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'Home Bargains' Finds - Thread 3.

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Quick note from

If you've just come from the weekly email, below is a discussion by forum regulars to collate the hottest mega-bargains currently on offer at Home Bargains. This discussion has been going for a while, so click on the last page of the discussion to see the most up-to-date deals.

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MoneySavers' latest deal spots include Aspall vinegars 99p (£1.80), Crabbie's ginger beer £1.50 (£2.50) & Radox handwash refills £1 (£2). Find your nearest Home Bargains.

Huge thanks to saintscouple and all the MoneySavers who contributed to this thread for their amazing work.

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Now back to the original post …

Time for a new thread.

Please share your Home Bargain finds by posting below.

The old thread can be found HERE.


  • doncaster store had my little pony art lap top desks and large cases of face paints for £2.99.
  • mademoiselle_2mademoiselle_2 Forumite
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    I was quite taken with the deep-frame 'treasures' sets they were selling at £1.99 (although didn't buy one - did anyone else?)

    They are quite large - about 10 inches by 8 inches? - and consist of a glass frame with about an inch depth to the base, intended for you to set out your own personal treasures in, for display or to hang on the wall.

    The set includes pins, to fix your photos, scraps, dried flowers, other objects etc, to the back of the frame; and labels, to write dates, descriptions on.

    The frames are available in three colours: rosewood (red-brown), mahoghany (dark brown) and pine (light brown).

    They look a bit like this:

    Seemed good value.
  • The Walton Vale, Liverpool shop had four-packs of Scrumpy Jack cider for 2.29 today. The best before date on them is March '09.
  • kippygirlkippygirl Forumite
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    HBs at St Annes:

    Dr Who / Lazytown Annuals WAS £5.99 NOW 59p
    Very nice ladies' Weekend travel bag (colourful spots design) £4.99 (don't know RRP but would guess £30 or so).
    Transformers collectors cards (by tills) RRP £2.99 NOW 19p
  • i bought the lazy town annual and also a dora and i love animals one they are 59p each.

    they are so have Bob the Builder Virtual Video Book for £2.99 it is £9.99 in most place. good buy for xmas.

    H&B East Lancs by car craft liverpoolBob the Builder Virtual Video Book
    Mummy to Emily age 6 and mummy to Blake age 2

  • JohnteaJohntea Forumite
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    In the Bradford store, they had 8 way surge protectors for £9.99.

    The difference? 6 of the sockets are remote controlled meaning all us lazy people can still be lazy and save power at the same time :j
  • Been into the Oldham store this morning and picked up a couple of the Shadowbox Display Frames for £1.99 each, really nice quality for the money. they also had Yankee Candle pot pourri refresher oils in 39p a bottle, they had 3 fragrances: honeysuckle, home sweet home and fresh cut roses.
  • Oldham Home Bargins still has the folwer arranging green blocks in starting at 49p
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  • wendymwendym Forumite
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    A big thank you to everyone who helped me with my Liverpool visit - I found both Audley St and the shop at HQ without any problems. The stock room at HQ is unbelievably huge!

    Both stores had lots of the Lagoon brand games and books.

    I also got a Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture DVD game - £10, but in a big impressive box RRP £30, and a re-chargeable torch for £4.99, RRP £15.
  • spuds_2spuds_2 Forumite
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    I got a nice flowery painted 3 hook coat rack for £1.99 - funky, modern style. Last week they had very large (bigger than A3) art canvases for £1.99. Great for kids - do the background in emulsion and then paint with cheap acrylic paint sets which are £1 at the Works.
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