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August 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    Afternoon all

    Well my NAFFI whoopsie hunt went rather well :T Got:-
    1. 2 X 1.5 kilo potatoes
    2. 4 blocks double gloucester
    3. 9 bags bread flour -got 2 -went through check out and it came through at half price -74c -so i grabbed a basket and ran round and emptied the shelf :rotfl:
    4. 80 tetley teabags with 100% free -so 160
    5. 2 bags sweet potatoes
    6. 4 tubs longley cottage cheese
    7. some sliced roast beef
    8. 6 litres whole milk
    9. 2 kilo nectarines
    None of which i needed for this week but a few potatoes and the extra fruit never goes amiss in this house ;)
    The rest will make the following months even cheaper :T in total i spent €22.98 it should have been €61.21 :eek: -don't know how they can charge that much in the first place :confused: so some super duper bargains me thinks....

    Im going to take the whole €22.98 off this months budget to save confussion later.... and im still under budget -if i add on last weeks 2c i get a nice round €23 out of €40-and have NO intention of spending another penny before my next weeks starts on Friday:A :rotfl:

    right im off to x stitch again
    Have a great afternoon all
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  • My flatmate left this week leaving half a freezer full of food and some useful store cupboard essentials. So month is starting off really well. Also made lots of veg soup with various left overs and whizzed it up with my hand blender. I've frozen portions in all the take-away boxes she left too! I seem to eat far more healthily when I'm planning meals and it's actually good fun using up those things that have been sitting in my cupboards for ages making me feel guilty.
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    hi all,
    nsd yesterday and so far today but cant make up my mind whether to go to the supermarket tonight or tomorrow. started going in the evenings as there seems to be more whoopsies around then although having no luck at all with meat. can get plenty of bread, cakes etc reduced but not much else. never mind doesnt cost to look when im there anyway. got loads of tomatoes ripening and some peppers almost there, chillies on their way too. Going to be having lots of pasta, lasagne, chilli, shepherds pies etc to use them, plus fresh in sandwiches n salads etc. Also got loads of apples coming, some are eating apples and some just for cooking, think i may try to swop some with my dads pals on their allotments, worked well last year. some plums too but not half as many as usual ?? must be a bad year, who knows.

    Of to try some baking shortly, bread rolls, some sort of cake (depends what i have left) and a couple of quiches for the freezer too.

    have a nice day all, welcome to all newbies, and good luck to all you wedding planners out there.
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    Originally Posted by KAAT_LADY viewpost.gif
    hi there


    I have made the pasta bake and ti is very nice I added campbells chicken and campbells mushroom soups and it tastes very nice,, thankyou


    Glad you liked it- its a favourite in my house:p

    I made the curry this morning,,

    then took DH to the doctors where he got a prescription,, so off we toodles to MrT's to get it ..

    as it was just after one o'clock we had to wait an hour for the pharmacy to open,, so we had a coffee,, picked up the prescription and headed home,,

    on the way home remembered I had not the tax disc for the car so we detoured to get it and then found out we did not have any documents in the car,, so we went home,,

    , to find the curry still on the hob with the gas still on,,,the smell of burning was atrocious,,It had tasted nice when we went out but now will have to throw it away,,

    After that I took the documents down to the post office only to find out that the dvla had sent the wrong logbook back,,,, so did not get my tax disc,,,

    therefore phoned them up and was on the phone for 14minutes,,, luckily I had gone through SAYNOTO0870 so it did not cost me anything to phone,,

    they thought they had sent out the right documents so after a while he did my tax over the phone which will take 4-5 working days,,

    and he will send me the correct documents out in the post as well

    so have had a hectic day...........................and no curry

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    Tigerpants wrote: »
    Chelltune I am in awe :A :T :T :T

    I wanted to murder everyone about me just before I went in to have my third not go supermarket shopping and baking :rotfl:

    Am also in awe that you manage to stay so within budget too - really not quite sure what I'm doing wrong :confused: but I'll try

    Actually, I will go and have a look around now as I am HUGE into baking and that takes up loads of money on eggs, flour, icing sugar etc. so if there are any additional hints and helps on this I would be very, very grateful but will go and look around too.

    Hoping to have a NSD today

    We were supposed to have a full roast dinner yesterday but the chicken didn't defrost in time so ended up having pasta and pesto so that means we sort of have an extra meal in the bag for this week as it has pushed all my menu plans back a day :T

    Have a friend's children here today though so that means loads of food being eaten and as it is sadly raining they're hanging around lots and mooching for snacks ;) kids eh :confused:

    Good luck all!!:D

    It was yesterday I wanted to murder everyone or burst into tears, back to normal today, aren't hormones great! :rolleyes: :rotfl:

    I find that when I make an effort to stick to a budget I am more organised and we actually eat better.

    We are veggie so that perhaps makes our food bills a little cheaper although I spend a fortune on vegetables to have a good variety. We've not started to grow our own yet.

    People have already mentioned using value flour, etc. I always use granulated sugar too, it is cheaper than caster sugar and I don't think it makes a difference to cakes. I bought wholemeal flour earlier for a vegetable crumble, I was shocked at how dear it is compared to white flour.

    It does make me laugh though, I noticed today that Hobnobs are BOGOF in Morrisons, two packs for about 70p yet we are all making Twinks Hobnobs that I am sure cost more. :rotfl:I feel better knowing that the children are eating them without all the nasties of shop bought food.

    I must admit that I've been quite tough with the children and food. On the first day of the holidays DS was constantly asking for food and I was worried about the food bills. The thing is, when he is at school he hardly he eats his packed lunch! He constantly asks for things like School bars but I've been offering fruit, carrot sticks and raisins a lot of the time and he is far less hungry than if he thinks there are goodies to eat. :p Don't get me wrong, they both have their fair share of treats too, they both had a small bar of chocolate when we shopped earlier.
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    I was about to throw the wrapper away from the peppers & caught sight of a recipe.

    Mediterranean Vegetable Pasta [serves 4]
    2 peppers, seeds removed & cut into chunks
    2 re onions, peeled & quartered
    3 crushed garlic cloves
    2 tbs olive oil
    1kg small ripe toms, quartered
    350g dried pasta
    handful fresh basil leaves
    2tbs grated parmesan to serve
    fresh ground black pepper.

    Pre-heat oven 200C/ fan 180C/400F/Gas 6
    Peppers, garlic & onions in roast pan, drizzle with oil & season with the pepper.
    Bake approx 15min
    Add toms & cook further 15mins or till veg softens.
    Meanwhile, cook pasta then drain well.
    Mix all stuff in serving dish & scatter basil leaves & parmesan on top to serve.

    Not exactly word-for-word, but thank you Somerfield, for the recipe.

    I succombed to a rather nifty whack of steak, chinese chicken quarters, chicken breasts & the biggest lamb chops I've ever seen--all for £35. I reckon around 55 portions from that lot, for us whoomuns & the Pup:p

    Another £3:85 at the fruitiers & £6:12 in MrT brings my spends for yesterday to £44:97.
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    just updated my siggie as while we were in MrT's DH spent £10.67
    and I needed some more th_marmite.jpg,,,,,,,, and a packet of ladies things

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    Just wanted to recommend the Curry Queen's Base Curry recipe - this takes time, but once you have made it you will have lots for various curry nights in the month. It's a base, so won't take up much space in the ferezer, then you add whatever you fancy each time you cook. So far we have had it with chicken and also seafood. Plus then you add whavever veggies / coconut milk or yoghurt etc.

    Last time following her recipe, we made enough for 6 portions, ie 3 dinners for 2 people.

    Next time I make it I will double all the quantities and make twice as much to freeze.

    Recipe is post #1 on this thread but I also added some tips & comments on the last page which may help:

    We have this with cous cous, I find it's quick and easy and we don't have to buy rice (we bought lots of cous cous ages ago).

    I also highly recommend the Sag Aloo recipe from Weezl's £0.50 per day challenge - cheap but lovely, freezes well and nutritious too. Once defrosted we then add chickpeas or any spare bits and bobs.
    Link here:

    Enjoy x
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    Afternoon everyone. I am back from holiday and now sinking into post holiday depression...made worse by the fact that I set my budget at £100 this month and I have just added up receipts so far and it comes to £79.25!! Don't know how I am going to make 20 quid last 4 weeks....:eek:

    hope everyone is having a better day!
    GC July £110/£97.21 already spent:rolleyes:

    GC August £100/£87.98 already spent:eek:
  • Back on the MSE wagon and all that it entails.

    Have done 2 week menu plan,shopping list,shopped for all on list and had a couple of things I needed for later in the week and didn't go to other s'market as I'll buy my f & v and omitted items Weds.

    Had weetabix for b'fast and kids had pancakes ( both brought over from Uk by friend's):j
    Jackets with sausage and beans ( leftovers) kids
    Made baked bean chili - bulked it out and made 8 portions with 250g of mince.
    Made bounty slice - needs chocolate top tomorrow.:rotfl:

    Have loads of storecupboard items inc - salad cream,mango chutney,batter mix,cereal,pumpkin seeds,jaffa cakes etc.

    Have a massive bunch of bright yellow flowers on my courgette plants.So will let you know how I get on,tom plant still ok,lettuces still small and rangy.....too close maybe.....

    annelouise :rotfl:
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