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August 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • smetfsmetf Forumite
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    Hi all

    Done Netto and updated sig!

    6 pints of milk still on £1.70 (4 Pints £1.15 I think) both full fat and semi

    500g Cheddar £1.49

    Nouvelle recycled toilet paper 18 rolls £3.99

    Extra virgin olive oil Phillipo Berrio (sp.) 1 litre £3.99

    According to flyer with free paper milk will be £1.79 for 6 pints this weekend (9th and 10th) but as I say coming through at £1.70 at the mo

    Hope these are useful for someone!!

    Still working my way through posts :o


  • MissPinMissPin Forumite
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    mouche wrote: »
    I was in exaclty this situation last month MissPin - £78 down on the 4th of July. But with lots of help from this board - and sheer bloodymindedness! - I came in £3.01 below budget. My fridge/freezer/cupboards were bare at the end of it but it can be done! So keep your spirits up - you can do it. :)

    Thanks mouche!! That's cheered me right up!! I didn't think it would be possible but I am going to try my hardest!!

    That's what I really like about this board! All the support and ideas from everyone!! Hope everyones having a good day - depsite the shocking weather!!;)
    GC July £110/£97.21 already spent:rolleyes:

    GC August £100/£87.98 already spent:eek:
  • BigMummaFBigMummaF Forumite
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    Me again! Just posted this on Weezl's crimbo thread but thought I'd paste it here too.
    Hope you enjoy it....

    OK...I'll throw in my recipe for another varient on a theme:D This comes from an elderly but much-loved edition of "The Dairy Book of Home Cookery".

    CURRY SAUCE Freezes Well.
    For poring over hard-boiled eggs or combining with pieces of cooked fish, chicken meat or vegetables.

    50g/2oz butter
    2 tsp olive or corn oil
    2 large finely chopped onions
    1 finely chopped garlic glove [optional]
    2 level tbs curry powder
    1 level tbs flour
    2 cloves (I've NEVER put these in!)
    1 level tbs tomato puree
    1/4 level tsp each of ground ginger & cinnamon
    2 level tbs sweet pickle or chutney
    1 tbs lemon juice
    3 level tsp granulated sugar(don't put this in either!)
    425ml/ 3/4pt stock or water
    1/2 t 1 level tsp salt (nor this!!!)

    1 Put butter & oil into pan. Heat til both are sizzling.
    2 Add onions & garlic[if used]. Fry gently til pale gold.
    3 Stir in curry pwder & flour. Add cloves, puree, ginger & cinnamon, sweet pickle or chutney, lemon juice & sugar.
    4 Gradually blend in stock or water. Slowy bring to the boil, stirring.
    5 Lower heat. Season with salt & cover pan.
    6 Simmer slowly 3/4 to 1 hour.
    7 Sauce may be strained & re-heated before using. Serves 4

    Full time Carer for Mum; harassed mother of three;
    loving & loved by two 4-legged babies.

  • I find it amazing how little I am spending simply because I am aware of my shopping now. It also feels like I've gained some control over this part of my life too which in my rather chaotic world is really good. I'm hoping that the effect ripples out into the rest of my activities!!!!Bought a pack of 3 lightbulbs for £1 from my local (Islington) market as the one in the spare room blew last night. I shan't need to buy anything else today as all my meals have been planned using what I have already. I feel soooo virtuous.
    It's up to me now and nobody else.
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    KAAT_LADY wrote: »
    good morning all

    staying in today to get some baking done,, as I have no curry haha,, have to throw out 5lbs of carrots as they are so tough its awful,, so will get some cheese scones and iced buns baked today,,, maybe some twinks hobnobs

    see you soon


    sO MUCH FOR MY BAKING DAY,,, i have only just woke up again,, I went up to get a shower four hours ago and have just woke up , so I will not be baking today,, so far

    mortgage free as of 06/02/2008#
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  • BigMummaF wrote: » there a particular brand/type of scale that you would recommend?
    I confess I lurve my digital ones BigMumma. It means I can be precise with portions and switch from grams to oz as and when necessary. I can also return to zero to add each new ingredient. True it is a little pricy on batteries and it is sooo annoying when they run out, but I like the precision.
    Just done a bulk mail order of herbs and spices. Bumps up Aug budget a bit but pays off in the end as they work out so much cheaper, and I do use quite a lot cooking from scratch.
    LOL wmf for your reasons for not going for 'treat' loos roll. We were brought up on the izal tracing paper stuff:eek: and never knew any different but I really wouldn't want to go back to that now. One's nether regions have gone sissy:rotfl:
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once
  • Easy tea tonight - HM Pork and Pepper Meatballs,Spaghetti with pesto.

    Planned a NSD but OH has told me he fancies a glass or two of wine tonight.....and some diet cokes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have 2-3 other shopping items that could've waited till tomorrow but hey ho still well organised and under budget.

    DD8 has gone to France for 3 weeks with friend's so we are a family of 4 at the mo and it is so hot everyone is drinking loads and not eating much....

    Have a rubber chicken for roast,paella,curry and soup later in the week..

    Be who you are and say what you think because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind....Dr Seuss
  • OrkneyStarOrkneyStar Forumite
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    Just on to update sig, used some of my BP (bargain pot) budget- a whole extra £20 I plan to allow every month for any special not to be missed deals- got the salmon from Tesco as it looks good. Also spent a little more of this weeks budget getting milk (Cravendale), and yog to have in for when we come home.
    So was not a NSD to tbh just needed to get out of the house for a bit, still no packing done though :o
    Chips, bacon and eggs for an easy tea tonight.
    :heartpuls :heartpuls :heartpuls
  • Been away for a few days so not been shopping, but spent on eating out etc :eek: which cost a small fortune!
    Anyway, got Mr T's delivering tonight so will update sig then and then do my meal planner - gonna try and do the whole month :eek: which will be fun!! (got a few mystery shop meals out tho so thats a few days I don't have to plan for)
    Sealed pot Member target £200 - No. 151
    GC Yearly £3k so far £1097 May£220/£300
    £1k in 100 days so far - £235 :p
    Snowball debt free calculator says DEC 09 - lets hope we can do it!

  • MonikerMoniker Forumite
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    Just popped in to say hello and welcome to the newbies. Have spent the day painting the bathroom - off to do the 3rd coat shortly! I have made a banana and walnut cake to use up a couple of manky bananas - as per usual I improvised as I didn't have all the ingredients, but although it hasn't risen much it smells great. I used the oven because we are having a roast chicken tonight so I didn't think it was too extravagant to make a cake first.

    Well better get off here and get the painting done or we'll be eating the chicken at 10 pm !

    Have a good evening everyone - oh, and it's a NSD for me - 3rd so far this month.

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