle flour bags, what do you recycle these with? e.g papers or garden/cardboard waste. It does annoy me the amount of packaging that suppliers/supermarkets still use, it would surely be much easier to tackle at source.

    I recycle my flour bags with my paper waste, which is collected weekly by our local council. I find my rubbish mainly consists of disposable nappies (hopefully soon to end if DS2 ever decides to be interested in potty training! I did try re-usables - twice but was thwarted firstly by washing machine breaking and not getting new one installed (due to kitchen rebuild/ refit happening just after) for over 2 months - during Autumn/ Winter time too) and second time was not that long before last summers floods - and we had no water to our house for over 2 weeks. I gave up and freecycled them!) and plastic packaging - although I get rid of bags to supermarkets. The plastics I'm usually left with are caps from bottles/ jars etc (I recycle milk bottle tops through a local school which collects them for charity) and some non-recyclable inour area plastics. Although the myzerowaste site has found somewhere for these to be sent - so I may well do this in future. Other bits in there are some food scraps (I should get a bokashi, I suppose....) and then the occasional thing like yesterday had a broken plastic coathanger....

    However, we have gone down from 2 swing bin liners + a carrier bag of rubbish per week to approx 1 swing bin liner per week. Not bad for a family of 5 (I could do better but I am guilty of taking the easy option sometimes and things like my fave tea bags come in a cardboard box which is then in some sort of crunchy plastic film wrap :-(( )

    I agree that supermarkets/ suppliers need to be tackled as the primary source and can't see that we'll ever get rid of all unnecessary packaging - it would need a campaign even larger than Hugh & Jamie's happy chickens campaign (which I personally endorse, but that's my view and I know others on here don't share it. Each entitled to their own, and all that......)

    You can make a difference with your own purchases though - don't put your carrots at tesco in a bag - just have them loose on teh conveyor belt for the cashier to weigh, etc. Farmers markets - a great place to buy loose fruit, veg and much more (and yummy meats & cheeses) - often with minimal packaing & they quite often have paper bags or recycle plastic ones if you don't carry your own - and you're supposrting local businesses too! Don't accept a carrier for your pint of milk and paper on a Sunday - you don't really need it :D

    Recycle/ reuse/ freecycle as much as you possible can - even packaging from new items you've bought can often be freecycled - house movers want boxes/ bubble wrap, some people will take the white stuff (can't remember what it is called) and use it in the bottom of pots in their garden instead of broken pots. You can sometimes even get rid of 'broken' items - sure, the person who takes it might do it up and sell it on for a profit, but I'd rather they do that to my old tv/ washing machine etc than it end up in landfill!)

    Ooh - and grow your own fruit & veggies :-) You can start as small as a couple of herb pots on a windowsill. Or do a Mr Mc and create a potio :rotfl: :rotfl:

    Sorry for rambling, folks - and apologies (again) for being off topic re grocery challenge. :o It's sort-of related in a OS way.... ??

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    rachelmk wrote: »
    Morning! Its trying to be a nice day here in the North West but we'll see!

    Am shattered today because the dog woudln't stop barking and growling at my noisy inconsiderate neighbours through the night - I tried my best to keep him quiet but they are just a right royal pain in the a*se. OH is moving in permanently over the next few weeks and is a big sleeper and I don't want to put him off by being kept awake by the dog - he seems immune to the neighbours! Its taken him this long to make the decision to move in that I don't want him changing his mind now due to exhaustion! Anyway, he slept relatively well only stirring twice - I, on the other hand, had about 3 hours on and off - knackered! Will have to have a word with the neighbours but they're deliberately evasive and always have an excuse.

    Anyway, moaning over, I'm off to pretend that I'm working and to look at some other threads.
    Take care

    If you are having trouble with noise from your neighbours and you have tried the friendly word approach and nothing changes then you can approach your local environmental health dept who should be able to do something. It is helpful if you keep a diary of the type of noise and when it happens for say a week or two to have evidence to support your complaint. It will depend on what is reasonable: if they are having parties till two am every night or even just listening to loud music/the tv in the wee small hours and it keeps you awake this is clearly unreasonable. If they have a baby that screams through the night there is obviusly less that can be done about this. You don't say if you are in a house or a flat - if the latter and it is a conversion then there are certain rules about the insulation for noise that has to be provided - but it depends on the age of the property and when the conversion was done. Your environmental health dept are the best people to advise you on this and they are well used to resolving disputes between neighbours. HTH

    Back on post... I managed to spend only 80p today at Sainsbury's on groceries - though I did buy a couple of birthday cards and a mag for my hols ( and a plant for my newly decorated bathroom - but it was reduced by a £1). So I have updated my signature to reflect this. I have £118.90 to last till 29th August, but as we are away for some of this I am not too worried.

    The PMS fund looks so healthy because I included the £30 discount I got when I ordered the case of wine online last week. I would add that this is a virtual fund which I transfer to my cash ISA at the end of the month when we are paid - though I do have a jam jar for the Christmas savings!

    Well I am off to start my packing and sort out the paper work for our holiday. The sun came out so I have been able to get two lots of washing on the line. But British Gas who should have been here between 12 and 2 to service the boiler still haven't turned up! This is the second time they have missed an appointment - still I will claim my £10!
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    greent - After starting the GC a few months ago I tried buying fruit and veg from local shops and the market, have to admit I wasn't impressed.
    It was less convenient as I usually shop in the evenings anyway, it meant a special trip to town - not a good idea with the fuel prices. Although some prices were cheaper others I found to be dearer so didn't really gain much. I thought their produce would be much nicer and fresher, didn't find this to be true. Maybe just unlucky in my area.

    Am considering growing my own next year, but don't really know where to start and how much will survive, we have a small garden, two boys and a football - therfore don't to too much plant wise. LOL

    Spent the morning baking, Choc muffins, Apple fairy cakes, Butter cream cupcakes, currant cookies and choc chip cookies, not planning on eating them all, some for Mum and Dad and some in freezer.

    Small shop yesterday, trying not to spend too much before the hols, not sure if we will last all week, will try though. Prefer shopping weekly and it seems less busy midweek.
  • Hello, spent £3.25 today on a bacon butty, cereal bar and can of coke - was out for the day for work and wasn't organised enough to pack a breakfast up the night before. Still doing well though, £39.41 left for this month, so still think I'll come in under budget.
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    had a couple of trips to Mr M's today, to get some of their 50p offers....

    yellowmonkey you're not alone!! i went in 3 times this morning to get the chicken breast, and then twice this aft!! i just got served, put my stuff in my bag, then went round again!!

    rachelmk hope you get a better night's sleep tonight. one of my dogs, Dylan, barks at the slightest thing, so i can be sound asleep and am suddenly wide awake wondering what on earth's going on, only to find it was something silly like a bird having the nerve to sing in a tree 3 streets away :rotfl:

    well i've managed to eat all the iced buns i made the other day, so i'll get some more on the go tomorrow. they were lovely with cinnamon and raisins in :D

    finally persuaded my landlady that i need a new oven, so one's finally being delivered on Saturday....will probably have to wait a fortnight for her to sort out getting it fitted! can't wait:j hopefully it'll use less electric than the one i've got at the mo, so that should help bring the bills down

    right, i'm off to update my sig now, have a good day everyone xx
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    Mrs Mcawber, I think it was you that gave me a recipe for chicken and sweetcorn soup a few months ago, and I can't remember the finer details. I've looked on the 'Recipe List' and can't see it there, could you PLEASE give it me again. Sorry to be a pest, I will write it down this time (memory not what it used to be)
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