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August 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • smetfsmetf Forumite
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    Morning everyone
    Popped in to update sig from dh's estimated spends whilst I've been away (including Chinese) had a lovely time away and lots of very good food courtesy of Dad!

    Need to do some shopping to keep us going till we go away on Sat- Netto and Aldi today I think.

    Friend has done big shop for week away so I owe her £70 which I have allowed for- not spent anything on days out yet been finding free things to do instead :D

    Right will catch up on some posts- may be some time!!


  • OrkneyStarOrkneyStar Forumite
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    Morning all,
    Well the mascarpone ice cream is lush, don't know if it's supposed to get
    another mush up but it tastes fine as is, well the small spoonful I just
    had was lovely!

    Mascarpone Ice-cream
    • 250g mascarpone
    • 250ml full cream milk
    • 150g caster sugar
    1. I also added 1 tsp the fancy Vanilla essence supercook do (not the ordinary one but the fancy one with seeds in which we had to buy when our COOP had no standard vanilla essence!).
    2. Whisk all together until thick and creamy.
    3. Put into freezer until nearly set.
    4. Repeat 2-4 times until nice texture when frozen.
    (You could use an ice-cream maker instead of all this freeze/whisk palaver!).

    [STRIKE]NSD today[/STRIKE], packing needs done and also maybe some baking for our travels. Am thinking mini quiches, weetabix cake or nana muffins and some twinks or millies. Will make bread for cheese and pickle sarnies tomorrow. Will take some (for journey and for mum), leave some for DH dad who is cat/plant sitting, and freeze any that are left.
    Hope you all have a great MS day. :money:
    :heartpuls :heartpuls :heartpuls
  • morning everyone

    its a damp morning here so im about to get very wet on my delivery.A nsd for me yesterday and today also i will manage to avoid the shops as ive a pile of washing to get through.Not sure how im going to dry it though:mad:

    good luck everyone hope you are all well:D
  • TrigglesTriggles Forumite
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    Wow - it's only five days into the month, and we're on page 42! I've been in hospital for 9 days, so last month's GC is a bit up in the air - I haven't had the chance to go over receipts and check to see if we went over as I have no idea what DH bought. So we're avoiding for now, and moving on to August.

    Please put me down for £200 for August.

    Hopefully a NSD for me today.
    MSE mum of DS(7), and DS(4) (and 2 adult DCs as well!)
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    :snow_grin Christmas 2013 is coming soon!!! :xmastree:
  • Right I'm joining up this month as it's already the 5th and I haven't spent a single penny yet. My target is £40 a week, our budget used to be £70 a week but as prices started rising I started trying to cut it to £50 a week but it would still come out at £70 pounds. Plus on the days when I wasn't watching the budget it would come out at £90. So purse strings tied and debit cards hidden from hubbie. Here I go...
  • WelshWooferWelshWoofer Forumite
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    Just a quick update of the sig - £2.02 spent in the butchers yesterday on 4 thick sausages for tea for OH and dog tomorrow. (I'm a veggie and Quorn ones do me just fine! And the dog just loves sausages so if OH has 3 doggie has to have one as a treat! - what? he looks at me!:o )

    Last night was stuffed mushrooms and salad - not a resounding success, I don't really know what possessed me as I'm not a real mushroom fan (I like them in things but not on their own) - I ate one but the other went half in the bin and half in the dog!

    Never mind, I'm not sure what to do for tea tonight as its weigh in day at fat club and it means that it messes up the evening time-wise. A mad dash home from work, dog walking for about 45mins then a quick change and out to fat club for an hour. Tea falls by the wayside a bit so it'll have to be quick and easy, maybe even beans on toast?

    No further spends planned on food until at least the weekend when I'll probably run out of fruit but never say never!

    Anyway, off to do some work (at least that's the plan!)
    Have a good day
    R x
  • Well, I did manage to get some of the 50p bargains in Mr M - not much left on the shelves TBH. Took OH with me and spent:
    £5.99 on reduced rolls, croissants, 50p burgers, 50p chicken and a few other bits. OH put through another 2 packs of chicken (max 2 each) so another £1.
    Got home and realised we had not oil in - needed to make tea - so back out to other Mr M (we live in the middle of two, both about 1 1/2 miles away!) and got more chicken, burgers and milk. Another £7.36.
    Total = 14.35
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    good morning all

    staying in today to get some baking done,, as I have no curry haha,, have to throw out 5lbs of carrots as they are so tough its awful,, so will get some cheese scones and iced buns baked today,,, maybe some twinks hobnobs

    see you soon

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  • EagerLearnerEagerLearner Forumite
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    OrkneyStar wrote: »
    Chell this used to happen to me to until I realised that it was not me, it was that the pot was too small and plant suffered. You can re-pot into a bigger pot with more compost and voila healthy plant again. Snip every so often and freeze if not needed :D

    Hi OS thanks so much for that tip - our Basil plant on the windowsill has looked better! I think we're retiring him, his stalks are ever so high, with yellowy greeny leaves that don't look that appetising... worth re-potting :confused: ?

    Otherwise next wknd hopefully will grab a Basil and a Coriander plant at Sainsburys and re-pot straight away into a nice big pot each with fresh compost :T

    Pasta & pesto with parmesan + green salad tonight - very cheap! x
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  • mornin all :wave:

    just got back from Mr M's and Farm Foods so will update my sig

    got 4 boxes of Mr M's burgers at 50p each, and his chicken chargrills are on offer at £1 a box so i got 5 of those!! DS15 eats 2 at a time so i'll stock up the freezer i think as the offer's on till sept 5th

    there were quite a few £1 offers in the freezers as well...can't really remember what, but i think i saw fish, chicken nuggets and maybe pizzas.....good makes ie birds eye but i was making sure i was sticking to my list so i tried not to look at anything else!!

    in Farm Foods they've got the Birds Eye Simply Chicken Kievs....2 in a box for £2. its a real chicken breast filled with garlic butter, and covered in breadcrumbs....sound like i should be on tv advertising them :rotfl: so i got a couple of boxes of them as i love 'em!!

    looks quite a nice day today, so i'm gonna take the dogs out for a picnic by the river, so they can have a play in the water....DS15 and DD18 are too old to come out for picnics with their mum :(

    right off to catch up on a few posts. hope everyone has a good day xx

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