Painfully painfully slow again

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Was a bit slow yesterday but today is awful.

If the new severs have cost a lot more than the old.......I'm not convinced you got a good deal Martin. :rolleyes:
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  • jo_b_2jo_b_2 Forumite
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    aliasojo wrote:
    Was a bit slow yesterday but today is awful.

    If the new severs have cost a lot more than the old.......I'm not convinced you got a good deal Martin. :rolleyes:

    Really slow for me as well! :(
  • Rex_MundiRex_Mundi Forumite
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    The site has been a big problem for the last 1½ hours (approx). It went offline completely for me for about an hour (only the forums, not the main site). Now, the pages are painfully slow, not loading fully, and the site is bordering on un-usable.

    I've checked my connection at my end, and it is flying (along with every other site). Could you please sort it out, I've caught up with all the housework, done all my computer scans, and I'd now like my daily fix of MSE.

    Cheers.........Here's my connection details.

    Zen 2Mb (currently running at approx 1900Kbps)
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  • wigginsmumwigginsmum Forumite
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    I've been having problems with this site all morning too. It was okay till about 8am, but this is the first time since then I've been able to get back on.

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  • BossybootsBossyboots Forumite
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    Having problems here too.
  • elonaelona Forumite
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    Me too - I thought it was my computer and did an anti virus on it.
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  • intelintel
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    But the thing that I dont understand is why problems keep arising I just dont get it
    I know that its a dynamic site but why the problems I do realise that ideas of a bit of a refurb are on the cards.. but is it the servers that are letting you down or something that the MSE team are doing but are not aware there end...

    If a MSE team member can find the time for a brief explanation
    that would be most helpful, so I can understand whats is happening here.

    Im just curious... Ta very Much.
  • tigermatttigermatt Forumite
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    I had problems earlier when the forums (but not the main site) went offline completely. This is the only time from about 10am onwards that I have been able to access the forums.

    Pages were quite slow when the forums first came back. This could have been because lots of people were trying to login at once. It seems to have sped up a little now. :)
  • 53 seconds just to load the reply's like wading through sludge:rolleyes:
  • bbrucebbruce Forumite
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    Just doubled my RAM to 1 Gig - thought I had muffed it but hadn't.
    With only half the record number of people online, it's a conundrum!

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  • AriesAries Forumite
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    Ive been struggling to post all morning.I thought it was my PC.
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